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LOCK-OUT OF THE MANCHESTER TAILORS AND CARPMNTKRS. Two lock-outs on an extensive scale took place il1 Manchester on SzLturday-one of the tailors, an another of the carpenters and joiners. In respect to the tailors, it appears that in the early, pa,rt of this year the operative tailors in London, May" chester, and other large towns succeeded in obtaining after a strike of some weeks, a revised "log" or price list equivalent to an advance in wages of about 10 per cent. Several of the employers have since attempted to get their work done at a lower price than that con" tained in the" log, but m every case have been da- feated by the union of the men. To enable the employers better to cope with the men's association, it has been resolvedtoform an association of master tailors, embrac- ing the whole of the United Kingdom, and for this pur.- pose a delegate meeting of employers from the principal towns in the kingdom has been convened for the 30th inst. at St. James s-hall, London. In the mean time, a dispute respecting the "log" at Manchester has arisen withm the last few days, and consequent on the men rerusiKg to accept a reduced price a genera'- out in the trade was enforced in that city and the most pressing orders sent up to London to be 00m," The Manchester operatives at once telegraphed thIS fact to the trade society committee in London, and the names of those employers to whom the Man- oasster orders have been sent. The shops of those fjsndon employers were at once picketed, and whero it is ascertained Manchester work is being done, the opinion of the London trade will be taken as to with" drawing men from those shops. Looking at the action of the Manchester employers, and the announced meet* ing, the men generally are preparing for a severe struggle to maintain tha "log" they gained in the spring. As regards the carpenters and joiners, about three- months since they sent in a memorial to the employers, soliciting an advance of wages to the extent of 2a. per week, so as to place them on a level, in point of wages, with the men in the other branches of the building trade. No notice having been taken of this memorial by the employers, about a week since the men in two by the employers, about a week since the men in two of the largest firms in the town—Mr. Thompson's and Mr. Neile's—struck work until the advance was con- ceded. The employers met on Monday last i!2. general meeting, and came to the resolution to offer j the men Is. per week advance at once, and the other J Is. in March next, and in the event of this offer being refused, and the men who had struck at Messrs. Thomp- son's and Neile's not returning to work on Friday, th ■! 17fch, then to close all the establishments in the town against the carpenters and joiners on Saturday. Oa T) In Tuesday evening an aggregate meeting of the men was held, when the offer of the employers was refused by & large majority, and it was resolved to await the result of Friday.' The resolutions of the employers to lock out on Saturday was at once posted up in all the shops. This resolution was acted upon on Saturday morning in maay of the shops. Deputations of the men waited upon some of the leading employers to effect an arrangement if possible, but nothing was settled up to a late hour that night. There are about 4,000 iron-workers locked out in the Gateshead and Newcastle district for refusing to accept a reduction of 10 per cent. on their wages. They have offered the employers to submit the question to arbitration, but the offer has not been accepted.

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