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THE SINGULAR CASE OF STOLEN BANK NOTES. William Griffiths, a watchmaker, livinginDowning's. alley, Bishopegate, waa charged at WorsMp-street on O'D remand, with being in possession of, and dealing with stolen Bank of England notes. It will be remembered that Mr, James Hurley, carrying on the business of an ironmonger in South Union-street, SpitalSelds, according to his sworn evidence, slept on the night of the ldfch ultimo at the Prince Albert public-house, which is next door to his own residence, that after having secured the door of bis sleeping apartment with a patent latch, he counted =-685 in bank notes—namely, seven tens and three fives, which, placing in a purse, he put into his trousers' pocket, and retired to rest. On the t- following morning the room door was fast as he had left it; his trousers were on a chair ap- parently as he had placed them, and not doubting-that his money was safe under such satisfactory appear- ances he made no examination of the purse, but at nine o'clock proceeded to his shop. About two hoars afterwards he had occasion to give change for a cheque, and then discovered that the whole of the notes had buen abstracted from their place of deposit. Their numbers being known, he, of course, gave immediate notice at the bank and to the police. Two of the £ 10 notes had since been stopped, and police-constable Schroder, 77 H, obtained such information as justi- fied him in apprehending the prisoner, who wished to account. for oi)e of the notes so stopped having been in his possession, by asserting that on the 16th a hawker, whose name he did not know, although he had had business transactions withhim, called on him and paid him the note, together with a sovereign, for the purpose of taking from pledge some watches belonging to him (the prisoner), and which subsequently the hawker, on seeing tham, purchased. Frederick Saraon, assistant to Mr. Jones, a pawn- broker, in Church-street, Whitechapel, called for the defence, proved that the prisoner had redeemed the property alluded to on the 17th, paying to him this identical -PIO note for that purpose, and receiving a pound or so in change, prisoner's mime and address, which was well known to him, having been placed on the back of the note. It was subsequently paid away* and in due course reached the Bank of England, aa proved by Mr. Rioh&rd Baily, one of the clerks at that establishment. Mr. Beard, engaged to Garry out this prosecution, secured a remand by pointing out the inconsistencies manifest in the prisoner's statement with respect to his dealing with the "hawker," to whom he could give neither name nor clue, and most particularly to his assertion that this hawker gave him the .£10 note on the 16th, on which date it actually was sate in the prosecutor's pocket.. Mr. Abbott remarked that this was a mistake of the eon stable's.. J Proseoutor declared that it was not a mistake, for that he was present and heard i ine prisoner was, however, admitted to bail,, ana now it was proved thfot his brother, a warehouseman in tha City, and living at 69, San-street, Bisnopgate, changed one of the stolen -65 noteatwo days after the robbery, at the Ship Tavern in bun-street, by request of the prisoner. Mr. Chapman, the landlord, swore that the prisoner_ himseit there afterwards, appeared anxious to get the note into his pos- session, and on his Chapman) refusing to part with it, from a sudden suspicion awakened by his anxiety that all was net right, remarked, "Then I am very sorry, for 1 have been taken before a magis- trate, am out on bail, and fear the note will get my brother into trouble. Witness told hitn he thought it was a puy it anything was wrong that he did not make a clear breast of it." The reply to which was, before tae magistrate respecting a X10 note, was taken by surprise, and nothing being said about a .£5 note, did not mention it." Mr. Chapman added, The note in question I changed the day after the robbery." I beUeve prisoner told me he received it from the same person he had the .£10 note of. Prisoner had borne a good character. Mr. Beard remarked that he did not impute other- wise. Fully committed to the Old Bailey.






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