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PQINITICAII GOSSIF. THE Isle of Man is worthy the attention of the British politician at this moment, as it is going rapidly through the chrysalis state of reforming which the English House of Legislature is attempting to get through. The proposal for the Manx Reform Bill is 414 for county or country votes, .£8 for borough. The Manx reformers incorporate legal provisions against bribery in their bill, and have not found the same difficulty about doing so that their big brothers across the water did this week. LORD BROUGHAM is described as blooming and "Hgorous in the extreme. He appeared in Paris the other day, after travelling night and day-just washed and brushed his hair, put on the latest style of Parisian dress, and sallied forth on conquest bent, for the even- ing. His scientific friends, who were assembled con- sidering mediaeval antiquities, welcomed him heartily, and felt him a worthy contribution to their studies. A CONTINENTAL letter-writer relates a story of a Prussian gentleman and his horses. John, bring round the carriage! "It's very heavy, Herr; I Want help." 11 What do you mean, you blockhead ? What's to bring it round, Herr P Why, the horses, of course, Btupid! Ab, they've gone an hoc; since for the mobilisation," Donner Wetter ^c. '< ein mal! G° an^ borrow a pair of horses from cty tenant Peter." But, Herr, don't you know, Star's horses were taken yesterday p Then saddle Fanny." Miss Fanny •_ why Brigadier Franz 5?* taken off Miss Fanny for himself." The Briga,- diev Franz! Ay, Herr, and he s&yB you're very -ky if he don't come back next week and take your .offtoo." John, bring me my long pipe i Let us 8llH>ki= and be happy for the short time left ua. It's an a"frd world, and Bismarck's a terrible man. IA ia a melancholy sign of the times that the (orernment of Prussia pawnbroking offices have been orowded lately that the magazines are no longer tafneient to contain the articles pledged. The conse. qUI'nee is that only plate, jewellery, and unmade stuffs car* be received, whereas clothes of all descriptions refused. A PETITION is now in course of signature in different parts of the country, by women only, praying that the ffot,aa of Commons should provide for the repre- sentation of all householders, without distinction of Sex, who possess the necessary property or rental qualification. A franchise for the ladies—by all taeans, say we; let a Llause be inserted at once. THE number of bet, laid as to the result of the Abcrdeenshire election -may well be said to be unac- countable. Every other Person you met was in for a Hew hat one way or another, and so close was the struggle between the candikt,, supposed to be, that one quarter a wager was fomly made of a pint of Bass for every Yote ot. a.majority the Liberal should attain! The winner is m for ^is beer for the next welvemonth at least, une th<jusari(j an(j eighty. Seven pints Enough to set up a respectable roadside inn. THE Jockey Club gave admser of QQ c0V6rs FIQ Duke of Beaufort, after winning tne grand prize at he Paris races. The enthusiasm a la c\anvpagne for ihe eternal union of the two countries is said to have been very great. Count Daru proposed The Union of England to France," the Duke ot of France to England/' that they might both,jn fftC^ shortly go into the union, which road England seems, to Frenohmen, o be taking first, owing to her tary diffioulties. PRESIDENT JOHNSON has been called by a member of the House of Representatives a "rebel," a. ,?er- fidious traitor," worse than the rinderpest, trichina, aholera, or cattle disease! BISMARCK is said to be afraid to go to Paris to the conference for fear other counsellors should get beside ais Royal master, about which he is as jealous as a. paniel. IT seems really to be true that the Government has he intention of buying up the telegraphic lines, and naking them serve at cheap rates as an accessory to he penny post. Doubtless some fear of the eventual rivalry was at the bottom of this. SEVERAL rich Venetians nave subscribed a sum sufficient to buy an annuity of 365 francs to be given to the first Italian soldier wht sets foot in Venice. Should it not have been to his heirs and executors ? IT is stated that the King of Prussia recently refused to have an interview with Prince louis of Hesse, the husband of the Princess Alice, btcause the Hesse Darmstadt Court had assumed a hostile attitude towards him. The insult went farther than the Prince. THE Qaeen of Spain went on the 20th ult, to Aran- jutz, where she presided over the last oouncil of Ministers. The Court ia expected to return to Madrid in the course of the present month. THERE are two tureens and eight dozen of plates, all in solid silver, and a total weight of 2,000 ounces, ready to be presented from the electors of Halifax to Viscount Halif&x, in recognition of his high character and long services. We understand the presenilation will be made privately in London.






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