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THE ARTS, LICTEELLTURE, &e. M. VICTOR HUGO is writinz a new romance, of which the seene will be laid in England. ME CHABLES DIOKENS will give a public reading if Barbox Brothers." and the Boy at Mugbv," in the town of Leeds, in the course of a week or two. THE third volume of General Todle ben's "History of the Siege of Sebastopol," and the third volume of Mr. Kinglake's History of the French and British Alliance in the Crimea," will appear in the course of the year. DR. FORBES WINSLOW has written a pamphlet on Uncontrollable Drunkenness considered as a Form of Mental Disorder," with suggestions for its treat- ment, and for the organisation of sanatoria for dipso- maniacs. M. Louis BLANC and his brother are residing at Brighton, where the brother is busy in preparing for the Paris press an elaborate and exhaustive Dic- tionary of Art," to be published under the direction of the French Minister of Instruction. THE old Chantry Chapel at Kidderminster—a very interesting relic in its way-has been restored by Mr. Hopkins, at the expense of the Earl of Dudley. A GRAND picture, representing the downfall of Poland, by M. Matejko, a national artist, is exhibit. ing at Cracow, preparatory to its being sent to Paris, where in the Palace of Art and Industry it will appeal to the generous sympathies of the Frenoh. A BUST of Lord Macaulay has, with the permission of the Dean and Chapter, been placed in Westminster Abbey by his sister, Lady Trevelyan. It rests upon a handsome bracket, designed by Mr. Scott, in the immediate neighbourhood of the grave and of Addi. son'}. statue, in Poet's Corner. THE Danish sculptor, Jerichau, is at present in Rome executing in marble three groups, all of which are destined for England. The first, the bridal gift of the large landowners of Denmark to the Princess of Wales, and a cast of which is at Marlborough- house, represents Adam awakening, and finding, for the first time, Eve by his side; the second, Women surprised while Bathing, has been ordered by the Princess of Wales. A STAINED-GLASS window has been ereotea in Kingsworthy Churoh, Hampshire, to the memory of the late Lord Northbrook. The following is the in- scription :—" This window is dedicated by the people of Kingsworthy to the memory of the Right Hon. Francis Thornhill, first Lord Northbrook, of Stratton, in grateful acknowledgment of his generous benefac- tions in the parish, and in the hope of perpetuating the influence of his pious and beneficent example. He was born April 20, 1796, and died Sept. 6, 1866." THE annual report of the Dublin Society's School of Art has been made, and states as follows with regard to the progress of the school during the past year. There are 431 students, of whom 226 are ladies. The class of artisan-students to which we must look for ap- preciable results of the society's efforts comprises 24 clerks, 15 teachers, 9 lithographers, 8 house-painters, 7 carpenters, 6 builders, 9 salesmen, 5 artists, 5 upholsterers, 3 stucoo-plasterers, 3 engine-fitters, 4 architect's apprentices, 3 draughtsmen, 3 engineers, 2 printers, 2 cabinet-makers, 2 coach-painters, 2 leather-dressers, 2 shipwrights, 3 stone-carvers, and 2 bricklayers. The payments made by these persons for tuition amounted to more than X418. THE large painted window for the choir of St. Paul's, in London, which has been for some time past in course of preparation at Munich, was expected to be ready early in this month. The subjects depicted are from the life of St. Paul. The cartoons were designed by Schnorr, and Professor Strahuber is the artist, who was asked by, Sohnorr himself to carry his designs into effect. Inspector von Ainmiller was requested in like manner to take in hand the archi- tectural accessories. The window is intended for the principal place in the middle of the choir. The win- dow is divided into two parts. The upper and prin- cipal parts represent the "Vision" seen by the Apostle, and in the lower portion Ananias is seen coming to St. Paul when blind. To the right and left the donor (rhomas Brown, Esq.) and his wife are represented in a kneeling posture, and beneath are their coats of arms and other decorations. The com- position and the architectural pnrtion-chiefly from motives by the English architect, Penrose, who super- intends the works of restoration—are thoroughly excel- lent. Besides the six other windows which are ordered for the choir of St. Paul's, the Royal establish- ment is also executing a large window for the Town- house of the city of Edinburgh, and two smaller ohapel windows in the Greco-Russ style for Count Golowin, the former Minister of Instruction at St. Petersburg.


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