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TUESDAY, JUNE 19TH, IS THE LAST DAY FOR TICKETS., 188S.—Thirteenth. Season. -1668. AET UNION OF GEEAT BRITAIN. ONE SHTLLHB PER SKASE.:&' 1 222,320 Tickets hare been sold in the twelve 9 previous drawings, and 13,802 PRIZES'dis- tributed, including 3,439 Paintings, in amonnts varying from 200 guineas downwards, being ONE PRIZE in each 88 Tickets. The DRAWING for PRIZES will take ON SATURDAY, JUNE 30TH, 1866. and will consist of upwards of TWELVE HUNDRED PRIZES. "THE OUTLAW'S WOOING"(] st Prize) Tkos. 50. "THE FISHERMAN'S R;TUR¡" ,(2ncl Prize) E. 1 10 "NEAU CAPSL GtXRi-3, N. Wales.(3rd Prise) Mrs. J. W. Brown. £ 84. MAKING FOR. PORT' (4th Prize) W. II. TVilliarnson.. ,£ï;3 lOs, In the Exhibition of Works of British Artists,. Manchester, and about 250 other Paintings, from £ 70 down. [Particulars in Prize Lists.] Tickets, ONE SHILLING each, entitling the holder to one chance in the drawing, may be had from the undermentioned Agent; or will be for- warded direct by the Secretary on receipt of enve- lope, (stamped and directed) together with postage stamps or post-office order for the number of Tickets required. JAMES G. LAW, Secretary, 39, Oxford-street, Manchester. LOCAL A.GENT MR. D. WILLIAMS, UsronTER" OFFICE. .7'^ _= £ jllEST BTSCil. j- ..JIIIS EUIE TaLTOEESB COSPS. I^RDEIIS for the Week ending JUNE lUth. Officer on duty—Lieutenant D. Evans. Orderly Sergeant—John Morgan. „ Corporal—James Morgan. Church Parade—Sunday 10th, at 10 a.m. Ball Practice every day, attended by a Non- commissioned officer. Registering—Monday and Thursday at 4 p.m., Saturday at 6 p.m. Battalion Match-at Crickhowell, on Monday next, Breconshire v. Herefordshire. The Band will play on the Captains' Walk twice a week during the Summer, commencing'Tuesday, 12th Jnne, By Order, PENRY LLOYD, Orderly Rooms, Watton, Capt. Commanding. Brecon, June 8tlr, 1866. Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junc- tion Railway Company. TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Spe- .1 cial General and Extraordinary Meetings of the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway Company, called for the 22nd inst., were adjourned to FRIDAY, the 29th day of JUNE, 1866, then to be held at the offices of the Company, No. 7, Bank Buildings, Lothbury, London, at half-past three o'clock in the afternoon. W. L. BANKS, Chairman. JOHN LLOYD, Sec. pro tem. Company's Offices, 30th May, 1866. t.