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_.. THE COURT. ---


THE COURT. IN consequence of the Ministerial crisis the Queen has returned to Windsor earlier than was anticipated. Her Majesty the Qaeen, with the various members of the Royal family, left Balmoral early on Monday. The railway journey commenced at Aboyne, and from thence via the Deesirfe Railway to Aberdeen. From I this point the Royal route was over the Scottish North Eastern, the train stopping for five minutes at the Bridge of Dan, and then proceeding on to Perth, where the Qaeen took refreshments. After about an hour's stoppage the train pushed on along the Scottish Central Line to Greenhill Junction, where the Caledo- nian Railway commences. Upon this portion of tihe route, at Summit, a stoppage of five minutes was made, the train being afterwards timed to reach Oar- lisle at 11.25 p.m. A short stay was made at Carlisle for refreshments and to perfect the sleeping arrange- ments of the Royal travellers and suite, the journey over the North-Western line being performed in the dead of night and early morning. From Btishbury her Majesty reached Windsor by the Great Western line, stoppages of five minutes in each instance being made at Leamington and Oxford. The Royal progress from Oxford was by way of Dilcot.Walhngford-road, Goring, Reading, and Slough to Windsor, into the terminus of which town the special train ran about 8.45 &.m. Her Majesty and the Royal family thus reached the Castle in time for breakfast. „ PREPARATIONS are actively going forward in the State roams and private chapel of Windsor Castle for the forthcoming marriage of the Princess Helena on the 5th of July. The pulpit, reading-desk, and all the movable seats have been transferred from the chapel to the east end of St. George'e-ball, which are enclosed by a screen which crosses the hall, and where Divine service will be performed until after the marriage. THE children of the Royal family at Hanover, are expected shortly to arrive at the Castle. THE Prince and Princess of Wales, with Prince Albert Victor, left Marl borough- house on Saturday afternoon, soon after two o'clook, for Trentham, on a visit to the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland. Their Royal HighnesseB were attended by the Countess of Macclesfield, Lieut.-General Knollys, and Lieutenant- Colonel Keppel. WE announce, with regret, the death, at the age of ore year and nine months, of his Royal Highness Prince Sigismnnd, fourth child of the Crown Prince and Princess of Prussia, and grandson of her Majesty the Queen. This event constitutes a new and melan- choly appeal to the loyal sympathies of the whole British people, in whose prayers the Royal mother of the departed infant will, in her grief, be affectionately remembered. In consequence of the sorrow into which the Royal family of England has been plunged by this bereavement, certain State festivities which had been appointed will be necessarily postponed. IT ia said that the King of Hanover has gone to join his army. We fear, says the Court Journal, his pre- sence will not be a valuable acquisition, and add much to the ability of the strategical rno1 ement, as the king is completely blind, but has the mania for desiring to appear to see. At the opera his Majesty uses an opera-glass freely, and doubtless it is due to his desire to be thought able to see that his Majesty has joined the army. However, the Crown treasure has come to England, and that may, perhaps, make a diversion in this direction, and his Majesty may feel the attraction greater due north.





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