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SINGULAR ACOIBMBT ON THE NOUTE LUNDON RAILWAY. On Saturday afternoon an accident took place on this line of a most extraordinary and alarming cha- racter. Between the Caledonian-road and the Camden- road stations the North London is connected with the Midland and Great Northern goods and coals depots by a steep incline, running from what is called the St. Panoras station up towards Camden-road, by which means trains reach the main line of the North London. Commencing this incline is a siding, at the end of which stood a square brick building on the top of the embankment forming the^ South-eastern side of the bridge crossing the King's-road, and supporting an enormous water tank, from which the engines derive their supplies. This incline is generally used for goods and coal traffic only, and in consequence of the severity of the gradien4;it is necrtssary for engine-drivers, in order to reach the North London level, to at on the steam to a very high pressure. On Saturday, an engine, dragging a very heavily-laden coal train, was going up the incline, and had nearly reached the top, when one of the rails got out of place, and threw the engine off the line. So soon as this was discovered bv the driver he shut off the steam, and he and the stoker jumped off. The impetus, however, on the en- gine was at the time so great that it dashed on, and passing entirely through the eastern wall of the tank house, at the top of the embankment, embedded itself in the brick wall on the opposite side, overhanging King's-road, where it was brought to a stand. Had it gone through this, nothing could have prevented it" descending, with a number of the coal trucks in its rear, into the road beneath, and dragging the whole of the building, tank and all, with it. Although the building presents au exceedingly shattered appearance, the remaining walls still stand. The only other injury is the damaging of the engine and several of the trucks. The siding is sufficiently removed from the main line of the North London to jurenwrot any inter-, ruption. the general traffic,