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TERRIFIC EXPLOSION OF NAPHTHA. Three Deaths and several Injured. Shortly after noon on Wednesday Mr. Alfred Langshaw, druggist, Bolton, received a' barrel of naphtha, containing about 26 gallons, from a lurry. The barrel was put in a narrow passage adjoining the shop, and a tap was placed in it running the naphtha in a tin vessel, and then pouring it into a large storing cask, in a small and confined yard. The capacity of the cask was about 100 gallons. Whilst engaged in this work he was called into the shop, and had un- fortunately left the naphtha running into the can. Immediately opposite where the barrel stood in the entry there is a cottage which was then occupied by three persons. One of them, a young woman named Nancy Tempest, seeing that the can was full of the dangerous liquid, and running over on the ground, ran for Mr. Langshaw. Both instantly returned, but the naphtha on the ground had then ignited, and the flame was hastening to the barrel swiftly. He seized the barrel, struggled for a few moments, but was unable to get it away. The fire reached it, and ia a moment the barrel was blown over a cotton waste warehouse occupied by Mr. Lowe, and fell in a passage. The passage being only about a yard and a half wide, the the flames set the cottage on fire. A bed in one corner on the ground floor was speedily consumed, and all the furniture, flooring, and stairway were in a blaze instantaneously. The borough fire brigade and engines were speedily at the scene of the sad occurrence, and with an immense power of water drowned the fire, but- the flaming liquid could not be extinguished, and ran down the paspage a sheet of flame into the main sewer. As aoon, however, as the fire had been subdued, the efforts at the firemen and others were next directed to the dead or injured. The body of Mr. Langshaw was found lying in the doorway of the cottage opposite the spot where the barrel had stood. Every article of clothing was burned off his body, and his watch lay at his side, being stopped exactly at 20 minutes to three o'clock. Everything inside the dwelling was burned. In the corner near the remains of the bed, knelt the body of the occupier of the house. His wife having apparently fled upstairs for safety was found there. Both were dead. Several men who ran down the passage to render what assistance they could were caught by the burning liquid, and rushed back into Deansgate, their clothes being on fire, two of them being on fire from head to foot. The flames were smothered by persons near, and the injured taken to the infirmary. The names of the dead are—Alfred Langshaw, druggist; John Spencer, 55 years of age, partially a cripple; Ann Spencer, ;his wife, 52 years of age, who was engaged washing at the time of the occurrence. Of the men who offered to render assistance William Cross, a painter, of Black. horse-street, is the most seriously injured; next to him Michael Canavan. Both were badly burned about the middle of the body. Another man, known as Tom Seth, had the lower portion of his legs burned. Nancy Tempest (who ran for Mr. Langshaw), niece to the occupier of the house, had her arm burned. Nothing is yet known as to how fire got to the naphtha, but it is supposed that the vapour arising from the naphtha -POnetrated the dwelling, and ignited on coming near the fire-grate, and that the flame got to the spilled liquid and spread to the barrel. The yard door was on fire at one time; had the fire got to the other side of the door there was the 100 gallon cask, and the results would have been more diamstrous.-Mano,testcr Courier. — — ■

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