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--------'--CRUELTY TO HORIsES.




DREADFUL ASSAULT AND MURDER OF A LITTL-Ej GIRL. On Saturday afternoon, James Loaghurst, aged 1^» was changed on romacd at "Uuuilford, baforo Mr- Maule Molyneux with the wilful murder of Jane Saxe. r The following deposition ot the child, taken by Mr. ■ Macdonald, at the hospital, on Wednesday £ » was put in and read T "Qa the same day I Was brought to thi-3 hospital i met the prisoner in a footpath whieh leads from Shere to Gomshaii. The prisoner was holding open a gtite, and as soon as I passed through, he took hold of and squeezed me, and laid me down in the footpath, and laid on the top of me for a little while. He the picked me up, and took me into a wheat field atIlongs the wheat, and threw me down, and put his hand ut>" my clothes. I cried out and prisoner. tried to choke me; When he was holding open the gate, I saw !It. knife in his hand. Whilst I was in the wheat fieldh out me with the knife and I ran away, and I called on to David Edser, and he came. The prisomr. is the boyl I am quite sure he is the boy who did it." David Edser eaid: At a few minutes after seven o'clock in the evening of the 28th June, he was on h1, way to Shere from Gornehall, across the fields, aid hearing a faint cry he looked and saw a child on the bank in a wheat field, with her face and neck covered with blood. He asked her who had done it, andshØ said that boy." He then looked round and saw prisoner running away about 100 yards off. H0 called out to him, but he took no notice, and he ran after him and brought him back to the girl. He asked her, "Is this the boy P and she said Yes* He carried the child to Shere to Dr. Capron, and then gave information to the police, and accused was into custody. Dr. Capron and other medical witnesses proved the nature of the wounds in the child's throat; onewaS quite sufficient to causa death. Four knives. found on the prisoiler, and one, which was such a one as might have inflicted the wounds, had blood upon it. The medical men also expressed an opinion that 811- though dying,, a person with such injuries as deceased had would be of sound mind so as to speak to indi- vidual identity. Police-constable Lambert proved when he charged the prisoner with attempting to murder Jane Saxe, and took him into oustedy, he made no reply, b«| Inked blood off his left hand with his tongue, and wiped it off. When confronted with the girl at Mr. Capron's surgery, the girl said "he was the boy," to which he then replied, I did not do it." When wit- ness first. took the four knives from his pocket the one produced had-a good deal of blood on it. The prisoner, being advised to reserve his defence said nothing in reply to the charge, and was fully committed for trial for murder. At an inquest at the Surrey County Hospital, where the, same evidence was given, the jury returned a verdict of Wilful murder" against Jamea Long- hurst.