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CRICKET. An exciting match of cricket came off on the Brecon cricket ground, on Wednesday last, the 1st of May, between the Town Club and the No. 1 company of Volunteers, which terminated in favour of the first mentioned team by a majority of 48. The day was most favourable and encour- aging. The following is the scoring of the BRECON ELEVEN. 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. J. C. B. Morris, b King 2 b P. Lloyd. 3 A. Bristol, ct O'Hara, b P. Lloyd 4 b P. Lloyd 20 R. Bowcott, b O'Hara.. 14 b O'Hara 15 T. Jones, 1 b w O'Hara 17 ctE.Jones,bKing 10 E. Wright, 1 b w Lloyd 0 b O'Hara 5 J. L. Edwards, ct & b O'Hara 8 b O'Hara 2 A. J. Williams run out 0 b P. Lloyd 0 T. Williams, b P. Lloyd 1 not out 2 A. Lewis, not out 2 b James. 4 J. Cadogan, b P. Lloyd 4 b O'Hara 2 T. Jones, ct T. Powell, b. P. Lloyd. 0 absent 0 Extras. 6 Extras. 6 58 69 VOLUNTEER ELEVEN. 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. Capt. P. Lloyd, b Bow- cott 16 b Bowcott 1 Pt. E. Jones, ct Bowcott b Morris 8 b Bowcott 1 Pt. J. O'Hara, b Morris 2 b Morris 4 „ Hanbury, b Morris 5 b J. L. Edwards.. 0 King, b Bowcott 0 b J. L. Edwards.. 3 Ensign James, not out 14 b Bowcott 6 Sergt. Jas. Morgan, b Bowcott 0 b Wright 0 Sergt. Jas. Williams, run out 0 b Wright 0 Sergt. John Morgan, ct Wright, b Bowcott. 0 not out 4 Corporal T. Powell, b Morris 1 ct & b Morris 0 Pt. T. Powell, b Bow- cott 0 et & b Bowcott 0 Extras. 10 Extras. 4 56 23


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