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THE COURT. ALL interest at Windsor has been absorbed in the marriage of Princess Helena to Prince Christian, which took place in the Chapel Royal, on Thursday, with all the grandeur peculiar to Royal weddings. The Qaeen was in attendance, as also were the Prince and Princess of Wales, and the other members of the Royal family. A deputation of ladies, consisting of the Hon. Mrs. Locke King, Lady Louisa Bernard, Miss Russell, Miss Clementina Locke Kingr, Miss Jane Vernon-IIarcourt, Miss Layard, Miss Knowles, Miss Harvey, Miss Peto, Miss Nugent, and Miss Acland, had the honour of being received by her Royal High- ness Princess Helena at Windsor Castle on Saturday afternoon, to present her Royal Highness with a Bible, and the following address, which was read by Miss Nugent: To her Royal Highness Princess Helena Augusta Victoria.—Madam,—No words are needed to convey to your Royal Highness the assurance of our loyal attachment to every member of the Royal family, and of the affectionate interest we take in all that concerns their welfare. We venture, however, on this occasion, to approach your Royal Highness with special congratulations on tha happy event so soon about to take place, and to request your gracious acceptance of the offering we are permitted to present to your Royal Highness in token of our dutiful regard. In asking your Royal Highness's acceptance of the accompanying copy of the Sacred Volume, may we be allowed to express our earnest hope and desire that, with each advancing year, this treasury of Divine wisdom may more and more become your companion in joy, your support in sorrow, your counsel in times of perplexity, and your guide to everlasting life, so that you may at last 'receive a crown of glory thatfadeth not away.' We rejoice to think that in entering on a new sphera your Royal Highness will not be obliged to sever all those earlier ties which you have cherished with such affectionate reverence, especially daring the season of domestic bereavement with which our beloved sove- reign has been visited. That every blessing, for time and for eternity, may attend your Royal Highness and the prince to whom you are about to be united, is the prayer of, madam, your Royal Highness's most humble servants, MANY DAUGHTERS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM.—June 30, 1866." Her Royal Highness, in accepting the gift, replied as follows:—"Accept my Warmest thanks for your beautiful present. It is most valuable to me in itself; but it is rendered still more so by the kind words with which you have accompanied it, and by the proof thus given that you, daughters iike myself, of our dear England, can appreciate the ieelmgs which bind me to my native land, and to my beloved mother, and can sympathise with the joy that fills my heart to think that its will still be my happi- ness to live amongst you."—The deputation then rel,ired. Her Royal Highness was attended by Lady Caroline Barrington and the Master of the Household. The number of subscribers for the present was as follows: From England, 6,190; Scotland, 564; Ireland, 784; Wales, 240; India, 2; Constantinople, 1; Italy, 4; New York, 1; total, 7,786. THE Prince and Princess of Wales are residing at Marl borough-house, and the King and Queen of the Belgians, who visited England for the sake of being present at the marriage of the Princess Helena, have been their Royal Highnesses' guests. THE Princess of Wales, aooompanied by her Majesty the Qaeen of the Belgians, took a carriage drive on Saturday. Professor Fittig and Mr. Schulz had the honour of performing on the zither before the Prince and Princess of Wales, at Marlborough-house, on Saturday. THE Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh, with the Lady and Gentlemen in Waiting, attended Divine service at the Chapel Royal, St. James's, on Sunday morning. The communion service was read by the Rev. the Sub-Dean, the Rev. C. Packe, and the Rev. R. Harvey. Anthem, Plead Thou my Cause" (Mozart), sung by Masters Warner and Coward, Messrs. R. Barnby, Montem Smith, and Lawler. Mr. Goss presided at the organ. The sermon Was preached by the Rev. R. Harvey, from St. Matthew xxi. 3. Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge attended the service.





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