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ACTION FOR LIBELLING BR. BUNTEE. In the Court of Queen's Bench, last week, .an action for libel brought by Dr. Hunter against the printer of ta Pali-mall Gazette came oa. Mr. Hume WilliaQlS ap Lied for a rule, calling upon the defendant to show cause why the second plea of justification should not be struok out, or, if retained, why he should not furnish the plaintiff with particulars to be relied upon. The article in question appeared after the proceedings against Dr. Hunter, at the Marylebone Police-court, for an indecent assault on Mrs. Merrick, a married woman. The libel in question, it was contended by the plaintiff's counsel, referred to medical quacks and scoundrels, and stated that medical men passing thefflf selves off in this country with foreign degrees was like passing base coin; that the plaintiff was an impostor and duped his patients, and that the proceedings in the police-court had revealed the esistenae of the ramifications of this detestable system. The article in question, it was contended, made aeveral imputations against Dr. Hunter. He was charged with being a iinpostor, assuming to have a foreign degree of M.B., to which he was not entitled.—The Lord Chief Justice said it appeared to him, from the reading of the article by the learned counsel, that it was a com. naeat upon allowing persons in this country to uge foreign degrees. That was-a matter for fair oommeufc. upon which the writer might entertain a very honest: opinion. Mr. Williams said that the reference in the libel to the existence of certain ramifications alluded tQ the proceedings in the police-court. The Lord Chief Justice said if that were so) and he was trying the case, he should adjourn it, to allow the plaintiff to rebut the defendant's evidence. What he understood the article: to mean was that Dr. Hunter professed in his, adver- t s ments to care consumption by a mode of treatment wju. oh he had discovered, and which he exclusively possessed; bat that after patients had gong to him and paid him large fees, they found they had been duped, and that many were induced to sro to him under the impression that he possessed an English de- gree, when in fact he had not one. Mr. Justice Lush thought the ramifications applied to the system of ad* vartising, in which he was supported fey Mr. Justice Blackburn. Mr, H. Williams said plaintiff wani^ particular3 of the general allegations from tag j as article made no specific charge, ta# Lord Chiaf Justice thought it was a casein which pay-. ticularg could not be given. The plaintiff knew the- substance of the charge, and he must be prepared to meet it by showing the numerous cures he had effected. Mr. Justice Lush said the libel did not apply to tha criminal proceedings- -IZRIE refused.