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STATIONS OF THE BRITISH ARMY. Corrected up to the 2nd of June, 1866; ] Where two places are mentioned, the last named is that at which the Depdfe of the Regiment is stationed.] CAVALRY. 1st Me Guards, Kegent's-park! 2nd do., Knightsbridge Royal Horse Guards, Windsor! 1st Dragoon Guards, on pas- sage home, Canterbury 2aa do., Muttra; Canterbury 3rd do., Ahmednuggur; Can- terbury 4th do., Cori Sth do., Dublin 6th do., Dublin 7th do., Benares; Canterbury] 1st Dragoons, Manchester 2nd do., Newbridge 3rd Hussars, Aldershott 4th do., Edinburgh 5th Lancers, Lncknow, Can- terbury 6th Dragoons, Mhow; Canter- bury 7th Hussars, Sealtote; Maid- stone 8th do., Aldershott 9th Lancers, Dundalk 10th Hussars, Dublin 11th do., Colchester 12th lancers, Cahir 13th Hussars, Yori 14th do., Hounslow 15th do., Aldershott 16thlancers, Bangalore; Can- terbury 17th do., Aldershott 18th Hussars, Secanderabad; Canterbury 19th do., Meerut; Canterbury 20th do., Kamilpore; Canter- bury 21st do., Umball¡¡,; Maidstone MILITARY TRAIF. Troops 1, Curragh is 2, Aldershott js 3, Cnrxagh 3, 4, Kensington 5, Woolwich 6, Dublin j, 7, Woolwich 8, Dublin 9, Woolwich 10, Aldershott „ 11, Aldershott 12, Aldershott 13, New Zealand 14, New Zealand „ 15, New Zealand 16, New Zealand 17, Alde-rshott 18, Woolwich 19, Portsmouth 20, Woolwich 21, Woolwich 22, Aldershott 23, Woolwich 24, Aldershott FOOT GUARDS. Grenadier Guards, 1st bat., St. George's Barraeks; 2nd bat., Wellington Barracks; 3rd bat., Windsor Coldstream Guards, 1st bat., Dublin; 2nd bat., Chelsea Seota Fusilier Guards, 1st bat., Wellington Barraeks; 2nd bat., the Tower IOTAMTBT. 1st Foot, 1st bat., Kamiee, Colchester; 2nd bat., Cork 2nd, 1st bat., Cork; 2nd bat., Bermuda, Chatham 3rd, 1st bat., Curragh; 2nd bat., Barbadoes, Mallingar 4th, 1st bat., Poonah, Chat-1 ham; 2nd bat., Halifax, Chat- ham 5th, 1st bt., Athlone; 2ndbt,, Cape, Walmer 6th, 1st bat., Jersey; 2nd bat., Jamaica, Colchester 7th, 1st bat., Saugor,Walmer; 2nd bat., Canada, Walmer 8th, 1st bat., Malta, Newry; 2nd bat., Malta, Newry 9th, 1st bat., The Cape, Pem- broke; 2nd bat., Hong Kong, Pembroke broke; 2nd bat., Hong Kong, Pembroke 10th, 1st bat., Cape, Chatham; 2nd bat., Bangalore, Chat- ham 11th, 1st bt., Fyzabad, Butte. vant; 2nd bat., China (for Cape); Buttevant 12th. 1st bat., New-Zealand, Chatham; 2nd bat., Seeta- pore, Chatham 13th, 1st bat., Devonport; 2nd bat., Mauritius, Newry 14th, 1st bat., Sheffield; 2nd but., New Zealand, Newry 15th, 1st bat., N. Brunswick, Chatham; 2nd bat., Gibral- tar, Chatham 16th, 1st bat., London, C. W. ;I Colchester; 2nd bat., Hali- fax Colchester 17th, 1st bat., Aldershott; 2nd bat., Halifax Mullingar 18th, 1st bat., Shornclifie; 2nd bat., New Zealand, Cur- ragh 19th, lstlJat., Peshawur Chatham; 2nd bat., Thyet- myoo; Chatham 20th, 1st bat., Calcutta, Chat i ham; 2nd bat., Japan Chatham 21st, 1st bat., Glasgow; 2nd bat., Secunderabad; Preston 22nd, 1st bat., New Bruns- wick, Parkhurst; 2nd bat., Mauritius; Pttrkhurst 23rd, 1st bat., Jubbulpore, Walmer; 2nd bat., Gibraltar, Walmer 24th, 1st bat., Curragh; 2nd bat., Rangoon, Buttevant 25th, 1st bat., Montreal, Pres- ton; 2nd bat.,Ceylon,Preston 26th, Bombay; Preston 27tb, Hazareebah; Buttevant 28th, Aldershott 29th, Malta; Chatham 30th, Montreal; Parkhurst 31st, Portsmouth 32nd, Gibraltar; Buttevant 33rd, Bombay; Belfast 34th, Morar; Colchester 35th, Mooltan; Chatham 36th, Shabjelianpore; Pem- broke |37th, Fermoy 38th, Subathoo; Colchester 39th, Manchester i40th, New Zealand; Chatham |41st, Agra; 42cd, Peshawur; Aberdeen 43rd, N Zealand; Winchester 44th, Dover 45th, Bombay; Parkhurst 46th, Lucknow; Pembroke 47th, Toronto; Pembroke !48th, Shorncliffe 49th, Bombay; Colchester 50th,NewZealand; Parkhurst 51st, Jullundur; Winchester 52nd, Aldershott 53rd, Waterford 54th, Gosport 55th, Lucknow; Preston 56tb, Portsmouth 57th, New Zeald.; Buttevant 58th, Benares; Pembroke 58th, Benares; Pembroke 59th, Birmingham 60th, 1st bat., Malta, Win- chester 2nd bat., Dublin 3rd bat., Madras; Winchstr. 4thbat.,Canada; Winchstr. 61st, Dublin 62nd, Gosport 63rd, Aldershott 64th, Templemore 65th, Devonport 66th, Aldershott 67ch, Cape; Belfast; 68th, on passage home from New Zealand; Preston 69th, Aldershott 70th, Shorncliffe 71st, Aldershott j 72nd, Edinburgh 1 73rd, limerick 74th, Dover 75th, Dublin 76th, Bellary; Belfast ]77th, Bareilly; Chatham 78th, Gibraltar; Stirling 79th,Rawul Pindee; Aberdeen 80th, on passage home; De- vonport 81st, Aldershott 82nd, Mean Meer; Colchester 83rd ,Cur-ragh i84th, Malta; Colchester j85th, Curragh 86th, Gibraltar; Newry 87th, Portsmouth 88th, Cawnpore; Curragh 89th, Aldershott 90th, Peshawur; PreSton 91st, Dum Dum; Aberdeen 92nd, Dublin 93rd, Sealkote; Stirling 94th, Umballa Chatham 95th, Kurrachee; Pembroke 96th, Bombay; Beltast 97th, Ferozepore; Colchester 98th, Delbi ? Colchester 99th, Cape; Buttevant 100th, Malta; Parkhurst 101st, Dugshaie; Walmer 102nd, Cannanore; Chatham W3rd, Neemuch; Colchester ^rkhurst P0re5 Parkhurst A Mullingar 'nhabad; Curragh ^eeunderabad; Curragh T> ■« ?» en; Buttevant brigade,1st bat., Quebec; Winchester bat., Meerut; Win- Q .tester bat., Rawul, Pindee; Winchester it bat., Canada Win. chester



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