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The Reform Question.

--,-:--OUR MISCELLANY. ------



EXTRACTS FROM "PUNCH" & ,fFITS," Three Visions of One Head. She wore a wreath of roses The night that first we met; Her lovely face was smiling, Beneath her curls of jet. Her curls of jetty brightness, Were charmingly in tone, With the colour on her features, For the hue was Nature's own. I saw her but a moment, Yet methinks I see her now; With the hair that Nature gave her, Above her snowy brow. A head of Paris fashion When next we met, she wore; The expression of her features, Was sharper than before. And standing by her side was one, Who seemed to give her pain, As he rubbed the reddening fluid on What should have held a brain. I saw her but a moment, Yet methinks I see her now, With the barber's nasty liquid, Smeared on her snowy brow. And otlca again I met her, No radiant looks were there; An unmistaken wig she wore Instead of lovely hair. She weeps in silent solitude, Because she looks so queer! The barber's poison has destroyed Her hair from ear to ear. I saw her but a moment, Nor want to see her now, With those ugly proofs of folly, Above her snowy brow. Come Live with Me and be MyrsLove." Come live with me and be my love," It is not much that I can offer, But all that I possess, sweet dove, For your acceptance now I proffer: Of course you would not mind it, dear, My revenue is far from stately, Per annum just two hundred olear- My salary has risen lately. Come live with me "-in soma new home Built up with economic quickness, Where draughts and wiBdil can always come, With walls of mere brown paper thickness; Whose chimneys never cease to smoke, Whose pipes perpetually need mending—, With drains in chronic state of choke, With gas on which there's no depending I "Come live with me "-one common will Our mutual love shall order dcilv— That love which in December chill Shall warm our hearts like summer truly. Some Phyllis neat, if she be so- Shall love our needs to be supplying, Yet maids of all work-well we know!— Are sluttish, fond of stealing, lying! What, if sometimes our dinner's cold, Our meat is very far from tender, And painfully the fact we're told That after all our income's slender ? We still can love—oh! bliss to speak! Yet have I found, poor feeble sinnet: Our human nature is so weak, There is a great deal in a dinner Come live with me and be my love! My life 'tis true is rather shady, But while there is a sun above, Of course I still shall love you, lady! Still think of this, my gentle maid, If I'm not Plutus you're not Venug, But nothing that I now have said, Of course will interfere between us Aberg-eldie, ÂIR-H Roy's Wife." Wrang horse that Abergeldie! Wrang horse that Abergeldia! Wot ye hoo he lat in me ? Soarce ane of a' the lot excelled he. Wrang horse, &o. He looked a braw an' bonnie steed, I liked his name the best of ony; But, ah! Lord Lyon took the lead- He won the race-I lost my money. Wrang horse, &o. My beast was naewhere in the oourse, Sae mony heels in front beheld he. Wad I had backed the winning horse, Or ta'en the odds 'gainst Abergeldie! Wrang horse, &0- "Go Ye, and 'Don't' Do Likewise." (A hint to Dizzy and Co. for the next General Election. A bad precedent for sinning At Elections Epsom makes, When the Bribery Colt's near winning The thumping Derby stakes! A Musical Note. The individual who advertises in feho followingr man- ner clearly possesses the "full organa" of invention and impudence, if we may judge from the artfulness of his plan and the audacity of his announcement of it:— A PRIZE of £ 2 is offered for the beat Original Anthem for s. A. T. B. and full Organ. Enclose twelve stamps. Every composition must bear a motto, but no name. The successful motto will be announced in this paper. The copyright will belong to the prize-giver, Mr. U.B.- Pressure of business will prevent the adjudicators deciding before July. A good Pianoforte and Harmonium for Sale. It is notorious that whenever a prize is offered for a musical composition the competitors are very nu- merous, and our friend's spirited speculation is to make them find the money for the prize themselves — not to mention a possible small balance besides. More- over, he obtains, without expense, the copyright of the best piece submitted. What a" good pianoforte and harmonium for sale has to do with the competition we are at a loss to see, but we think every educated musician will agree with us that any one who counten- ances the scheme will richly deserve to be sold as well as the instruments in question.

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