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SUDDEN DEATH AND INQUEST. On Wednesday morning last a report reached Brecon that Mr. William Philips, Farmer, Pom- pren, in the parish of Cantreff, in this County, had been brutally murdered by some shepherds, near Glanrhyd public house, on the road leading from Brecon to Merthyr. On Thursday, an inquest was held before James Williams, Esq., coroner, to enquire into the cause of death, which will be found in the following evidence.—Mr. D. W. J. Thomas watched the pro- ceedihgs for Jenkins, and Mr. G. W. Powell for the friends of the deceased. John Price, shepherd, deposed Jenkins and me were fighting he had hold of me by the hair, pul- ling me down and kicking a little the deceased came up to us I saw him we were then by the garden wall; I did not see any person touch him I did not see Jenkins touching him; when we were fighting it was from 7 to 9 p.m. I saw deceased very poorly, and I went and told them at his home that he was too poorly to ride home they were gone to bed I told the servant girl. Mr. North, surgeon, deposed: I was called up about 2 a.m. on the morning of the 18th, by Mr. Phillips, deceased's son, who said his father was dead at Glanrhyd; I went there, and found deceased sitting in a chair dead, apparently for some hours about 3 p.m. the same day, I made a post mortem examination on the body; I did not find any ex- ternal mark, only a little mark on the right ear, also a little mark under, which might have been caused by a fall from the settle I dont think it could be done by a fist, but it might there was no internal marks of any violence the heart was rather large I found in the brain a clod of blood about the size of a hen's egg, which was the cause of death, which is commonly called appoplexy appoplexy might have been caused by many things —excessive heat, drinking, excitement, fall, or from a blow, or many other things the cause of his death was from the bursting of a blood vessel, the cause of which I cannot say. After Mr. North's evidence was taken, the cor- oner requested the court to be cleared the coroner and jury were left together for some time, when the public were admitted again, and the coroner said the jury wished to hear the evidence of two more men, in consequence of some rumour that deceased had foul play. Howell Thomas, shepherd, deposed: I was at Glanrhyd before the parties came there I was out at the back about some sheep, and when I came in the kitchen the parties were out fighting in the front of the house I went out and saw Jenkins had hold of John Price's hair, and had him on the ground, and saw decesed going towards John Price like if he was going to pick him up I did not see Jenkins or any one touching him I did not see any sign of drink on him I believe he was quite sober he seemed to be a man of 20 years of age, so nimble. Lewis Lewis deposed: I am the landlord of Glanrhyd public house: I remember the parties here, and they were fighting outside I saw de- ceased in the crowd I went, to him and caught in his arm, and told him that he ought to be ashamed of himself stopping there an old'man like him he paused a little, and turned and went into the house; I went after him in less than a minute and locked the door he was then sitting on the bench I went to the back kitchen or the bar, I cannot say which I was no time hardly, when I returned I saw deceased falling from the bench quite helpless, and never spoke a word his breathing was quite easy we carried him into the parlour, and he died in about two hours. Thomas Evans, deposed He was in the row, and heard what the landlord said he did n0t see any one touching him, and that no one helped him into the house. The Coroner addressed the jury at some length, after which he asked if there was any one present who could throw any further light upon the matter, as so many different reports had gone abroad, which were quite groundless. The jury then re- turned a verdict of "died from appoplexy."




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