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1 SPORTS AND PASTIMES. THE council of the National Rifle Association have offered prizes, open to all comers, for the best muzzle- loading and breech-loading rifles at 1,500 and 2,000 yards. The competition is to take place prior to the Wimbledon meeting, and most likely at the Milton range, near Gravesend, and facilities are to be given to competitors for previous practice. The prize of .£25 for muzzle-loaders is open to rifles of a maximum weight of 151b., with or without telescope, the weight of the telescope not included in the weight of the rifle, and the distance is 2,000 yards, at a target 18ft. by 24ft. The number of shots allowed is 20, with five sighting shots, and the entrance fee is £ 1. The breech-loader competition is for zC25, at 1,500 yards, is open to any arm of this character of a maximum weight of 121b., with the same rule regarding tele- scopes as in the muzzle-loading competition. A TRIAL of skill between female acrobats is the latest metropolitan novelty proposed. THERE is to be a grand field day of the Kent Volun- teer battalions, with probably some metropolitan corps, and the regulars on Woolwich-common, before the lord-lieutenant of the county, Viscount Sydney, on Saturday, the 30th June. THE committee of the Royal Thames Yacht Club have awarded the .£50 prize in the late ocean yacht race to Mr. H. Maudslay's vessel, the Sphinx, holding the Christabel to be disqualified by not having gone round the North Sand Head lightship. THE twenty-seventh annual meeting of the Thames Angling Preservation Society was held on Friday at the London Tavern; Mr. Samuel Whitbread, M.P., in the chair. The report of the sub-committee of pisci- culture stated that the young fry removed from the apparatus at Hampton to the receiving ponds at Sun- bury amounted to:—Salmon, 14,500; salmon trout, 910; Great Lake trout, 350; common trout, 20,720; eharr, ombre, chevalier, 1,300; and in addition to these 1,000 Great Lake trout have been sent to the royal lake at Windsor, making an aggregrate of 38,780. THE concert of Saturday morning at the Crystal Palace was one of the best and most attractive of the series. It was enriched by the magnificent singing of Titiens and Mongini. The former gave the celebrated monologue from Mendelssohn's unfinished posthumous opera, Lorelei, which she delivered with marvellous power, both dramatic and vocal. She also sang Home, sweet home," most deliciously, and was loudly encored. Signor Mongini sang "Ah, se ben mio," from the Trovatore, and "La donna h mobile," from Rigoletto, and was encored in both. The other singers were Madame Meric-Lablache, Signor Verger, and Signor Scalese; and Mr. Alfred Jaell played a brilliant solo on the pianoforte. The attractions of the concert were heightened by the beauty of the weather. NUMEROUS members of the Aristocratic Pigeon Shooting Club met on Saturday at the Old Welsh Harp-grounds, Hendon, to shoot off the Derby handi- cap-six birds each—the conditions being as follows: —Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, 1ft.; for peers, members of Parliament, officers in the army and navy on full pay, members of White's, Brook's, Boodle's, Arthur's, Guards', Carlton, Junior Carlton, Travellers' Senior and Junior United Service, Army and Navy, New Army and Navy, East India United Service, Kildare-street Club, Dublin, Arlington, St. James's Union, Windham, Pratt's, Egerton Pratt's, New Club at Edinburgh, certain Paris Clubs, and all the Jockey Clubs of Europe and America. Guns of 11-bore or less; charge, ljoz. of shot. Gentlemen shooting with less to go in at the rate of half a yard for every gth of shot less than It. All to load from the same 9 bowls, and all cartridges to be shown to the handi- capper before shooting. No wire cartridges allowed. Baroer to find birds, and pull. New rules to be strictly enforced. Mr. Frank Heathoote handioapper and referee; his decision to be final. 43 members com- peted for the prizes, and about as many more declared forfeit. The contest ended by the following four gentlemen killing all their six birds-as there were four prizes to be given they had to compete for first prize, and the annexed ia the result:—Captain de Winton (the first prize of £ 135), 1111111; the Hon. Captain Edwardes (second prize of .£60), 1 0 1 1 1 1 1; Mr. W. E. Oakley (third prize of £35), 1 0 1 1 1 1 0; Mr. H. Rudd (fourth prize of £ 10), 0.



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