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--------'--CRUELTY TO HORIsES.


CRUELTY TO HORIsES. Mr. James Ray, a farmer and hay-dealer, of Great Warley, Essex, was charged at the Police-court at Romford, with having caused three of his horses to be cruelly tortured. Mr. W. Love, of, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, stated that the defendant, who was a man of substance, was in the habit of Bending up hay and straw to the London markets. Oa the evening of the 26th ult., a wagon, drawn by two horses, and two carts, each being drawn by a single horse, were seen passing through the village of Hare-street, on their return from London to Great Warley. From the manner of the horses the officers were induced to stop and examine them. On the back of one of the horses they found a terrible wound as large as a man's hand, caused by the pressure and chafing of the saddle. On the shoulder of another they found a wound of a similar character, caused by the chafing of the collar. Upon the back of a third horse there was another wound of several inches in extent, covered over by a cloth under the saddle, the cloth being literally soaked with discharge; and the fourth horse was in a very little better state. All the wounds were evidently of long standing, and the unfortunate horses, upon the harness being re- moved, exhibited signs of great pain and distress- The drivers stated that it was not their fault, and' that their masters sent them out to work. Mr. Waldron, solicitor, of Brentwood, for the do. fence, pleaded that the defendant was not personally aware that the horses were in the state represented. He called as a witness one of the drivers of the horses, who, upon being cross-examined, admitted that his master examined the horses daily himselft and always saw them go out to work. The magistrates, after expressing their strong ab- horrence of such cruelty, inSicted a fine of JB5 and costs in one case, or two months' hard labour in cie- fault; and fines of X2 10a. and costs in the othef cases, or one month's hard labour in the House of Correction. The defendant did not appear personally, and his solicitor being unable to pay the money, Mr. LOVO applied for a warrant for the defendant's apprehension which was granted.