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_.. THE COURT. ---



J< POLITICAL GOSSIP. A CURIOUS contribution to Peter's pence is an. Bounced in the Roman Catholic paper Les Yoix du Tyrol. "A young man sends thirty florins. ^Heis dreadfully in debt, but not so much as the Pope." He did not continue the comparison of situations which are considered so similar. j BARON ROTHSCHILD long since removed all the Valuables from his chateau across the Rhine, and this example is now being extensively followed by landlords in Prussia Germanv, Austria, and Italy. ,„_ The Sunday Gazette says the ^merlv is about to be conferred on Mr. John Enms, formerly MTHEE^AdmifaSyhave removed Commander Stevens, of the Ganges training ship at Falmouth, not being apparently satisfied with the state of discipline kept up in the ship. IT is rumoured that Mr. Seward will shortly resign the portfolio of foreign affairs in the United States to Mr. Adams, and will take the latter's place as Minister at the Court of London. THE chief clerk of the privy Council Office, Mr. Harrison, who, in addition to his appointment, helQ 1 the office of deputy clerk of the council, having retired, the registrar of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, Mr. Henry Reeve, has been appointed to succeed him as a deputy clerk of the council, retaining his present office of registrar. „ By the death of the Earl of Gainsborough the Government loses an adherent in the House of Lords. The deceased earl was a consistent Whig or Liberal: his successor, although a Roman Catholic, some years ago identified himself with the Conservative party. THE Reyal Naval Reserve appears to wax in popu- larity. Its numbers now stand at 16,988 49 having certificates of competency as masters, 997 as mates; 19 with certificates of service as masters, and 64 as m^DEPUTATION of friends of Mr. Samuel Morley has waited upon him for the purpose of urging upon him the desirability of his allowing them to propose him for the City of London on the retirement of either of the present members, and he has consented to place himself entirely in their hands. # TO11HM» r,f BY an odd coincidence, on looking to the Tellers of the Opposition on the late defeat of Ministers, it seems consonant with the fitness of things that while the first is that of the Lord Dunkellin, the second is that of a Cave—one of the Caves of the House of Commons! Not the Cave of Adullam, how- ever, but of Mr. Stephen Cave, the member for New Shorehem. I HAVE come to beg of you, Monsieur, the Ministre do la Marine, a place for my son," said a handsome and handsomely-dressed Parisian lady. We have nothing vacant, madame, but the command of a frigate." N'importe, I will accept that." "Is your eon capable f" "He is capable of everything; he is a dentist at Lyons." Kissing goes by favour, it would seem, on both sides the Channel. THE following epigram on the Government Reform Bill is attributed to a distinguished member of the University {f Oxford, famous for his ieux d' esprit Upon this bill we stake our all; By it to stand, by it to fall A third course still methmka I see. The bill may lie—and so may we." LORD CARLISLE is to have a statue in Dablm. Lord Eglinton has already got one. J* traditional for the Lord-Lieutenant to be in marble or in bronze. The a & nrn eminently satisfactory in some resp&cts. for P^oves that the office, after all, is not so useless an™a^ less as has been frequently represen • « 0St'06P_ representative of majesty pro tew. has s are tain advantage over majesty itself. ,,nblio sub- few who would command a monument y P. sorption. Any man, therefore,, who ia willing toje sneered at all through his official h^timeoncon,^ tion of being worshipped for ever when he is aea him aspire to the lord-lieutenancy of Ireland. a IT is proposed, says the Court Journal, to ge P tea meeting for ladies to express their views £ is to exercise of franchise rights by women. Mr. should be asked to preside. It is odd with his Ma thusian doctrines, that the worthy M.P. should all at once have become such a pet with the pettiooats. HUE once have become such a pet with the pettiooats. But we presume the ladies who signed the petition and wished it entrusted to Mr. Mill are all of a certain, or rather uncertain, age.. „„ MR- DARBY GRIFFITH intends to move on an early evening for a return of all the Peerages created on the recommendation of Lord Palnieraton, between looy and 1865 inclusive and also of the Peerages created during the tenure of office of the present Government. Lord Palmerston's list during the time specified is as followsHe raised ten Commoners to the Peerage, v;Zt th.g present Lords Annaly, Athlumney, litz- hardinee, Houghton, Llanover, Lyveden, Taunton, and Westbury, Earl Russell, and the late Lord i Herbert • made the Duchess of Sutherland Countess of Cromartie, and the CouutesB of Delawarr Baroness Buckhurst with succession to their youBger sons; summoned' Lords Ebrington and Seymour to the House of Peers in their father's baronies.; gave Lord Brougham a new patent with succession to his brother; advanced Lord Ward to the Earldom of brother; advanced Lord Ward to the Earldom of Dudlev; and made a Scotch peer, Lord Kinnaird, a British baron, with succjession to his brother. He also gave the Duke of Somerset the Earldom of St. Yayar, to enable his son towear a higher oourteey title than that of baron. Lord Russell's creations since ¡ his accession to office in October comprise six barons, a viscount, and an earl.




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