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AN EXCITING -SCENE. A most remarkable escape from drowning occurred on the Mersey on Monday evening. It appears that the steamer Waterlily, which left New Brighton for Egremont and Liverpool at a quarter to five, arrived about five o'clock at Egremont, and having embarked her passengers, cast off and proceeded towards Liver- pool, having in tow one of the river police-boats and one of the customs- boats, the latter under the charge of Mr. Henry Lloyd, tide surveyor of her Majesty's Customs. When the steamer had reaohed abreast of Seacombe point (it was then quite dark), an alarm was raised by the river police that a man had been ewept past their boat by tbe backwater from the steamer's paddle- wheel; #bat as to aiarm was raised on Doard the steamer, it was considered doubtful whether, supposing tbe object Was a man, he could be alive, as, if he had fallen from the steamer, some one must have seen him fill. Notwithstanding, however, the order tq let, g0 was given by those in charge of tbe two boats, the tow rope of the cus- toms boat being cast off from the boat, and her head turned towards where the nufortanate man was supposed to be. It was, as we have said, quite dark at the time, and a very strong ebb-tide was rurmiag, which soon carried the boat a considerable distance down the river. Fortunately, howjever, after pulling about for some time, they at last discovered the /top of a. man's head, which waS instantly seized, and tho man was got into the boat, apparently quite exhausted. He was brought over'to Liverpool and taken to the receiving houee. where. after anrilvivir the oeual restoratives, he so far recovered as to be pro- nounced out of danger. It transpired that he had, in company with his brother, ieft New Brighton in the Waterlily, and being under the ibfl ience of drink, had left his brother sitting on deck, and by some means had fallen overboard unobserved, the brother being unaware of the accident until informed that he had fallen overboard, aDd was then in the receiving house. His name is Wilson G&a efch, residing in Birkenhead. This ia but one of many instances in which Mr. Lloyd and his gallant crew have been instrumental in saving life on the river, and it is to be bcped that their gal- lantry will not go unnotified by tbo-e who are em. powered to reward Buoh prompt and valuable services.

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