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SPECIAL NOTICE. TO THE GENTLEMEN OF BRECON AND SURROUNDING NEIGHBOURHOOD. THE Cheapest and only House where the newest and most fashionable French Silk, Velvet Nap, Grease Proof, and Self Adjusting HAT can be obtained, is at .T. ORGAN AND CCrs., TOP OF SHIP STREET. 10s. 6d., 12s., 14s. The above Hats are delightful and easy for the fore- head, and warranted to give every satisfaction to the purchaser. TO MONEY. BY investing your purchase capital at HENRY PHIPPS'S, Cheap Clothing Establishment, Red House, High Street, Brecon, where Hats, Caps, Coats, Vests, Trousers, Leather Leggings, Shirts, Braces, &c., are kept in endless variety. Annexed is a list of prices, which will convey to you the great interest you will obtain by depositing your cash at this NEW and CHEAP SHOP. One trial will move this important fact. • £ s. d. Men's good Overcoats 0 8 11 Boys Ditto 0 5 11 Men's Cloth Vests 0 2 >6 Boys Ditti 0 13 Men's Cloth Trousers 0 6 11 £ s. d. Boys Cloth Trousers 0 4 3 Men's and Boys Caps, froin 0 0 3 Silk Ties 0 0 3 Scarfs 0 0 5 Leather Leggings 20d. to 0 3 6 TAKE NOTICE.—This large stock cannot be sold except for ready money, and no abatement TOWN HALL, BRECON. MISS EIDIdlOlSTOS WILL give a GRAND EVENING CONCERT at the above Hall, on MONDAY, September 18th, 1865, when she will be assisted by MR. MONTEM SMITH and other London artistes. Concert to commence at Eight. Reserved Seats, 3s.; Second do., Is. and Gd. Gallery, Is. FURTHER PARTICULARS NEXT WEEK. BRECKNOCKSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. President for 1865, VISCOUNT HEREFORD. THE Annual Meeting and Show will take place at Brecon, on WEDNESDAY, the 20th of September, 1865. Entries for Stock will close on Saturday, the of September, Brecon Fair-day. All further ft, formation may be had from the Secretary, RICHARD HALL. — „ nety's Rooms, Brecon. BRECON RACES, J SOUTH WALES, ONDAY and TUESDAY, 18th and 19th SEPTEMBER, 1865. J STEWARDS: THE EARL OF COVENTRY. ip- ,f HON. G. C. MORGAN, M.P. 'J WALTER DE WINTON, Esq. J )N which occasion the ORDINARY will be pt held as usual on the First day, and the 1,1 XL on the evening of the Second day, at the jASTLE OF BRECON HOTEL. Further particulars in future advertisements. JOSEPH BATES, „ Manager. a et -.J FOR SAI E Four-wheeled Dog-cart, a Useful Mare, and iC H Harness. <; pply at the office of this paper. I jueral^PEINTIIGr & STATIOIEET ¡. REPORTER OFFICE," i BULWARK, BRECON. DAVID WILLIAMS II EGS respectfully to inform his friends and the public generally, that he has now in STOCK, a t "t variety of U STATIONERY GOODS, fjj will be found cheaper than any yet offered le public of this Town and neighbourhood, and quality will bear auy comparison, it being his j Xious wish to supply articles at once reasonable THE STOCK includes Printing, Writing, and Note ^Pers in great variety, Cartridge and Bill Papers, asues of nearly every shade, Blotting Papers and p tds Black, Blue, and Red Inks; Steel Pens and t pn-holders in great variety, Quill Pens, Black-lead » rneils, propelling and in wood, Sealing Wax, Ink- s J »nds, India Rubber, Elastic Bands a large and f ttble collection of Tovs in and out of Boxes; E PENNY BOTTLES OF GUM, an article ured and used by everybody. :;1 rote Paper from 1 d. per quire to 6d. per quire. "ilvelopes from Ili. per packet to 2s. per packet. J | ourning Note Paper and Envelopes. i | PRINTING DEPARTMENT. 9 KT' ^egs farther to invite the attention of the I J* .-1 a jS 0 Brecon and County generally, to the i ie Possesses of executing orders to any J .m Press Printing in all its departments, m 11 el^anoy, accuracy, and despatch. m_ TO BE LET, BOL-Y-MAEN FARM, six miles from the Town of Brecon, in the parish of Llanvihangel- Nantbrane, in the county of Brecon, containing 77 acres and 17 perches of Arable, Pasture, and Mea- dow land, with an extensive right of common adjoining the Farm. A term of years can be obtained. Further particulars can be had, on applying to MR. DOUTHWAITE, No. 11, Merthyr Road, Aber- gavenny. August 7th, 1865. ICERNIOK'S VEGETABLE PILLS, Without a particle of Mercury, Antimony, or other mineral ingredient, require no confinement in- doors, nor any special rules with regard to diet, their operation having a strengthening tendency, and recommended for HEAD-ACHE, BILIOUS COMPLAINTS, AND ALL DISORDERS OF THE HEAD AND STOMACH. IMPORTANT MEDICAL TESTIMONY. COLERIDGE HOUSE, SWANSEA, Jan. 18, 1864 I have examined the Pills which go under the name of "KERNICK'S PILLS," and I know their composition. I have also tested their effects. I can truly certify as to the absence of all mineral or injurious ingredients and I can safely recom- mend them as one of the best aperient Pills for mend them as one of the best aperient Pills for ordinary use in constipated habits that I know. JOHN BALBIRNIE, M.A. M.D. BRISTOL, September, 1862. Sir,—After trying many doctors for the Liver Complaint, and all of them failing to do me any good, I took one box of your Pills, and to my astonishment found instant relief, and before the second box was consumed was entirely cured. RICHARD REES, The celebrated Cheap John. THESE INVALUABLE PILLS ARE PREPARED ONLY BY S. P. KERNICK, 23, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF. May be obtained through any Chemist, or his ap- pointed Agents, in Boxes at Is. Ild. and 71d. each. 2 2 WHOLESALE AGENTS, LONDON: BARCLAY & SONS. LOCAL AGENTS: Trecastle, Mr. Watkins, Manchester House; Brecon, Mr. Jones, Stone-cutter; Llanfaes, and Mr. W. Evans, Gunsmith Crickhowell, Mr. Cristopher, Chemist BRISTOL I PACKET COMPANY. JOHN PROTHERO Respectfully informs the inhabitants of the Town of Brecon and neighbourhood, that he has just tuken to the old established and well conducted Carrying Business of the late Mr. W. Thomas, and that all goods intended for conveyance by his Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention. All goods to be conveyed by Prothero's Boats, from London, per "Great Western & South Wales 'Railway" Newport, from Liverpool, Manchester Birmingham, and from the North of England, per. "London and North Western" to Newport, thence per PROTHERO'S BOATS, and all goods from Bristol, per" Burton's Bristol Packet." ifilP No more complaints of delay in delivering goods.—Prothero's Boats will wait the arrival of the Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Brecon three times a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., 1863. ~T" i f. 1—1

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