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: ,..;„,,■ EPITOME OF NEWS.…


„, EPITOME OF NEWS. The,-Ic-liveries of tea in London estimated for Week were 1,184,318ib., which is a decrease of 61,0501b. Spared, with the previous statement. The steamer Joseph Pierce exploded her a filers twenty miles belovr Vicksburg, on the Missis- g j?Pi, on one of the last days of July. Six persons were ™ed and twenty-eight wounded, JPhe directors of the South Eastern Railway t jjsolved to recommend the proprietors, at their half-yearly Toting on the 31st nit., to declare a dividend of 7s. 6d. each £ 30 stock, being at the rate of £ 2 10s. per cent, per f ^aum, ir bu-ring the past week twenty-three wrecks P vO been reported, making a total for the present year of ,0 ie The report that the body of Lord F. Douglas had !S recovered is now positively denied. The denial comes T the English chaplain at Zermatt, and is dated the 21st ^rtaafe. a fcThe "Times" of last Friday announced the mar- J of a Mr. Catt to a Miss Leverett. 1. t In one of the cases at the recent assizes at Jester, the nam es of the plaintiff and defendant were Fudge ;1 tmd Dodge. -& smau freehold estate, of about 244 acres, in rt of Merton, Sarrey, and about ten miles from was lately sold for the extraordinary high price of being at the rate o £ nearly £ 250 per acre. a pbr.. Colenso has left England in the Verulam, i) pPtain Creak, one of the line of ships owned by Bullard, ^8) and Co., of London, which sailed from Gravesend last If bound to Port Natal. ij through the whole of the United States the jt ™gress of population has received such a check from the :e.: that it is thought probable the population of the Union 8 .000,000 less at this day than it would have been in peace. According to a recently issued official docu- the sum of £ 105,0-55 2s. M. was paid as "compensa- **■. to officers of the late Ecclesiastical, Royal Peculiar, other testamentary courts. i' pit seems there is a plan for getting up a kind of y> ^^Kiling Hospital in London for the reception and care of 3. ^vts on the Parisian principle. A. number of benevolent '"tietaen are interesting themselves in the movement. sv hJ^e Admiralty have just hired the ship Vimieira, it. to Messrs. Geilatiy, Hankey, and Sewell, for the of about 280 convicts, who will embark at Sheer- "IT?*. Portsmouth, and Portland for Swan Biver, under the r!»^e Crawford, Surgeon-Superintendent. Aberdeen clipper-ship Centurion, Cap- Oh Jaoaes Largie, from Sydney, May 4, has passed up 1 ?nel> off Plymouth. She brings119 passengers, 687 bales tb 262 casks tallow, 60,114 hides, 10,130 horns. One of Centurion's passengers, Dr. Scott, and her mails were "ted at Plymouth by a trawling-sloop. A. S. Macrae writes to say that, according in American official accouafc of the export; of petroleum all the ports to all the world up to the 31st of July of year, the number of gallons for the last three years 1855 7 010,650; 1861, 15,071,581; 1883, 15,105,841 Oll the arrival of an excursion train from Belle w J*? at Dukinfield the other night, Cornelius Schofleld, a c! S6n?er, jumped out of one of the carriages just where a 5 w!re crosses the Tame, and fell over the parapet of the l Ik iuto the river below, a deptn of forty-two feet. An fl> (rt?11 was raised, arid the man was' taken out of the water, » was only a. foot deep. His thigh was broken, and he V i"4ltreoolved other injuries, but not of a serious character. » The Bailey Light at Howth on the northern jjf8? of Dublin, has been illumina.ted with oil-gas instead j« vth?v' an<* ^'le char,&e '3 considered^ a vast improvement. $V %ht is much clearer, and can be seen at a greater dis- A deputation from Trinity-house lately came to see tk^Proved light with a view to its possible adoption in "^ttglish lighthouses. P iC is propoaed to build a ehurch in London IL'tte use of the deaf and dumb, of whom it is supposed r are no less than 1,800 in the metropolis alone without it 5liable place of worship. The Queen has given £ 50, and rg i^tieraan offers £ 25 if forty others will give the same | 0|>at within three months. r jtjA Cattle plague aaa appeared, ifc ia said,in Ame- 4 "We wonder if the Americans conceive it to liave been jjwrbed from Russia, as we do. Why should it not be t J3wle of originating in America as well as in Russia ?— f so, why should it not be capable of originating in Eng- jt ^4«a weii as in either America or Eussia ? Marquis of Waterford and the Earl of if rjy^He have left Curraghmore for a fortnight's shooting "WiOklow mountains. The rejoicings oa the family f taie plaoe shortly to celebrate the earl's coming of The precise day is not fixed. >f[ Richards, agent to the Colcharton Mining J ttaj^any, was summoned before the magistrate at Tavis- j LN at the instance of the South Devon Rail way Company, i l^^ding 1 cwt. of gunpowder in a barrel by a passenger M contrary to tho bye laws of the coiapany. He was ¡J1 I ik** in the full penalty of ZCID and costs. The railway jj gave up their expenses ia the matter. e< .ve youth who is reported aa having won the 9 prize in the seminary match at Hastings Regatta is I-I £ r%>h Blind, son of Karl Blind, the German popular who is at present staying with his family at St. ft ji the Staly bridge petty aaaaiama, Jonathan 0f. jWitry a self-acting minder, was charged by Mr. R. E. S. i- factory inspector, with having allowed a child to work the fixed and traversing part of a self-acting ma- lE?*called a mule whilst the latter was in motion by the of the steam engine, whereby the child sustained & injury, viz., the fracture of his collar bone.—The de- • C^nt was fined 20s. and coats, or to be imprisoned for • W811 day6' r annual visitor to Brighton, the autumn 1 Which comes in search of health- and with the idea of hur?up a beauty, like so reany of the land sharks with I usfc 116611 caught and exhibit ed to the admiring ?4ni0a the bea.ch. Hanceforth beauty may disport itself in flannel withia a rope's length of beauty's machine. VL?renCh cat)by was recognised as he was start- ^T.^ith a fare by a fellow whom he had cheated, and on him with a Stick so long that the fare roared kL, him to finish, and let the man go. What! you ,*8 part, do you?" said the fLagellator. "Certainly I took him by the our, and each olow of your fne five cer-itimes. Finish, and let me.go on. ■f. Smother barbarous murder of a British sea- WwS Reported fro-m Odessa, the perpetrators ot which ?W*0t bgen discovered up to the close of the month of fev'ftiueh-less taken and brought to justice, notwithstand- v energetic proceedings of the British Consul General, '^uirMty. ■ ? night considerable excitement was *n n^^bo«rh(90d of Eew in consequence of the VVR. a whose name is at present unknown. W J^d was found hanging by a rope to a brauch of a tree :M gacdens. n« aafortunate man wag cut down, ,VP>cai assistance 8enb for_ but llfe roved to be locality Snxtcm, which has hitherto the pestilfnCe ^HfJenidlnri^^ cattle' is now threatened a.nd tbo ep^iema has within the last ys manifested itself iu a form. One cow- K'ho kept a shedof whole of w^tik dairyman m Acre-lane very recently purchased a ISjSilch cow, and placed her with hisstoek, whan she 'Nki^fterwards died, but not before communicating the to the other beasts. the past week several persona have • ^J'^moiied before the Bristol magistrates, at the in- •l %s.*f the local Board of Health, for having exposed for J1!?);-the market and at shops a quantity of diseased meat SJ't human food. The meat seized was ordered to be 'A>lVe(i, and penalties varjing from £ 10 or one months onraeut to 40s. or ten days' imprisonment were in- In the cases of the convicted defendants who held '"eth the market, they were informed that they would >}». °*ed therefrom. number of persons who arrived in Vic- Pi S during the month of May last was 2/829, of whom from the United Kingdom; and the number of '110 departed was 1,519, of whom 310 were for the K to ^ngdom. The current rates of wages were from 45 per annum, fo married fa"m labourers with liS'lw' from £ 50 to £ 60 for married labourers without t Cilol «30 to £ 10 for single men £ 30 to £ 35 for cooks; i 0 ^625 for female farm servants. Female domestic are grea^ ('eiIian the colony. 1 Oxfordshire Voiuntears had their annual tl^^ting at Hinksey Butt, near Oxford, on Monday r,ay last' Ijieut- Potts, of Banbury, took off the 14^15 i -Kifle Association's prize medal and the first prize 500 y an aggregate score of 40 in five rounds each at '^d 600 yards. &ofQstend letter haa the following :The Wig Belgians derives great benefit from his residence t. ace, and his health improves more and more every %I, "t circumstance leads the people of Ostend to hope II king's stay among them will be prolonged." incumbency of Holy Trinity Church, • Win^' has become vacant by the preferment of the H ir 111.rn. John Hall, M.A. It is worth £ 2i0 a year, and vjjg Sift of the vicar of Tottenham. ter Town Council have divided their ^is-^mittees, with the view of making ahouse-to- :.j, ou for the purpose of inspecting the drainage, thf° K the ventilation and cleansing of the d;vell- Various streets and lanes of the city. V^HpT^giau papers pnblish accounts of a fear- ttpp-f wllic^ passed over the district of Li^ge. The Th ifre !J'owa down, and the damage done is very 74, The h urricane came from the south-west towards tv In one enclosure aione seventy-three lar^e c oiown down. ^eposit for the great fig-ht for the llta P;wh\cli £ 3 to ta^e on the 1st of November -j.^and Wormald for the champion's belt and At a snnrtinw house in Whiteehapel. Mace is in training in Yorkshire, and Wormald intends to pass the interval between the present time and the day fixed for the fight by the sea-side. The betting on the two man is about even. The Court of Inquiry at Liverpool on the burning ofthe Glasgow, have heard the captain's statement. No new facts of interest, however, were elicited, except that the captain of the Rosamond threw overboard between 50 and sixty tons of coal, in order to make room for the people from the Glasgow, and that the Glasgow, which was the fourth ocean steamer built, was insured for Y15,000, while her freight was uninsured. The court will make a report of the facts to the Board of Trade. A match between sides of eight, each selected from the Cambridge town and University Rifle Corps, has taken place at the butts of the latter. The ranges were 200, 500, and 600 yards, five shots each, Wimble- don targets and scoring. The scores made were as follows:— Town, 256; University, 247. The deanery of Graham's Town, South Africa, has been conferred upon the Rev. Frederick Henry Williams, M.A., of Trinity College, Dublin, incumbent of Christ Church, Ashton-under-Lyne. Mr. Williams who was ordained in 1852, by the lite Bishop of Chester, was for some time curate of the large metropolitan parish of St. Marylebone, and was nominated by the Crown to Christ Church, Ashton, in 1858. The celebrated Temple Church, which is undergoing a thorough cleansing, is to be re-opened for Divine service on Sunday, the 1st of October.