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THE BBMP DISEASE. A supplement to the London Gazette, published on Saturday, contains an Order in Council, dated the 10th last., which recites certain provision of the Act 12th Victoria, entitled an "Aot to prevent spreading of Contagious Disorders in Sheep, Cattle, or other Ani- mals," and also the provisions of the subsequent Acts to continue and amend the same, which said Acts pro- vide that a penalty not exceeding X20 shall be inflicted for any violation thereof. And the order farther says that whereas a contagious or infectious disease, de- scribed as sheoppox, or variola ovina, now prevails in a certain part of the United Kingdom, it is expedient to take measures for preventing the disorder from spreading, and therefore the Lords of the Privy Coun- cil ordain the following orders and regulations :-1. It shall not be lawful to remove any sheep or lambs from the parishes of Great Oakley and Beaumont, in Essex, or to drive or conduct any sheep or lambs through or by way of such parishes. 2. That no skin, wool, horns, or hoofs of any sheep or lambs shall be moved out of said parishes without a certificate from some person authorised by two or more justices of Essex that such akin, &c., did not belong to any sheep or lambs affected by said disorder, or on a farm or premises where.said disorder prevails. 3. All sheep and lambs dying of such dis- ease shall forthwith be buried by the person in whose possession such sheep or lambs may be, with their skins and wool, in pits not less than five feet in depth, and the carcases shall be oovered with quicklime. 4. All sheds and places whatever, and all railway trucks or other vehicles which have been occupied by diseased sheep or lambs, shall be thoroughly cleansed with water and purified with chloride of lime by the persons in possession of such sheds, vehicles, &c. 5. Every person in possession of any sheep or lambs In which such disease shall manifest itself shall forth- with give notice in writing to the chief constable or superintendent of police in the county or borough in which such sheep or lambs may be. 6. This order to continue in force till revoked. This supplement also contains an Order in Council, dated 11th of August, 1866, reciting that the disease commonly called cattle disease has now ceased amongst the cattle in Scotland, and it is therefore expedient to suspend the orders heretofore made so far as they relate to the movements of cattle and other animals and the sale of cattle within Scotland. The Lords of the Council therefore order as follows:—1. This order shall apply to Scotland only, subject to the limitation hereinafter expressed. 2. That from the 13th of August instant, and. subject to the further orders of the Lords of the Council, all the said orders heretofore made shall be suspended, pro. vided that nothing herein contained shall prevent any local authority in Scotland, or the officer and officers appointed thereby, from granting fat stock or store stock licences, under the order of the 11th of April, 1866, for the removal of cattle from Scotland to England or elsewhere beyond Scotland. 3. Notwith- standing anything to the contrary contained in any Order of Council, it shall from the 13th instant, subject to the further order of the Lords of the said Council, be lawful to introduce cattle and other animals by land from England into Scotland, provided the person introducing them has obtained a licence for the purpose from the local authorities of Berwickshire, Roxburgh, or Dumfries, into whichsoever of severa counties said animals have been first introduced, or from some officer appointed by said local authority; and any person obtaining such or(Rer shall fulfil all the conditions contained therein. 4. If the cattle plague shall break out in any district of Scotland after the 13th inst., the olerk of the local authority shall forthwith summon a meeting of said local authority, wno shall at once slaughter the animals affected by said cattle plague, and declare the place which is or has been infected subject to the con- ditions of the 26th and 27th sections of the order of 11th April, 1866. 5. Nothing in this order shall affect the regulations now in force under any Order iin Council respecting cattle brought by sea from any place whatever into any town or place in Scotland; nor shall it affeot the prosecution for any offenoe against any Order of Council before the said 13th -inst. 6. This order shall be construed in like manner as the order oc 11th April, 1866, and any violation of this pre sent order shall be subject to the penalties incurred under said order of 11th April, 1866.



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