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OUR "CITY" ARTICLE. THE piospect of -a speedy solution of the Lcx- embijrg qoeatiou,.combined with hopes that the conference of tae European Powers in London will embijrg qoeatiou,.combined with hopes that the conference of the European Powers in London will be attended with, broad results in the interests of peace, caused the Stock markets to opeti at the commencement of May with great excitement, the more especially as the great rise which took place on the Paris Bourse on Saturday-proves how deep is the significance attached there to this latest, phase in political affairs. Recent operators for a fall evinced extreme anxiety to buy back, while at I the same time many persons were emboldened to speculate for higher prices. A powerful effect was J consequentJyprodueed on nearly all classes of public- securities, and extended to many stocks which do not seem at first sight to be directly interested in a settlement of the Franco-Prussian diaoute. The ¡ deioaEd. has been especially active for such-foreicn stocks, as Italian, Turkish Five per Cents., and Lorxibardo-YenetidD. Railway ahaTes which are I dealt; in between the conti nen tal and London I markets, and which have lately suffered so macn b price. The rise was well main- tained on Mon-day until about one o'clock, I when the telegrams from the Paris Bourse I came forward, since which the French Rentes have advanced rather materially. From the fact I of both France and Prussia having' consented to tha proposed conference, little doubt is enter- the proposed conference, little doubt is enter- tained that the l'èSU\t¡ will be pacific; but pending the actual solution cf the affair, the markets here I' will remain more or less subject to the of the highly impressionable market at Paris, and i-ulaotars of disappointments in the conference will probahJy lWt be wanting. Cons .Is opened, on the 1st of May, at a rise of fully t per cent.; but as the great scarcity of stock which was observable a week or two ago no locger prevails, the rise was scarcely maintained. Foreign stocks opened with, extreme buoyancy, and most of them cl sed f to 1 per cent.higher than in April, the extent being shown ia the fact that Italian stock, after rising2fper CL-DT., closed only 1 percent, better, while of a rise of nearly 2 per cent. in United States 5-20 Bonds the whole was lost except i- per cent. Foreiga railway shares are generally better, especially French, Lombardo-Venetian, and Datctx Rhenish, Home railway stocks have been comparatively dull, and do not share in the im- provertient; in fact, several lines are fractionally lower than in April, and in Great Northern "A" stock there has been a fall of If per cent. upon sales. The Brighton Railway exposure, following upon the recent discreditable reve- lations in the railway world, seema for the time to deter investors from comiug to the support of this class of property. There have been inquiries for Indian raUway stocks, colonial Government bonds, and Imperial Ottoman, and some of the other bank shares, as well as for Aaglo-American Tele- graph, and Telegraph Construction shares. Business at the Bank discount-office has been quiet. In the general market there has been a fair demand, partly in connection with the settle- ment in the Stock Exchange, the supply of money has been moderate, and the rate firm at 2i to 3 per cent. for good bills. In the Stock Exchange money has been in only limited supply, and, loans having been wanted at 2.} to 3 per cent, on Govern- ment securities', partly for the purposes of the half- monthly settlement, several applications were I made to the Bank. The has been quiet, but Stray Park shares have been in good demand, at an important rise. owing to a reported discovery in the mine. East Russell, Great Vor, and Prince of Wales were also firmer, while Chiverton Moor and North Crofty declined. Prices were quoted as follows Chiverton Moor, 5t to I East Russell, 2 21 to East, Wheal Grenville, 2i to Great La.xey, 17-} to 1St; Great Retallack, 3 to » Great Wheal Vor, 18 to 19; North Crofty, 4-1 to f; North Treskerby, If to 2; Prince of Wales, 53. to 55s.; Stray Park, 9 to 10; West Chiverton, 71 to 73 West Seton,134 to 136; Wheal Chiver- ton, 6 to 6i,- Wheal Seton, 874 to 922- There has been little business in foreign and colonial mining shares, but Chontales and Don Pedro have experienced a fresh rise of 2s. 6d. There has been a slight improvement in the railway market. The North Western stock is quoted 114k to 11-; Great Western, 401 to f, ex div.; Midland, 1l0 to Lancashire and York- shire, 122 to Great Northern, llOi to 11H; ditto A, 113 to i Great Eastern, 27 to South Eastern, 65% to Caledonian, 108 to 109; Man- chester and Sheffield, 46 to 4 j York and North Midland, 92 to 93: Berwick, 101 to 102; North British, 33 to 34; London and South Western, 76 to 78; Metropolitan, 1161 to London, Chat- 4 2 ham, and Dover, 16 to i and London, Brighton, and South Coast, 56f to -IT. Foreign railway shares have been in good demand. Northern of France has improved X2; Eastern of France and Paris and Lyons, £1; Lombardo-Venetian, 12s. 6d.; Dutch Rhenish, lOa.; and Antwerp and Rotterdam, Great Luxem- bourg, and Sambre and Meuse, 5s. Great Western of Canada closed 5s. higher, at 13 to g but Grand Trunk has shown no change. We have just received S. W. Silver and Co.'s monthly circular of Australian and colonial news, which convey3 the very best information in the most condensed form of all matters concerning the monetary or commercial interests of our colonies. It is published every month on the arrival of the Australian mails at the office of Silver and Co., 4, Bishopsgate Withia, London. Concerning Government securities, the following are the quotations:— are the quotations:- Paid. Current Price Canada, 6 per cent. January and July, 1877-84 100 94to 96 Ditto, 6 per cent. February and August 100 93 „ 95 Ditto, 6 per cent. March and Sept. 100 93 „ 95 Ditto, 5 per cent. January and July 100 83 „ 85 Ditto, 5 per cent. Inscribed Stock 100 83,, 85 Cape of Good Hope, 6 per cent. De. cember, 1873 100 103 ,,105 Ditto, 6 per cent. April and Octo- ber, 1890-1900 100 103,, 105 xd Ditto, 6 per cent. April and October, 1880-1890 100 102,, 104 xd Ditto, 6 per cent. January and July, 1890-1891 100 101 ,,108 Ditto, 5 per cent. April 15 and Oc- tober 15, 1,900, 100 90,. 92 xd Natal, 6 per cent. 100 95,, 97 xd New Brunswick, 6 per cent. January and July 100 95,, 97 New South Wales, 5 per cent. January and July, 1&71-1876 100 94" 96 Ditto, 5 per cent. January and July, 1888.1893 100 S6 £ „ 87^ New Zealand, 6 per cent. 100 102 ,,103 Ditto, 5 per cent. 100 85,,86 Ditto, 6 per cent. 1891, March and September 100 0 Nova Scotia, 6 per cent. stg., January and July, 1875 100 9i„ 96 Queensland, 6 per cent. January and July, 1884-5 100 91 „ 92 South Australian 6 per cent. January and July, 1878, and upwards 100 105 ,,106 Yiotviria 6 per cent. January and July, 1891 100 105 ,,106 Ditto, 6 per cent. April and October 100 1011,105 ♦

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