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WILLS AND BEQUESTS. The will of the Right Hon. Mary Juliana, Dowager Countess of Banfarly, late of Dungannon-park, Tyrone, Ireland, and of 10, Gloucester-place, Hyde- park, was proved in London, on the 3Let ult., under • £ 7,000 personalty, by the executors, Lieutenant- Colonel William Stuart, M.P., of Kimpton Lodge, Beds, and Hensy Alexander, Esq., of Forkhill, Armagh. Lady Ranfurlv, the testatrix, was the daughter of the late Archbishop Stuart, of Armagh, and was married, in 1815, to Thomas, second Earl of Ranfarly, and had issue nine children, three sons and six daughters. Her ladyship died July 11, 1866, at the age of 69, having executed her will in .15, and a codicil the same year, and a second codicil in 1853. Her ladyship has bequeathed to her son, Major the Hon. William Stuart Knox, all her funded property, and has apportioned to him a sum of £ 2,000 under the will of the late Juliana Rawlins; and bequeaths to her unmarried daughters the claim arising from a policy of insurance on her own life, and also leaves to them the residue of her property. The will of Admiral the Hon. Augustus Warren Baldwin, late of Russell-hill, township of York, pro- vince of Canada, was proved in London, on the 18th ulfc., by his nephew William Augustus Baldwin, Esq., the surviving executor and trustee. The gallant admiral died January 5,1866, at his residence, Russell- hill, having executed his will August 14, 1850, which was first proved in Canada, in the United Court of York and Peel. He has therein bequeathed to his wife for her life his mansion, Russell-hill, with his furniture, farming stock, together with the principal part of his property, including his stock in the Bank of Upper Canada; and after her decease he directs his estate to be divided chiefly amongst his nephews and nieces, appointing them also residuary legatees; leaving to his grand-nephew, Robert Bald- win, his naval medal; and to Lawrence Heyden he bequeaths his stock in the Desjardins Canal Com- pany. The will of Lieutenant-General George Rule Pom- berton, of her Majesty's Indian Army, was provea m the London court by his relict, Anno Martha Josepnine Pemberton, to whom ha haa bequeathed the whole of his property for her own absolute use Mid benefit. The will of the late Henry Revell Reynolds, Esq., solicitor to her Majesty's Treasury, was proved, on the 28th ult., by the executors—namely, his widow and Mr. Henry Ray Freshfield.. The testator was twice married. After making various bequests to his children, he has bequeathed to his widow, in addition to the provision made for' y Carriage settle- ment, an annuity of 0> He also makes to her allowances for his niiiior children. Subject to this, each child's portion is directed to be made up with moneys advanced to some 5,OOO; and the residue is divided among all the ehudren equally. The per- sonalty was sworn under A70,000.—Illustrated London Ne,tt s.

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