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BAND OF HOPE CONCERT. The above Concert came off on Tuesday night last at the Town Hall, in this town, and, as usual with the3e concerts, the hall, long before the time appointed for commencing, was actually crowded to excess. We have not for a long time seen our old hall so full and so cheerful. On the platform were the members of the Band of Hope, about one hundred in number, with their happy countenances beaming with delight. The room had been taste- fully decorated with evergreens and flags, bearing mottoes well adapted for the occasion. Amongst those present we noticed -Earl Brecknock, the Rev. T. B. Hosken, Captain Brereton and family, Mrs. De Winton and Miss Elmslie, the Misses Powell, the Misses Bishop, Miss Hughes, Thomas Frater, Esq., and family, Mordecai Jones, Esq., &c. The programme was well selected, and consisted of some popular pieces, which reflected much credit on the arrangements of the Rev. H. Griffiths. The Prince of Wales' Cantata called forth well merited applause from the audience, who appeared delighted with the members', &c., singing. The Fire Brigade" was admirably sung by the children; indeed, if we had not been there and heard them, we would have doubted children so young being able to attain such proficiency. (We were also greatly pleased with the string band, under the able management of our fellow- townsman, Mr. Bell, of whose musical talents and abilities we have reason to be proud. The great attractions of the evening were Miss Evans, of Llandovery, and the Rev. T. Lodwick, of Haverfordwest, of whom we cannot speak too highly. Miss Evans has never before favoured a Brecon audience with her melodious singing, and we care not how soon we shall again have the pleasure of seeing her amongst us. She was several times en- cored, and again favoured the audience with some- Welsh airs, which she sang with great effect. Hqjt voice surpasses many we have heard in our hall for omo time. The Rev. Henry Griffiths, at the close, thanked the audience for their attendance there that even- ing, and also thanked those young ladies and gen- tlemen who had so kindly come forward to assist himself and the children in getting up that concert, especially Mr. Bell and his staff for the great assist- ance they rendered. For the trouble Mr. Griffiths has taken with the children, he deserves our best thanks. Those that know anything of children must confess that he has had a deal of tedious labour, and must have sacrificed much of his valuable time in teaching them the Prince of Wales' Cantata and the other different pieces sung by them that night. Although there was- no- vote of thanks proposed, it must be very gratifying for him to see, by the attendance there that evening, that the public fully appreciated his endeavours to do good; and we should have only been too glad to be able to state that other ministers, &c., gave him a helping hand. "Unity is strength."





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