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TALLOW, AUG. 16.—The market ia firm; pricey are otiotea; as follows1Town tallow, 43s 3d, net cash; Petersburg Y.C., on the spot, 43s 3d to 43s 6d; October to December, 43s 9d to 44s; December, 44s 3d to 44s 6d January to March, 44s 9d; March, 45e 3d. HOPS, BOROUGH, AUG. 16.—Messrs. Pattenden and Snutfc report no alteration since Monday last. COTTON, LIVERPOOL, AUG. 16.—Rather better demUDa at yesterday's prices. Sales about 8,000 bales. EGGS, AUGUST 14.-Supply of Eggs not much to exoess Of demand, and prices range for English, Scotch, and Irish" o ■Preach» 'k 6d to 4s 8d; large 6s 4d to 120 pan 53 5a ancl 0-tend, 6s 2d to 6g 8d pe POULTRY, AUG, 14.—Trade rather slack for Poultry anS supply has further increased: rates for geese are 5?^7s eacn; gosimgs, 4s 6d to 6s 6d; fowls, 2s 9d to 3e chfcken^ Is 9d to JS ducklings, 2s to 3s tame rabbits, Is 3d to Is 8d; dozen13' aac*live fow^3 an< ducks at 22s to 24s per FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, COVENT Tegetables continue abundant and good. What is termed soft fruit is scarce. For pineapples and grapes there is a. heavy sale. Apples and plums are beginning tQ come in abundance. Kent filberts continue to make theis appearance. French beans are exceedingly good and very plentiful. Good kidney potatoes fetch from Is Qil to 2s Od per dozen pounds. Flowers ehiefly consist of orchids, heaths, pelargoniums, carnations and picotees, mignonette, and roses. Pine-apples, per lb., 3s to 5e; Grapes, per lb., 3s to 6s; Peaches, per doz., 6s to lOB; Nectarines, do., 4s to Ss: Apricots (French), do., Is 6r1 to 3s; Figs, do., 2s to 4s; Strawberries, per lb., 19 to Is 66, Apples, per sieve, Is Od to 2s; Oranges, per 100,14s to 2k6 Lemons, per 100 8s to 14s; Nuts, COD, per 1001b,. 50s to OCs- Brazil, per bushel, 18s; Almonds, do., 18s to 20s; Cabbages" per doz., Is 6d to 2s 6d; Frenoh Beans, per half sieve. 2s to 3s; Peas,, per sieve, 2s to 4s;, Potatoes, York Re- gents, per ton, 90s to 100s; Rocks, ditto, 60s to 70s- Flukes, ditto, 110 to 140; new, round, 8s to 12s ner cwt. ditto, Kidneys, 8s to 12s per owt.; Carrot* bunch, 6d to 8d; Carrots, new, per bunch, Is Turning bunch, 4d to 6d} Cucumbers, each,6d to Is Beeh rJCA-tT* Is 6d to 2s; Shallots, per lb., 8d; Garlic, Mr lh Lettuces, per doz Is Od; Endive, per score la o'a/S'! Artichokes, per doz., Is 6d to 3s; Horseradish ner bunfll- Is to 4s; Mushrooms, per pott., Is to Is fid doz. bunches, 2s to 4s.; Herbs, per bunch, 6d.' 1>er Cattle Market,

Cattle Market,

The Produce Market.