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SPORTS AND PASTIMES. THE Berwick Warder states that the take of salmon and trout in the Tweed has much fallen off during the past week, and that fish generally is scarce. IN the thousand guinea Derby lottery at White's Club, Colonel Brownrigg drew Lord Lyon. He was offered and refused £ 600 for it. CAPTAIN CTJNINSHAME has refused Y,000 for his renowned steeplechase horse Stilton. "UPROUSE ye then, my merry, merry men," is to be sung at the concert of the dinner to Admiral Rous by a chorus of melodists. Earl Granville will take the chair, and narrate the turf events of the gallant Admiral's life. THE following extraordinary take of salmon was made with the single rod on the Laune, Killarney, by Captain H. A. Herbert, M.P., of Muokross, who killed on the water, on Monday, one salmon, 201b.; two ditto, 15lb. each; three ditto, 131b. each; one ditto, 141b.; two ditto, 61b. each; total weight 1151b. All clean salmon. This is probably the beat day's single rod fishing in the south of Ireland for many years. THE racecourse celebrity, Joe Jones, who attends in England in rich raggedness, red coat, and inexpres- sible inexpressibles, was at Paris on the racecourse—as a French paper says in reviewing the oddity-filling up the time between the races in the thankless occu- pation of endeavouring to amuse the English. A FINE and interesting example of the French style of boxing was recently given impromptu by two well. known members of a great club. One was tall and powerful, and the other short and weak, but owing to the superior style of art in French boxing, the latter was completely victorious, and made the big one roar with pain, by fixing his teeth resolutely in his foe after slipping dexterously behind for that purpose. This was much applauded by the spectators, who con- sidered it the coup de jarnac of modern times. THE site of the Eton Racquet Courts is a narrow strip of land which runs parallel with the Rev. Mr. Joynes's football field, adjoining the road leading to South-meadow, by the side of the Mathematical School. The cost of the buildings, which are to be erected back to back, will be about Cl,500, one-third of which is already subscribed. THE annual dinner of the MasterB of Foxhounds' Committee was held on Saturday last at Boodle's Club, St. Jemeia's. street. There were present-Sir Watkin W. Wynn, chairman; Lord Hill, Mr. Lane Fox, Lord Redesdale, Mr. Meynell Ingram, Mr. Delmé Radcliffe, Lord Tredegar, Lord Hastings, Mr. T. Drake, Lord Poltimore, Mr. Percy Williams, Viscount Gal way, Earl of Eglinton, Mr. G. Lort- Phillips, Hon. W. H. North, Mr. Clowes, Sir David Baird, Earl Pciulett, Lord Hawke, Earl Spencer, H. W. E. Dun- combe, Mr. H. W. Williamson, Mr. Chaworth Mus- ters, and Mr. Anstruther Thomson. THE Saturday concert and afternoon promenade at the Crystal Palace was more thronged than ever on Saturday, there being 11,584 visitors present. The solo artistes were Madame Harriers-Wippern, Madame Trebelli-Bettini, Mdlle. Sinico, Mr. Hohler, Signor Bettini, and Herr Rokitansky; solo pianoforte, Mdlle. Anna Mehlig. The gardens at Rockhills were thronged with a most fashionable company. The great event of next week is the display of fireworks, and illumina- tion of the fountains on Thursday. Great prepara- tions are making for the occasion, and as it is intended in lighting up the fountains to make a liberal use of the recently-discovered, but expensive, magnesium light, a soene of surpassing brilliancy will result. The new June season-ticket was issued on Monday to a large number of newly-entered season-ticket holders. The return of admissions for six days, ending Saturday, June 2, 1866, gave 36,489. s I

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