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35XTBACTS PEOM "PTOaa"$•!7rixn." A New and Original Incident. While sauntering lonely—list Saturday ottty— In Tavisstock-street, Oovect-garden, ivlethought I would wander with NFatafe, and Like Jacques, in the forest of Irden. As soon as I entered, my notice faa contfefl At once on the rosea and lilies. 3fit, when th??e became tirir-g, I took ic- The dear little daffy do It was truly entrancing to them all das: ir.f?, And nodding away at the breezes; And the pleasant emotion conveyed by that nor/ton Comes back to my mind when it pleases. Now you'll think mo a baby, or class* nve, it mry 1;1), With other poetical sillies; ..1 But I feel it a pleasure, sublime beyond To dance with my daffadowndillies. Contentment, A Song for ihe Stock Exchange. Happy the man who lives content On money safe at three per cent.! Invests it not in bubble schemas, Nor e'er of speculation drearaa. Him City panics ne'er yfffigbt, Nor threats of money getting tight; He fears not either Balls or Bears, Or sudden rise er fall of shares. Him neither Chtncery Courts appal, Nor the dread street of H^&ingbal'; His cash is safe, his erMft eortnd, Though banks be breaking all around. No horrid dreams disturb his rest, No anxious fears his peace molest; No writ destroys his appetite, And keeps him. W iktful through the night. Oh, were such happy fortune mino, Serenely tranquil I would dine Nor envy anxious millionnairea, Their dangerous wealth In doubtful sfcaret! The Scoundrels of the Stock Sacher.?^. Scoundrels, that gamble in bank shares By swindling vales cause wreck and n;;r. We call this kind of rascals Bears; A gross reflection upon Bruin. These rogues, who break bank after hia&k, Have their abettors in the City For an unchecked career to thank. Have they not, Stock Exchange r A Round for the Ring. By an M.P. When Goss hits Maee • A cut in the face, Where his proboscis Soft as moss is, This act, by the member badly mauled, Would, could he speak, be rjghdy calle:! In Parliamentary phrase, I s'poee, A Teller on the side of the Noes." Grass Cat. ("nfHI Merriment in a Meadow.) Death is the mower; man's grass in the fteters, Not a living blade to his blade but yields. Swiftly, surely, the scythe will pasa From left to right, By the mower's might; For men may grow, But the mower will mow, And sweepingly give us our coup de r("fX. A Duck of Diamonds. DEAR FUN,-Frank has been telling me that HEME- body has been teHing the House of Commons that ooal- will soon be exhausted. I have thought of a espial substitute. Some gentleman at the Polytechnic said in a lecture I heard, that a diamond waa the sum a thing as coal. There are lots of diamonds, and J am sure the ladies would all give them up for the goo^i-Mt f the country as the ladies at Berlin gavo up their jeweW lary, and were presented with Berlin (or Freno'tL, I forget which) irons in return. Isn't this a capital notion ?—Yours, dear Fun, ever meet lovingly, J3. P.8.-I'm sorry I haven't any diamonds tp icy country. But Harriet has jnst bad a very fcaasasntup, set, earrings, necklace, bracelet, &0., given be.* fin ■ might begin with them. Wasn't that a Pretty Dish A thousand nightingales have, 9-ccorring tc r- ■< r from Vienna, been caught and shipped for Mc- lt the request of the Emperor Maximilian. Is It posslb'e that in Austria "nightingale" is it slang equivaletf. for money, as "canary" was among Up.? It woold seem probable, for the Emperor's character woniii y3* din," 118 to think he cared less ..bc:ut agD? than iH. tcs, and preferred a fill o' money to a philomel. Sing a song of Max' tricks. His pockets to o'erfio- Just a thousand nightingales Shipped to Mexico. When the P-Iiip came over, The birds began to f-ipg, Wasn't that a pretty vie-h For emperor or kirg!


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