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EXTRAORDINARY DEATH OF A CHILD AT NUN HE AD. On Monday Mr. W. Carter, coroner for East Surrey, held an inquiry in the board-room of the Camber well workhouse, respecting the death of the new-born ille- gitimate child of a young woman named Mary Brown- ing. It appeared that the girl Mary Browning was seen at two o'clock on Monday, the 9th instant, sitting under a hedge in a field at Nunhead-areen. She re- mained there all day until eight o'clock in the evening, when a police-constable named Barrett, 138 P, went up to her, and found her to be very ill. A woman who came up at the time pulled aside her shawl, and in her arms was discovered the body of a child quite dead. The police-officer at once sent for Dr. Stokoe, of Peckham-rye, who promptly attended. To him the young woman stated that she had given birth to the child at eleven o'clock that morning in a railway arch in Albert-street, Peckham. She attributed its death to want of proper attention at the time of its birth. Dr. Richard Stokoe deposed that the body of the deceased was that of a well-developed, full-timed female child, newly born. There was a mark around the neck and a discolouration in front as though strangulation had been oaused by the compression of a oord. Lydia Hewitt, No. 5, Old Gower-street, Nunhead, a young girl, said that she went into the fields to get a little fresh air, when she saw a young woman, Mary Browning, sitting under a. hedge. Witness walked on and upon turning suddenly round she saw the naked body of a child seated in the young woman's lap. She had it partly concealed by her oloak. Witness said nothing, but ran home and told her mother, who at once left the house and went into thA fialds. Mrs. Sarah Petlow, No. 8, Stafford-street, Peckham, said that the young woman Browning had been stop- ping at her house for the last four months. Witness had known her for several years, and she had allowed her to remain at her house until she was able to pro- cure a situation. On Monday week she said that if she could not get a situation she would write to her mother for money, and go home. She then left the house, and witness did not see her again. Witness had fre- quently charged her with being enceinte, but sne always stoutly denied the fact. The accused, Mary Browning, was present during the inquiry, and while the witnesses were under exami- nation she appeared to be in a state or £ *ea' After Dr. Stokoe's evidence, she said she should like to state the circumstances to the court. d t Coroner: Be very careful. You need not make any statement. If you do make one you mast be sworn. Your statement will be usea tu evidence a°Th0S accuae d: I wish to tell the truth,, Coroner: Swear the "once-constable, stand near her, and hear all that 13 said. The accused was then sworn, and she deposed: I came up from the country tour months ago. I said I was going to get a situation, bat I did not intend to get one, knowing the way wag ID, J denied to Mrs. Petlow that I was enceinte. 1 then intended to return to the country. My sister was coming np to London, and I intended to tell her. On Monday week I felt ill, and went out for a walk. When I came to the rail- way arch I 8°^ and before the child was born I lost my senses. VYhen i came round I found the child born and dead. 1 was an hour sitting under the arch, I then got up and held the child in m,v arms, and went to look for a policemen. I then sa.w the young girl's mother, and i told her, and she went for a policeman. I did not like at first to tell what was the matter, but afterwards I told several persons. When I was becoming insensible I heard the child (the witness then signed her statement in the presence of the police-constable). The Coroner said that the case was one of a very painful character, but if the accused's statement waa- correct, it was very unfortunate that she did not in- form soma of the people at the houses near the rail- way arch of the state she was in when she discovered the child to be dead. The jury, after an hour's deliberation in private, re- turned a verdict That the deceased child was acci- dentally killed." The Coroner said that the verdict had been returned in consequence of the statement made by tha accused.


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