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SPORTS AND PASTIMES --+-- THE INTERNATIONAL HORTICULTURAL EXHIBI- TION of 1866 will take place on the site of the Great Exhibition of 1862, the sanction of her Majesty's First Commissioner of Works having been obtained to apply the central portion of the space opposite the First Commissioner of Works having been obtained to apply the central portion of the space opposite the southern entrance to the Horticultural Garden to this purpose. The building which it is proposed to erect (says the Gardeners' Chronicle) will cover an area of about three acres, which will be laid out in the form of an ornamental garden, the old-fashioned formal stages and tabling being entirely dispensed with. From this building there will be free access to and from the Horticultural Garden. THE SPAWNING SEASON IN SCOTLAND. — The number of salmon that have as yet ascended this [season at Innerleithen has been smaller than for many years. In the early part of the season the fish had no opportunity, from the smallness of the river; but even since the floods came the shoals that have made their way upward have been small. With the floods of last week there have been some new arrivals, and several large fish have been seen lying at the sides of the river, in a sick state but the water has not yet sufficiently subsided to enable anything like a correct estimate of the extent of the arrivals to be formed. Sea trouts have this year been exceedingly scarce. SALMON AND TROUT OVA FOR AUSTRALIA.—Ac- tive preparations are being made for the dispatch of another consignment of salmon and trout eva to Aus- tralia and as the management of the affair has been placed in the hands of the gentleman to whose as- siduity, perseverance, and ingenuity the previous suc- cessful experiment was entirely due, we have little fear for the results on this occasion. The quantities, which it is hoped will amount to 100,000 salmon ova, several thousand trout ova, as well as some charr and salmoa trout, will be dispatched by the Lincolnshire, belonging to Messrs. Wigram and Sons, on board which vessel an ice-house, holding upwards of thirty tons and other requisites for the safe passage of this valuable consignment are being completed. The neces- sary permissions having been obtained, men are already engaged in several parts of the country in pro- curing spawning fish, and we trust that they will sue. ceed in doing so in ample time before the departure of the vessel towards the end of the present month. ON Saturday evening a special tea party and soirde was given at the Egyptian-hall, Piccadilly, by Lady Chang," the wife of the Fychow Giant, who under- took on the occasion to appear in European costume, as well as in that of his native country. The invita- tion, although written by Chang on behalf of his wife in choice Chinese, being translated into English reads thus: We have not chin-chinne the good and generous-hearted people of England for now three moons in vain. We have made many friends, and experienced many Kindnesses. We deem it now time that we break through the mere outward and cold form of respect, and offer with our hand the tokens of good wish and wel- come. The cup of real pure Chinese tea (as to our visitors in our own Eastern home)—forgive the bold- ness of my invitation! King Foe, wife of his highness Chang. Woo-Gow.-Egyptain Hall, 1st moon, year 1866. English date." In obedience to this invitation a goodly company assembled, and Madame Chang and her attendants were exceedingly gracious in pouring out into divers little China caps, from equally nice. looking China teapots, small draughts of that beverage which cheers but not inebriates," and which was ex- pected to be taken in its primitive state (without milk or sugar). The tea party over, the soirSe oommenced by Madame cordially shaking hands with the guests, a similar markofrespectandcordialitybeingsubseqnently ,subsequently paid to each visitor by Chang himself, and the facetious little dwarf" Chung Mow." The giant then appeared in European costume, a black surtout coat, vest and light-coloured trowsers, with the veritable English hat, and again descended amongst the audience to shake hands in true John Bull fashion. In this costume we thought we detected that weakness at the kaee joints which has already been described as existing in his rival "Anak," and which is generally known as the defect amongst people of gigantic stature. The lecture was interspersed with some comic Chinese songs, rendered into English by Mr. G. A. Cooper.

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