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-=====:==--========-=- -=:- THE LATE AMENDMENT. The ignominious withdrawal of Captain Hayter's amendment on Monday night, and the ludicrous exhibition which followed it, are satirically com- mented upon by some of our London contem- poraries. According to the Times, everybody knew from the beginning what the result of the debate would be, and the proceedings might almost as well have gone on in dumb show. There can ()W be no question, adds our contemporary, but- that the critical relations between Austria, Prussia, Italy, and France saved the Ministry. As for the present scheme of reform, its defects have been for some time so patent to the world, that now the honour of the Government has been saved there can be no reason why it should longer continue to engage the attention of the House of Commons. The Daily News says the Government has defeated an amendment which, if it meant anything, meant a vote of want of confidence. So far as the Reform Bill is concerned, if the Government can be said to be on the way to victory, it is over a mined- causeway, against masked batteries, through a converging fire of ambushed enemies, and deserters in the ranks behind them. The Daily Telegraph says that now the Bill has passed safely into com- mittee the enfranchisement of the working classes is the central point, and there Mr. Gladstone said the Government was and would be immovable. The Herald observes that the Reform Bills have gone into committee, theres, to meet their doom. The Post anticipates a withdrawal of the Bills. The Star remarks on the abject confession of defeat shown by the retirement of. the Opposition from the risk of a division, and notices with satisfaction that with regard to the enfranchising clauses of the Bill, Ministers will continue to protect them with the full strength of the Admin- istration.- -Post.