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BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. These Sessions were held on Monday last, at the Town Hall, before John Davies, Esq., mayor, and Joseph Joseph, Esq. DRUNK AND DISORDFRLY.-David Price and Lewis Lewis, appeared to their recognizances, charged by P.O. Williams, with being drunk and disorderly, on Sunday morning last, between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock. Mr. Games appeared for Lewis. P.C. Williams deposed that he was on duty on Saturday night last; he was standing on the top of Ship Street talking to John Lewis, shoemaker, and Thomas Harris, formerly a river watcher; he heard some persons calling out there are the b y bums and the bobbies on looking round he saw the two prisoners he requested them to go home quietly and not make a noise they still continued to make use of very bad language, that they would shortly have their jackets on, meaning the militia clothes, and they could bid the bobbies defiance; he again requested them to go home quietly, and went after them; they continued creating a disturbance previous to his following them, he had some conversation with Mr. Jones the Brewery, who called him (witness); he told the prisoners that if they did not go home quietly he would take them to the lock up they still per- sisted in making a noise and making use of bad language, and just opposite the Swan he appre- hended the both, and took them up Market Street; when near the Queen's Head they tried to trip him up, and they all fell, but he was the uppermost, and after some difficulty he got them to the station. Mr. Games cross-examined Williams at great length. Thomas Harris, formerly a river watcher, deposed that he was talking to Mr. Williams, the police, at the top of Ship Street, in company with John Lewis they had been at the Blue Boar as they were coming up the Watton they tried to get a glass of beer at the Cock and Horse, but it was too late, it had struck 12 by the barracks clock when they were on the top of Ship Street, he saw the prisoners going down the street, when they were a little way down, they called out" there are the b- y bums and the bobbies;" Williams re- quested them to go on home quietly, but they con- tinued making use of bad language; Williams cautioned them that if they did not go home peaceably and make less noise, he would take them to the lock up both of the men were drunk Lewis was not so drunk as the other Williams had some conversation with Mr. Jones the brewery, on the Top of Ship Street, after which, Williams' went after the two prisoners who were in front calling out and making use of very foul languao-e Williams again cautioned them and went up°to them it was just opposite the Swan Williams told them that if they did not go on he should take them into custody, which he did Lewis tried to trip Williams up; he (witness) cried out to Williams to mind, that they were trying to trip him, but Williams had both in hold, and when they were near the Queen's Head, they again tried to trip Williams, but they fell, and Williams was uppermost; Williams then took them to the sta- tion house. John Lewis was called and said that he had nothing more to say than what had been said by Williams and Harris, only that what they said was correct. Mr. Games then addressed their worships at great length, and called Roger Parry, who deposed that he was in the employ of Mr. Jones the Brewery they left the brewery about 12 o'clock, it might be two minutes before or it might be two minutes after 12 o'clock, he could not be certain they generally stopped drawing about a quarter to 12 o'clock he went home in company with three other persons; one of them who was shorter than the others, went before them and cried out and asked Harris if he was going home the two prisoners were, then behind witness and the others the person who called out to Harris ran away over the bridge; when Williams the police followed, he did not hear either of the prisoners say anything; Lewis was doing all he could to get Price home Price was very drunk, Lewis was not drunk, but he had been drinking when he went home he parted with his master and mistress, and William Davies, at the top of Ship Street; his master went to talk to Mr. Williams the police about something, and they went down the street; he saw Williams the police coming down Ship Street, followed by Harris and Lewis; he did not see the prisoners attempt to do anything to Williams he heard Lewis say to Price hold up and don't be a foal man Williams was close to them down by the Swan, and they went against him because Price was very drunk and could not help it; Williams then took the both in custody, and went up Market Street towards the Station he heard the prisoners ask Williams what had they done and what he wanted with them, but he made no reply. Mr. T. B. Jones deposed that he was going home about a quarter after 12 o'clock he saw Williams the police talking to John Lewis and Thomas Harris on the top of Ship Street; he called Mr. Williams, and called his attention to young man from Carmarthenshire who was continually coming to his rooms and was a complete nuisance, while he was talking to Williams he heard some person call out, saying Harris, are you coming home," or some such words as those he went on towards the top of Castle Street, where there was a great noise Mrs. Jones and William Davies was with him when they were the other side of the Castle bridge, they could hear the police taking some persons to the station; William Davies stayed behind to see what was going on Davies overtook him and Mrs. Jones, and said (describing them) that Williams was taking the two prisoners to the station he (witness) did not see them himself, he only knew that Davies said so. Mr. Games urged upon their worships that his client had only done his duty as a neighbour in endeavouring to get a drunken man home, that there was nothing in the evidence to show that either party was disorderly, and only the one drunk.—Fined 5s. each and costs.



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