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FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. AMERICA. NEW YORK, MAY 22. The House of Representatives has appointed a joint committee of five members to examine and report upon the operations of the Freedmen's Bureaux in the South. The New York Tribune says that the President is preparing a proclamation explaining that the peace proclamation is intended to abrogate martial law in the South. r Accounts published by the Southern newspapers estimate that the coming crop will not exceed one million and a half of bales. ;t1 Advices received here from Mexico state that Esco- bedo, with 1,200 republicans, assaulted Methuela 011 the 2nd, but was repulsed. The New York Academy of Music has been destroyed by an incendiary fire. ¡,¡2t: The Collector of Customs at Rouse's Point seized 1,700 muskets on Friday last, supposed to belong to the Fenians. Eighty-seven cases of arms belonging to the Senate faction have been seized at Erie, Pennsyl- vania. The report that the Fenian circles at Washington had resolved to support Stephens is denied. Stephens is said to be receiving subscriptions from numerous circles. NEW YORK, MAT 24. Mr. Seward has delivered a speech at Auburn, in which he defended the course of the President res- pecting the recent vetoes. His plan of reconstruc- tion was theonly practical one yet suggested. Congress indiscriminately grouped loyal and disloyal by ex- cluding loyal Souther.4 representatives. The differences between the Executive and Congress were, he said, less serious than was supposed, and need not cause the disruption of the Republican party. The general tone of Mr. Seward's speech was mediatorial. The President and the members of the Cabinet were serenaded last night by the National Union Club. The President responded briefly, thanking the club for this demonstration of approval of hia conduct as a public servant. The day was not distant when the people would be satisfied that they were right. Mr. Stanton delivered a long speech, in which he said the President was cordially supported by the Cabinet. The New York Herald states that Chili, Per-a, Bolivia, and Ecuador are endeavouring to effect an alliance with Venezuela, in order to secure a base of operations from which they could invade Cuba. NEW YORK. MAY 25. Last evening btpphena addressed a mass meeting 01 Fenians at Brooklyn, and declared that unless Ireland was liberated the Irish race in a few years would be absorbed in this country and disappear from the earth.. He urged the reconciliation of the opposing circles preparatory to action, and declared 100,000 rifles safely into Ireland. Mr. Davis has been granted the freed,- ni of irorir._ss Monroe on parole. He has also beer, permittee' to have frequent private interviews with Messrs, nor and Shea; and it is rumoured that his trial will be postponed until August. t The Ohio Democratic Convention ha ■ passed resolu- tions endorsing the policy of the Pre;! ;er.t, fijad de- nouncing the conduct of the Senate, h. VallaE- dingbam made a speach declaring thh1 Joagrese was secretely conspiring to depose Prnaid^iB Johnaoa. THE BOMBARDMENT OF CALL REPULSE OF THE SPANISH FLr T NEW YC B MAT 24. Advioes received here from Callan "nounze that the Spanish fleet on the 2nd in starattempted to bombard Callao, but were repulsed <?$er a fight of four hours by the shore batteries. vc iron-clstdsi were disabled, and Admiral Nanez was wounded. The Peruvians lost 60 men killed, including- ths Sec- retary of War, and 120 wo ended. FLORENCE, 1. '< Letters received here from Peru to j 11 -Lth April announce that the Italian minister Z! JSupliorati had interposed his good offices b< ■ Admiral Nunez and the Peruvian Government On tiic depar- ture of the mail on the 28th April a ffaAorcuMUo result was expected from the negotiations. Letters from Italy mention that the flags of the vo- lunteers bear on one side the Roman sh'; w':J.f and 01. the other the lion of St. Mark. PROPOSED CONFERENCE, VIENNA, MAI 29, Austria accepts the invitation to attend tha Paris Conference. FLORENCE, Mas 29. Italy accepts the invitation to the Con- ference. She cannot suspend her arm>imen!.s, out she engages to make no attack during the Conference, THE CONFERENCE. The Times of Tuesday observes: — Is ia the deepest regret we announce that the hop's of settling by a Conference the disputes which now agitate Europe must be abandoned. The FrenA Goveinmeat has telegraphed to our own that, in 0 .msequonce the persistence of Austria in imposing condit-one which would make the discussions. t igatory, the Conference will not be held. It woul'?, indeed, e* a mockery to call together the representatives of th& Great Powers on terms which would necessarily in- volve their immediate separation. We fear, th-ar, that matters stand as they stood thre weeke since, aDd that it now reats with the armed Powers to com- pose their disputes by negotiation between them- selves, or to resort to the final arbitrament of war. We can oaly hope that the former counsel will prevail, but everything must now be done by the Powere themselves, for the functions of the neutra: States are at an end. ITALY. FLORENCE, May 29. To-day the King signed a decree for the formatior of 20 more battalions of volunteers and two battaiiens of Bersaglieri. FORCED LOAN IN VENETIA. VIENNa, Mat 30. An Imperial decree has been published this morning ordering a forced loan of 12 millions of florins in the Lombardo-VeBetian kingdom. The proclamation accompanying the decree rsates this measure to have been adopted in c onsequence of the low of the 5th inst., in reference to the Govern- ment currency being inoperative for Lombardo- Venetia, whioh must Bevertheless contribute towards the extraordinary necessities of the country. The payments of the loan are to be made in ailvfir or golo, in return for which the Government will ?,&r bonds of 100, 10. and 1 florins, bearing interest at ai:, per cent. The Committer for the Control of the l ablie Debt will control the issue of the bonds, w' oh' .e not to exceed the amount of twelve million nor THE WEST INDIES. The Seine, with the West India Ma arrived in Southampton on Wednesday, with int -auce from St. Thomas's to the 15th ult. The blockade of Valparaiso has been r 3' and the Spanish squadron under Admiral NUl, ia in the waters of Cttllao. A combat between ihe Spanish squadron and the Peruvian batteries defending Callao is considered unavoidable. Admiral N-ues hag de- clared that it is his intention to cornmen ) operations against the fortifications on the 1st c June. He further announces that the port ef Callro is declared to be blockaded, with six days' respite for nentfal vessels to leave the port with their cargoes. Business at Valparaiso was exceedingly limited being confined to the chartering of vessels. Great enthusiasm prevails in the army at Cailao, and the result of the Conference with Spain i; anxiously awaited. The Spanish fleet. off 'Jallao numbers ten vessels, 275 guns. In Ecuador large gold mines have been dir severed. Great enthusiasm prevails in the country rsr. account of the war against Spain. At Jamaica nothing important had occurred. Sir Henry Storks was expected to leave the island imme- diately after the arrival of his Excellency W..Ravreon. commander-in-chief of the Bahamas, who ia com- missioned to administer the Government of Jamaica for the present. Sir Henry Storks WEC, aoout tc proceed round the island ia a war vessel ■ -n a to inspection. The result of the commission is aniiously lovl 'A- >• by the colonists.

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