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UAYE YOU GOT FnE A POUND ABCOT » —We see that a larg(i.and influential pnbbo meeting in Jamaica has un^n'momly adopted^ a re=»j In tint 1;0 present Governor Syte with a testimonial JOT fia c-, r g, energy, unremitting exertion;' during the outbreak. It is evident that people on tho spot do not confer the Governor to be as blaofe < r I'1 spot do Bot confer the Governor to be as blaofe < r the nesro to e as white, as he is painted OWJ- We have no doubt sympathisers ia England "i':Ji allowed to jpm the subscription. A TOUR DE FCUP. HORSE.—Hurrah The SJ!(10(J coaching days are revived. A four-horse stage- coach has beeJ. started between London and Brighton, and it is ."OW possible to travel behind fonr greys mate ad of being whirled along behind the steam horsr. This is a bold speculation, anocur&ged by if,9 abolition of the 'pikes, which removes the t-> £ i for thf brave A GUILTY CONSCIENCE.—Country Parson (tc },1, drinking old pauper) u Why, sorely, .VCnjjg.ridg^ ynn were relieved last week from the communion «hxs Mugrgridge: Communion Arms, sir '8 true p: I stand here, never vas inside the oase in tMy Uk, sir Never heerd of it, sir! UYVES V. THE ATTORNEY GENERAL. Jj; 1:<11 utter mistake to suppose that notomrjM < P lately disposed of in }í)U1Úbt.hl- d Mr. Raskin's new wars entitled The Crown Df IT/ i Olive." Q. IF Promotion cometh neither TRORO the^asl. i<cr from the west, nor yet from the south," where cV«» it come from ? A. Horse Guards S. W. SCIENTIFIC INTIILLIGENCE.- A,t the next MEET-MC of the Zoological Society, a pareir AMII he re « ("n the Peclc of the Snail," with a ncrr On )>.»> <>, t At an extraordinary meeting of the Pkif.n*, t Society, a paper will be read On AXI Infusion dil" Blood." A CATcff.-It is rumoured that &) dispnioj at cricket during the current season are to he i (r for adjudication to the Bail Court. WHY ought an old man to be fo-Ad of gugar-plmis ? --B ec,tise he likpF. his little eowfits. CAST AWAY. -WO heard some :ima ago that ONE d Landseer's Nelson lions was oast, but there.are »o feigns of its appearance in the square yEt. A cavalry officer of our acquaintance explains to ns that po, sibly the lion was only "oast" as horses aw ro tl.a army—i e., rejected. t VERY SCIENTIFIC-—We have w. i'ten to Mr, PW- win to inquire if it is possible, under his theory development, for a bay-pony ever to become f w • horse. SOCIAL REFLECTION FOR A JEGT^B.—He us si-SI* ■ ? a heartless man, who, having met with poo? joke several times, afterwards cuts it in society, j WHY are the ladies of the Ballet very kind to tf relations? Because they are 8ofcld. of their grma' CONTJNDBUM.—What would a aheap paper- cover^i volume of any of Scott s novels say if ih could eweai r Hang it! I'll be bound." A PARTING INJUNCTION.—A (?«CREA in ihe. 1> e Court. THE EYE OF THE LAW.—PoHoeavax»'a BCLTA-E-T .■>. A MAN MOST OPEN TO CONVICTION,—The P.W'OI.«\X at the bar. THE WORSHIP OF BACKERS.—Lord Lyon, PAGES OF HONOUR —The Peerage's.