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I SPECIAL NOTICE. TO THE GENTLEMEN OF BRECON AND SURROUNDING NEIGHBOURHOOD. THE Cheapest and only Hoase where the newest and most fashionable French Bilk, Velvet Nap, Grease Proof, and Self Adjusting, HAT can be obtained, is at ,T.-MOEGAN OO'S., „ TOP OF SHIP STREET. 10s. Stf 12s., 14s. The above Hats are delightful and easy for the fore- heail, and warranted to give every satisfaction to the purchaser. HOW I MAKE ■ 4K TO <' j MONEY. W investing your purchase capital at HENRY PHIPPS'Sy Clieip Clothing Establishment, Red House, High Street* Brecon, where Hats, Caps, Co?# Vests, Trousers, Leather Leggings, S&te-Braces, &c., are kept in endless variety. Annexed lr a list of prices, which will convey to v yu the great interest you will obtain by depositing your ^sh at this NEW and CHEAP SHOP. Cte trial will prove this important fact. Jb s. d. Iven's good Overcoats. 0 8 11 ThysDitto 0 5 11 1 ft en's Cloth Vests 0 2 • V feys Ditto 0 V. 3 Sen's Cloth Trousers 0 6 11 > 4 <b s. a. j Boys Ckith Trousers 0 '4 3 Men's and Boys Caps, from 0 0 3 Silk Ties 0 0 3 Scarfs 0 0 5 Leather Leggings 20d. to 0 3 6 TAKE NOTICE—This large stock cannot be sold except for ready money, and no abatement T 0 W A L L, BRECON. V 5 IVXISS EDMONDS1 WILL give a GRAN# EVENING CONCERT at the above Hall, on MONDAY, September 18th, 1865, wfcn she will be assisted by Ma. MONTEM SMITH and othei' London Artistes. Concert to comn^ce at Eight. Reserved Seats, 3s.; ,Second do., Is. and Qd. Gallery, Is.. FURTHER PARTICULARS NEXT WEEK. "Brecknockshire CULTURAL SOCIETY. ^ion!l01Cmfcci President for 1865, he tcwi.oXJISrT HEREFORD. en^-el^ rpKE Annual Meeting and Show will take place J- at Brecon, on WEDNESDAY, the 20th of Siptember, 1865. Entries for Stock will close otv Saturday, the 9h of September, Brecon Fair-day. All further iiformation may be had from the Secretary, ? RtCHARD HA bcietys BRECON races, SOUTH WALES, MONDAY and TUESDAY, 18th and 19th SEPTEMBER, 1865. STEvJARDS:" x THE EARL OF COVENTRY. HON. G. C. MORGAN, M.P. WALTER DE WINTON, Esq. /~|N which occasion the ORDINARY will be \3 held as usual oil the -First day, and the B A.LL on the evening of the Second day, at the CASTLE OF BRECON HOTEL. Further t^articulcirTS in future advertisements, JOSEPH BATES, v Manager, i FOR HA i ;i< f A F<»»r-wheeled Dog-cart a Useftil Mare, and J.Y. Harness. Apply at the office of this paper. General PEHTIiGr & STATIONERY "REPORTER OFFICE." I BULWARK, BEECON. jy DAvtD WILLIAMS BEGS respectfully to inform his friends and the public generate, that he has now in STOCK, a t eat variety of STATIONERY GOODS, which Will ie found cheape. than £ yet offered to the puhHc o th, Town anc.nei hbourhood) and for quality will beat auy compa w it beintf his anxiou* wish to supply articles a once reaso°able THE STOCK incudes Printing, W 4FCIN~ an<1 Note Papers in great variety, Cartridge am BiU Paoeis Tissues of nearly every shatie, Blotting^" Pads; BUck, Blue, and Red jnks; Steei^ ^d Pefn-holdfetS' m great variety, Quill pens B £ "s ,3 Vencils, profiling and in wood, Sealing Wax Tr,t itands, India Rubber, Elastic Bands;a large suitable collection of Tovs in and out, of Boxb ONE PENNY BOTTLES OF GITIQ an artier, squired and naed by everybody. Note Paper from lid. per quire to 6d. per qu}re_ Envelope* from l^djper packet to 2s. per jacket! Mourning Note Paper and Envelopes. i' ijiii! printing department. attention of the ^ciliti^s Counfcy generally, to the °*tent in P,;° .-eXe-CUt,1,ng orders to any with PfintlnS10aI*lfcsdepartments, R accil*ftcy, aud despatch. f TO BE LET, BOL-Y-MAEN FARM, six miles from the Town of Brecon, in the parish of Llanvihangel- Nantbrane, in the county of Brecon, containing 77 y r, acres and 17 perches of Arable, Pasture, and Mea- dow land, with an extensive right of common adjoining the Farm. A term of years can be obtained. Further particulars can be had, on applying to MR. DOUTHWAITE, No. 11, Merthyr Road, Aber- gavenny. 4.'l14i'u.8t 7thy KEENIOK'S, VECETABLE PILLS, Without a particle of Mercury, Antimony, or other mineral ingredient, -require no confinement in- doors, nor any special rules with regard to diet, their operation having a strengthening tendency, and recommended for HEAD-ACHE, BILIOUS COMPLAINTS, AND ALL DISORDERS OF THE HEAD AND STOMACH. IMPORTANT MEDICAL TESTIMONY. COLEUNXJG HOUSE, SWANSEA, Jan. 18, 1864 I have examined the Pills which go under the name of KERNICK'S PILLS," and I know their composition. I have also tested their effects. I can truly certify as to the absence of -all mineral or injurious ingredients and I can safely recom- mend them as one of the best aperient Pills for ordinary use in constipated habits that I know. JOHN BALBIRNIE, M.A. M.D. BRISTOL, September, 1862. trying many doctors for the Liver ijomp aint, and all of them failing to do me any good, 1 took one box of your Pills, and to my astonishment found instant relief, and before the astonishment found instant relief, and before the second box was consumed was entirely cured. RICHARD REES, The celebrated Cheap John. THESE INVALUABLE PILLS ARE PREPARED ONLY BY S.P. KERNICK, 23, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF. May be obtained through any Chemist, or his ap- pointed Agents, in Boxes at Is. l|d. and 7|d. each. WHOLESALE AGENTS, LONDON BARCLAY & SONS. LOCAL AGENTS: Trecastle, Mr. Watkins, Manchester House; Brecon, Mr. Jones, Stone-cutter; Llanfaes, and Mf. W. Evans, Gunsmith; Crickhowell, Mr. Cristopher, Chemist. BRISTOL PACKrzT COMPANY. V j o mr :>BOTHEBOi Respectful y ti ot the of Brecon and neighbomh^ th4t he Has just tKken to t e lishe« aaa we]j conducted Carrying Business of the late Mr. W. Thomas, and that itll goods intended for conveyance by his Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention. All goods to be conveyed by Prothero's Boats, J^m London, per Great Western & South Wales Way Newport, from Liverpool, Manchester BIRM.wyham, and from the North of England, per Loncr^ an<i North Western" to Newport, thence per -F^OA 'ERo's BOATS, and all goods from Bristol. Pe^Mfc^'8 Bristol Packet." n^>re complaints of delay in delivering gooffe.-—Proth^o'g Boats will wait the arrival of; the Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Bre^n thfee tinres a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., Uea. 't 11 ¡ .BREOÔN RAGES, 18th and 19th September, 1865. FIRST DAY. THE BEAUFORT STAKES. A Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. each, h.ft., with 50 sovs. added by His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, for two-year-olds.— Colts 8st. 10lb. Fillies, 8st. 71bs.—Winners once, 31b.; twjsce, 51b.; thrice or more, 81b extra. Those got by untried stallions or out of untried mares, allowed 31b, but only one allowance. Three quar- ters of a mile. Closed with 19 subscribers. The SECOND Year of the FIRST BRECON BIENNIAL STAKES, of 10 sovs. each, with 40 sovs. added, for foals of 1862, now three years old, Colts 8st.. 101b.; Fillies and Geldings 8st. 71bs.; Maiden three-year-olds allowed 71b. Winners of 200 sovs. to carry 31b. extra One mile and a half. If a walk over, or only two horses start the proper- ty of one person, no public money will be given, and if only>tw6- horses start, the property of diffe- rent individuals, only half the public money will be added. 18 Subscribers. THE BRECONSHIRE STAKES of 10 sovs. each, h.ft., with 50 sovs. added. Handicap. To close and name to the hon. Secretary, or to Messrs. Weatherby, on the 30th of August, the weights to appear in Bell's Life on the 8th of Sept. The win- ner of any handicap subsequent to the declaration of the weights to carry 6lb extra; if twice lOlb. If 5 or more horses start the second to save his stake. If the higest weight accepting be under 8st.l0lb. to be raised to that, and others in proportion. 2 miles. THE LADIES' PLATE, value 45 sovs. Han- dicap. Gentlemen riders. Professionals 71b extra. One mile and a half. Two sovs. entrance, to go to. the Fund. To close and name as for Breconshire Stakes. SELLING STAKES, of 3 sovs. each, with 20 sovs. added. 2 years, 7st; 3 yevi .s, 8st. 81b 4 yes,rs;9st. 91b; 5 years and aged, lOsfc; Mares and Geldings allowed 31b. Winner to be sold for £ 60 if for £40, allowed 71b; if for £20, 141b. Three- quarters of a niilft* HURDLE RACE of 5 sovs. each, with 25 sovs. added. 3 years, 9st. 21b; 4 years, lOst. 41b; 5yrs. list; 6 years «d aged, list.41b Two miles., over 6 flights of hurdles. Winners of any Hurdle Race, 5lb extra; twice, or once of the value of £100, 101b extra. SEaoisrx> Injurs-, SELLING STAKES of 3 sovs. each, wffch 20 SOV3. 3 years, 8st. 71b.; 4 years, 9st. 91bs.; 5 years, lOst. 41b. 6 years and lost. 71b. The winner to be sold for < £ 100. If entered "to Be sold for £80, allowed 5lb. if for X60, lolb. if for £50, 141b. if for £40, 181b. if for £30, 211b. if for X20, 281b. One mile. The FIRST YEAR of the SECOND BRECON BIENNIAL STAKES of 10 sovs. eah, with 40 sovs. added, for foals of 1863; colts 8st. lOlb; fillies and geldings 8st. 71b. untried horses or mares allowed 31b., but only one allowance, to be claimed at the -time of naming. To be run on the Second day of the Races, 1865 three-quarters of a mile horses that have started three'times and never-won allowed 5lbs. winners of any stake value-200 sovs. to carry 3lbs extra. To run on the First day of the Races in 1866, when three years old; one mile and a half; maiden three-year-olds allowed 71b. winners of 200 sovs. to carry 31b. extra. If walked over for, or if only two horses start, the property of the same person, no public money will be. given, and if only two horses start the profit) of different individuals, only half the public fiibiiey will be added. 13 subscribers. THE BOROUGH STAKES of 10 sovs. each, 7 sovs. forfeit, and only 4 if declared by the 12th of September, with 50 sovs. added. Handicap. To close and name as for Breconshire Stakes, the winner of which to carry blb extra. Acceptances to be declared to Messrs. Weatherby on or before the 12th of September. One mile and a half. THE STEWARDS' CUP, value 60 sovs,. added to a sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each. 3 years, 8st. 71b. 4 years, 9st. 7lb.; five, six, and aged, 9st. 121b! Winners once, 4lb.; twice, 7-lb.; thrice or more, 101b extra. Two miles. I' HUNTERS' STAKE, a Silver Cup (value Twenty-five Pounds, given by the Fund) addad to a sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, for Hunters bom fide the property of residents in South Wales, and in the counties of Monmouth and Hereford, and that have not been in a Training stable for three months previous to the race, and have not been chargeable for Race Horse duty during the current year. Gentlemen riders, 12st. each. Two miles. THE NURSERY STAKES of 10 sovs. each, h. ft., with 40 sovs. added, for two-years-olds. Handicap. Five furlongs. To close and name as for Breconshire Stakes. Winners after the weights are out to carry 7lbs extra. RAILWAY STAKES of 5 sovs. each, with 30 added by the Brecon, Merthyr, and Hereford, the Mid-Wales, and the Neath and Brecon Railway Companies. Two-years-old, 7st. 21b.; three, 9st.V four, 1*0&t. five, six, and aged, lOst. 41b. The winner to be sold for X120 if entered to be sold for £ 80, allowed 51b if for X40, lolb. if for £20, 161b. m. and. g. allowed 31b.; horses that have started twice without winning1 allowed 31b. a winner of a stake of,, the, value "of 50 sovs. to carry. 51b., and of 100 sovs. 71b extra. Six furlongs. RULES AND CONDITIONS. 1. All disputes to be settlea by the Stewards, or whom they may appoint, and such decision to be final. Newmarket rules to. be adherea to un- less otherwise specified. f 2. Not fewer than three horses, belonging to dif- fer,liit persons to start for each race, or the public money will be withheld. 3. All objections to be made meriting. 4;'To close and name for all Plates,nd Sta kes r (not'otherwise specified) to the hon. Senary in Brecon, before 9 o'clock p.m., of Saturday vie 16th of September, for first day's Races, and Ar the second day on the evening before running. All entries to be delivered in writing. 5. The winner of each of the Selling Stakes to b put up by auction in the usual way, at the sum named ip the entry, and, if sold, the surplus (if any) to go to the. Fund. 6 Ten shillings, entrance money, for each horse (except wbeie otherwise specified) to be paid to the Secretary at the time of naming. 7 Each of the winners to pay One Guinea for scales and weights. 8 All Stakes and Fees to be paid to the Secretary, or to Mr. J. Hall, by 11 o'clock, a.m., of the Race day. 9 No booth or stand to be erected on the Race ground unless by a subscriber to the Race Fund of One Guinea, nor any horse to be plated by a smith who is not a subscriber of One Guinea. 10 The declarations of forfeit to be made on a day tø be named when the weights are published. 11 The colours of the riders must be named be- tween the hours of 6 and 9 o'clock the evening before running. Any rider appearing in different colours to those named to pay half-a-guinea. to the Fund, or not allowed to start. 12 A winner of either of the handicaps to sub- scribe to the corresponding racè of the following ng year. 13 Horses to stand at the house of a subscriber of not less than 1 sov. to the Fund (and that subscrip- tion to be paid on or before Septemoer 16th,) and all prior stakes and entrance money to have been paid, or not entitled though they should come in first An Ordinary on the First day of the Races, and a Ball on the evening of the Second day. THE EARL OF COVENTRY, ) HONBLE. G. C. MORGAN, M.P., J STEWARDS. WALTER DE WlNTON, ESQ., ) MR. D. BROWN, Secretary and Treasurer. MR. JAMES HALL, Clerk olthe Course. MR. T. MARSHALL, Judge and Clerk of Scales. MR. MARTIN STARLING, JITN., Starter. TO BE LET, W IT H immediate possession, a HOUSE, GAR- 7* DEN, and WHEELWRIGHT'S SHOP, situate in Orchard Street, Llanfaes, lately in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Prosser. For particulars apply to Mr. DAVID THOMAS, Solicitor, Brecon. HEREFORD, HAY, & BRECON RAILWAY- FOR SALE, Two Shares in the above Com- — pany. Far farther particulars apply at the Office of this J a per. THOUSANDS NOW USE !W'" Johnson j ohnson&Cols PURE TEA Because it is better in quality than all others The Prices are all now reduced EIGHT-PENCE PER POUND. Former price 3/4, Reduced to 2/8 Former price 3/8, Reduced to 3/. Former price 4/ Reduced to 3/4 Former price 4/4, Reduced to 3/8 Former, price 4/8, Reduced to 4/. 8JtIIIl:8 See that the name of Johnson,Johnson&Co "> is on each Packet. Sold in Packets by Agents in every Town. LOCAL AGENTS. Brecon—Hall, Chemist, High Street. Aberdare—Thomas, Chemist. Aberavon—Jones, Printer. Abersy,elbaii-Martiii, Post Office. Bridgenl Jones, Chemist. Brynmawr—Jones, Stationer. Cardiff—Drane, 11 Bute Street. Dowlais—Lewis, Chemist. Hay—Watkins, Post Office. Llanelly—Morgan Griffiths. Merthyr—Edwards, Chemist, George Town. Mountain Ash—Thomas, Chemist. Newport— Thomas, 170 and 129 Commercial Street. Nantyglo—Allen, Post Office. PontypooI-Edwards, Printer. Pontardawe—Evans, Post Office. Portheawle—Jones, Chemist. Swansea—Andrew, 14 Castle Square. „ Thomas 65 Oxford Square. Tredegar-Crowe, Post Office. Y stalyfera-Davies, Bookseller. WHOLESALE WAREHOUSC, 17 BLOMFIED ST. CITY. Jöhnson)Johnson&Co.- ¡ PURE UNCOLOURED TEA Is now preferred to all others. S»ld in Patiets by Agenti m tvtrj To torn, SOLE AGENT IN BRECON, ) HALL, chemist, High Streot- [A CARD.] "W" TC COACH MAKER, Lion Streec, and Saint Michael >||ffet, Brecon. Repairs neatly executed, at m*>d rate chargcs. MÁ T'6; OROIS. 1L