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TO rlIE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF BRECKNOCK AND THE TOWN OF LLYWEL. GENTLEMEN, It is now Three Months since I last addressed you, and the time is drawing near when you will be called upon to elect your Representative in Parliament. The death of Lord Palmerston, who for so many years conducted the affairs of this Country, is felt by all as a national loss. Lord Russell has been called upon to lead the Liberal Party, and a Reform Bill will be brought forward under his auspices. I am in favour of a considerable extension of the Electoral Franchise, and wish to see a better representation of the edu- cated and working classes without pledging my- self to the details of a measure not yet before the public, my support will be given to the principle of any Reform Bill which shall command the ge- neral approval of the Liberal party. I shall be ready to lend my aid in favour of the abolition of Church Rates, being desirous of deal- ing justly with those who dissent from the Estab- lished Church, and having no fear that she will suffer by such a measure. I need hardly repeat that I shall give a firm told independent support to a Liberal Government. The very kind reception I have met with, and the distinct promises I have received, leave me no doubt that you will return me your Member. I have the honour to be, GENTLEMEN, Your obedient Servant, BRECKNOCK. Brecknock, January 8th, 1866. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF BRECON AND TOWN OF LLYWELL. GENTLEMEN, Solicitous as I am for the honor of represen- ting you in Parliament, my respect for your feelings on the loss of your late lamented Member has hitherto commanded my silence. My political principles are, I have no doubt ■^ell known to you all as being Conservative and ^dependent. I consider the very essence of the reed of the Conservative to be, the use of the pruning Knife, carefully to cut off every proved aQd acknowledged abuse, and to aim at progress and improvement. Though firmly attached to the Established nurch, I nevertheless deeply respect the convic- t°n of those who honestly differ from me in their views, and I shall therefore support any ■Measure that will relieve those who entertain con- scruples from any longer paying Church ■Hates. T Believing the Income Tax to be inquisitorial, am opposed to its continuance, and think it Ought only to be used as a temporary resource in castS of War or any great financial embarrassment of the Country. I consider the Ballot to be incon- sistent with the spirit of the English constitution, and am convinced it would not prove any real advantage or safeguard to the Voter. I am no stranger to your ancient Borough and County, with "^hich my Family has been connected for many Cnturies, and I should indeed feel proud and gra- I tified if the connection were cemented by my k ^coming your Representative in the House of Commons. You may depend, in such an event, I ^Pon my best exertions being used to promote in | «very way the welfare of your Borough, as well as of the Country at large. I have the honor to remain, I GENTLEMEN, f *r Your Faithful Servant, tth 1865 HOWEL GWYN. Tut T0 THE I ANBEELECTORS THE I BOROUGH OF BRECON | TOWN OF LLYWELL. I ^NTLEMEN, I you h ^ter Tery ^anUer jn /°u have received me, I should m t f i were I not to embrace importunity of returning you my most sincere and e9,ttfelt thanks. i The success I have met with far exceeds my j: T°st sanguine expectations, and I entertain no v when my canvass is complete, that I shall j •1a decided majority of votes in my favour, and i 1n. this belief I subscribe myself, I Your most obliged and grateful Servant, k HOWEL GWYN. ^econ, October 9th, 1865. SlEOTOCK COUNTY & BOROUGH t GENERAL INFIRMARY. NOTICE. 7>HE GENERAL ANNUAL MEETING of the t Subscribers to this Institution, will be held the Infimary, on TUESDAY, the 30th day of JAN UARY, 1866, at Twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of choosing a Committee of Management for the ensuing year, filling up vacancies, settling Accounts, &c. J 'GABRIEL W. POWELL, I- Secretary, Secretary, d¡¡i NORTH AND SOUTH WALES COAL AND LIME COMPANY, LIMITED. IT!HE above Company having taken to the TYLERYBONT LIME WORKS, respectfully inform the Public generally and Traders, that all orders for Lime on and after January 1st, 1866, must be sent to the Offices of the North and South Wales Coal and Lime Company, High Street Brecon. T- A. JEBB, December 30th, 1865. ivanagei-, Southern Division. SPECIAL NOTICE. TO THE GENTLEMEN OF BRECON AND SURROUNDING NEIGHBOURHOOD THE Cheapest and only House where the newest and most fashionable French Silk, Velvet Nap, Grease Proof, and Self Adjusting HAT can be obtained, is at .T. M 0 P, (3 -A- I AND OCTS., TOP OF SHIP STREET. 10s, 6d., 12s., 14s. The above Hats are delightful and easy for the fore- head, and warranted to give every satisfaction to the purchaser. TO THE E L E C T 0 R S AND NON-ELBOTOES OF THE BOROUGH OF BRECON AND TOWN OF LLYWEL. GENTLEMEN, The pleasing manner in which you re- ceived me on a former occasion has tempted me again to offer my services to your notice. "The addresses of the Two Candidates already in t^e Field, require reviewing:— »■ Howel Gwyn, Esquire, is a pure Independent Conservative, willing to support any Measure to relieve those (who honestly differ from him m their religious views,) from paying Church, con- sidering the Ballot inconsistent witlf the '■ pure spirit of Englishmen, we need not expect him to vote for the extension of the Fran,chse. the Earl of Brecknock, from his name and con- nection with your Ancient Borough, has a claim for your support. His political opinions being ad- verse to those of our late lamented Member, will neutralize that claim. The line of policy expressed by the above-named Candidates, my humble opinion is, that they are not liberal enough for the Electors and Non-Elec- tors of this Borough. The special point I wish to bring before you is, that I am prepared to be more liberal, having been fortunate enough to take advantage of the Markets which enables me to offer you a superb lot of WINTER CLOTHING on the most liberal terms so that one and all shall exclaim Phipps for Brecknock." I am, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, H. PHIPPS. Red House, High Street, Brecon, October 30th, 1865. WHITTIIGTON LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 100,000, With power to increase to One Million. (Established 1855.) ALL kinds of Life Assurances effected. Immediate and deferred Annuities. Term Assurances. Invalid lives assured on equitable terms. Free policies to those who cannot continue their payments after 5 years. Low rates and liberal Bonuses. For particulars and prospectuses apply to the Agents. AGENT AT BRECON Mr. Williams, chemist, High Street. LLANGYNIDER Rev. F. Evans. Manager for South Wales-J. Bailey, Stuart Hall, Cardiff. COMMITTEE OF REFERENCE FOR SOUTH WALES. David Joseph, Esq', Ely Rise, Chairman. Rev. T. Price, M.A., Ph.D., Aberdare. Rev. r. Rees, D'D., Swansea. Rev. C. Short, M.A., Swansea. John Carr, Esq., Cardiff. Richard Cory, Jun., Esq., Cardiff. VALE OF CRICKHOWELL RAIL- WAY COMPANY NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the FOURTH ORDINARY HALF-YEARLY MEETING of the Shareholders of this Company, will be held at the Company's Office in High Street, Crickhowell, on FRIDAY, the 9th day of February, 1866, at two o'clock in the afternoon. Dated this 9th day of January, 1866. E. J. C. DAVIES, Secretary to the Company. a <Vrfatls^er B°°k8 the Company will be c os* ^Friday, the 26th of January, to Friday, thejd^jHro^ 1866j iDclusire. ■ J' [A CARD.] W KING, C°ACH MAKER, Lion Street, and Saiut Michael Street; Brecon. Repairs neatly executed at moderate charges. PERAMBULATORS REPAIRED AND MADE TO ORDER. IF you want a. GLASS OF GOOD HOME- BREWED BEER, go to the NEW BUCK, LLANJ-AES, BRECON. KBENIOK'S VEGETABLE PILLS, Without a particle of Mercury, Antimony, or other piineral ingredient, require no confinement in- doors, nor any special rules with regard to diet, liheir operation having a strengthening tendency, and recommended for HEAD-ACHE, BILIOUS COMPLAINTS, AND ALL DISORDERS OF THE HEAD AND STOMACH. IMPORTANT MEDICAL TESTIMONY. COLERIDGE HOUSE, SWANSEA, Jan. 18, 1864. m have examined the Pills which go under the name of "KERNICK'S PILLS," and I know their composition. I have also tested their effects. I can truly certify as to the absence of all mineral or injurious ingredients and I can safely recom- mend them as one of the best aperient Pills for ordinary use in constipated habits that I know. JOHN BALBIBNIB, M.A.M.D. BRISTOL, September, 1862. Sir,—After trying many doctors for the Liver Complaint, and all of them failing to do me any good, I took one box of your Pills, and to my astonishment found instant relief, and before the second box was consumed was entirely cured. RICHARD REES, The. celebrated Cheap John. THESE INVALUABLE PILLS ARE PREPARED. ONLY BY S. P. KERNICK, 23, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF. May be obtained through any Chemist, or his ap- pointed Agents, in Boxes at Is. lid. and 7-id. each. WHOLESALE AGENTS, LONDON BARCLAY & SONS. LOCAL AGENTS: Trecastle, Mr. Watkins, Manchester House; Brecon, Mr. Jones, Stpne-cutter; Llanfaes, and Mr. W. Evans, Gunsmith Crickhowell, Mr. Cristopher, Chemist. Nor THOUSANDS NOW USE Johnson, Johnson&Co's tfPURE TEA Because it is better in quality than all others The Prices are all now reduced EIGHT-PENCE PER POUND. Former price 3/4, Reduced to 2/8 Former price 3/8, Reduced to 3/. Former price 4/ Reduced to 3/4 Former price 4/4, Reduced to 3/8 Former price 4/8, Reduced to 4/. JbgflP* See that the name of Johnson,Johnson&Co is on each Packet. (Sold in Packets by Agents in every Town. LOCAL AGENTS. Brecon-Hall, Chemist, High Street. Aberdare-Thomas, Chemist. Aberavon—Jones, Printer. Abersychan—Martin, Post Office. Bridgend—Jones, Chemist. Brynmawr—Jones, Stationer. Cardiff-Drane, 11 Bute Street. Dowlais—Lewis, Chemist. Eardisley-Harper, Post Office. Hay- Watkifts, Post Office. Llanelly- Morgan Griffiths. Merthyr-Lewis, Chemist, George Town. Mountain Ash—Thomas, Chemist. Newport-Thomas, 170 and 129 Commercial Street. Nantyglo-Allen, Post Office. Pontypool—Edwards, Printer. Pontardawe—Evans, Post Office. Porthcawle—Jones, Chemist. Swansea—Andrew, 14 Castle Square. „ Thomas 65 Oxford Square. Tredegar—Crowe, Post Office. Ystalyfera—Davies, Bookseller. WHOLESALE WAREHOUSC, 17 BLOMFIELD ST. CITY. iwjohr-,sioti,jolttlson & CdS PURE UNCDLOURED TEA Is now preferred to all others, Seld in Packets by Agents m tvery Tomu SOLE AGENT IN BRECON, HALL, CHEMIST, High Street. BOROUGH OF BRECON. CATTLE PLAC U E. T the undersigned, JOHN PROTHERO, Mayor -9 of the said Borough, being the duly constitu- ted Local Authority, do hereby, in pursuance of an Order of Her Majesty's Privy Council, dated the 23rd day of November, 1865, give NOTICE and declare that it is expedient, until the 1st day of March next, that no Cow, Heifer, Bull, Bullock, Ox, or Calf, Shall (except as hereinafter mentioned) be brought from any other part of Great Britain into anyplace within the said Borough: Provided, nevertheless, that notwithstanding this Notice, it shall be lawful for any Butcher or Slaughterman to bring into the said Borough any such animal as above-named, if the same shall be actually killed within 48 hours after it shall have been so brought into the said Borough, and shall not have been brought out of or from any herd or homestead where the Cattle Plague exists. And I further give Notice that any person who shall, before the 1st day of March next, bring or send any such animal from any other part of Great Britain into any place within the said Borough, (except as aforesaid) will render himself liable, for every such offence, to the PENALTY OF TWENTY POUNDS. Dated this 5th day of January, 1866. JOHN PROTHERO, Mayor. :J¡RECON NEW WATERWORKS. loans on Mortgage Debentures. rpHE LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH of the Borough of Brecon, hereby give NOTICE, that they are prepared to receive proposals for Loans bearing interest at X5 per cent. per annum, payable half-yearly, on the security of Mortgage, of the General District Rates of the said Boroughs granted under the sanction and authority of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Depart- ment. Communications to be addressed to the under- signed, at the office of the Board, Struet, Brecon. By order, STEPHEN BOWEN EVANS, Clerk to the Board. Brecon, 22nd Nov., 1865. BRISTOL PAC K ET COMPANY. JOHN PROTHERO Respectfully informs the inhabitants of the Town of Brecon and neighbourhood, that he has just taken to the old established and well conducted Carrying Business of the late Mr. W. Thomas, and that all goods intended for conveyance by his Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention. All goods to be conveyed by Prothero's Boats, from London, per Great Western & South Wales 'Railway" Newport, from Liverpool, Manchester Birmingham, and from the North of England, per "London and North Western" to Newport, thence per PROTHERO'S BOATS, and all goods from Bristol, per "Burton's Bristol Packet." Goods carried and delivered with care and at moderate charges. iW No more complaints of delay in delivering goods.—Prothero's Boats will wait the arrival of the Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Brecon three times a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., 1863. Castle of Brecon Hotel Co., Limited. TO BUTCHERS. PERSONS desirous of tendering for supplying the Castle Hotel with Meat for the year 1866,1 are requested to send tenders on or before Friday, the 26th inst. Particulars may be had from the undersigned at the Hotel. JOSEPH BATES, 12th Jan., 1866. Manager. General PRINTING & STATIONERY @a[!)a {!iffiijJa "REPORTER OFFICE," BULWARK, BRECON. DAVID WILLIAMS TDEGS respectfully to inform his friends and the public generally, that he has now in STOCK, a great variety of STATIONERY GOODS, which will be found cheaper than any yet offered to the public of this Town and neighbourhood, and for quality will bear auy comparison, it being his anxious wish to supply articles at once reasonable THE STOCK includes Printing, Writing, and Note Papers in great variety, Cartridge and Bill Papers, Tissues of nearly every shade, Blotting Papers and Pads Black, Blue, and Red Inks; Steel Pens and Pen-holders in great variety, Quill Pens, Black-lead '7 pencils, propelling and In wood, Sealing Wax, Ink- stands, India Rubber, Elastic Bands a large and suitable collection of Tovs in and out of Boxes ONE PENNY BOTTLES OF GUM, an article required and used by everybody. Note Paper from Hd. per quire to 6d. per quire. Envelopes from l|d. per packet to 2s. per packet Mourning Note Paper and Envelopes. Memorandum Books, Account Books, Metalic and Pocket Books, Purses, &c., &c.