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BRECON RAOES, 18th and 19th…

SECOND iD^rsr.


Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

RULES AND CONDITIONS- 1. All disputes to be settled by the Stewards, or whom they may appoint, and such decision to be final. Newmarket rules to be adhered to un- less otherwise specified. 2. Not fewer than three horses, belonging to dif- 11 ferent persons to start for each race, or the public money will be withheld. 3. All objections to be made in writing. -n. 4. To close and name for all Plates and Stakes (not otherwise specified) to the hon. Secretary, in Brecon, before 9 o'clock p.m., of Saturday the 16th of September, for first day's Races, and for the second day on the evening before running. All entries to be delivered in writing. il* 5. The winner of each of the Selling Stakes to be put up by auction in the usual way, at the sum named in the entry, and if sold, the surplus (if any) to go to the Fund. 6 Ten shillings, entrance money, for each horse 11 (except where otherwise specified) to be paid to the Secretary at the time of naming. 7 Each of the winners to pay One Guinea for scales and weights. 8 All Stakes and Fees to be paid to the Secretary, or to Mr. J. Hall, by 11 o'clock, a.m., of the Race day. 9 No booth or stand to be erected on the Race ground unless by a subscriber to the Race Fund of One Guinea, nor any horse to be plated by a smith who is not a subscriber of One Guinea. 10 The declarations of forfeit to be made on a day to be named when the weights are published. 11 The colours of the riders must be named be- tween the hours of 6 and 9 o'clock the evening before running. Any rider appearing in different colours to those named to pay half-a-guinea to the Fund, or not allowed to start. 12 A winner of either of the handicaps to sub- scribe to the corresponding race of the following year. 13 Horses to stand at the house of a subscriber of not less than 1 sov. to the Fund (and that subscrip- tion to be paid on or before Septemoer 16th,) and all prior stakes and entrance money to have been paid, or not entitled though they should come in first An Ordinary on the First day of the Races, and a Ball on the evening of the Second day. THE EARL OF COVENTRY, ) HONBLE. G. C. MORGAN, M.P., ^STEWARDS. WALTER DE WINTON, ESQ., ) WALTER DE WINTON, ESQ., ) MR. D. BROWN, Secretary and Treasurer. MR. JAMES HALL, Clerk of the Course. MR. T. MARSHALL, Judge and Clerk of Scales. MR. MARTIN STARLING, JUN., Starter.


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