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THE ATLANTIC 1ELEGRAPS. Failure of the Expedition. j The following telegram was received at Mr. ) office on Thursday — CHOOKHAVEN, AUG. 1''J |< The Great Eastern arrived off here this morning),9 I1 furnishes the following particulars of the oper»k°j|j j for laying the Atlantic Telegraph Cable, which it be seen have failed. A partial loss of insulation having been discover the Great Eastern was stopped to recover that P°r of the cable in which the fault lay," electrical placing it probably within six miles. The cable s passed from the stern to the tiowof the ship for pnrpose, and after getting in two miles of cablft J fault being still overboard, the cable broke about yards in board of the wheel at the bow, having injured by chafing on the stern of the ship. previous faults had been discovered the first, '1J soundings of about 1,000 yards, and the eeooB" „ about 4,100 yards, and had been successfully. covered and made .good,, in the first case ten Je and in the second two and a half miles of cable hauled in. After the cable parted, a grapnel with and a half nautical miles of rope were lowered d0 the ship being placed so as to drift over the cable.. The,cable w&s, hooked Qa thevSBd, -and 2,200 yards of the rope had been hauled in a swi^el J0 the latter gave way, and 2,800 yards-of rope lost, the cable having been lifted 1,200 yards fro01 bottdm.. w The Great Eastern, sailed froM Yalentia, aftfc* ing the splice with the shorfe end, on the. 3rd Jt^ continued On her voyage to lat. 51.25, Ion. 39.6, t 1,063 miles from Valentia, and 600 miles from Content, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. She had paid out 1,242 miles bf cable when it parted" oB ittd'A«gust,iat 13.3S;;, in BoijBdingS Of 3,9007^ j yjjder the following circumstances :—, ,e3 ( L a b«oy with, a, flag and ball! was w.°? w i "with 500 yards of rope %o maife the place. It lSni lat. 51.35, loBg. 38.42,. 30. From the 4fib fog? M adverse^ winds prevented a further attempt until •>: (th, which was then made nearer the end of the I and was uneuceeeful from the; same cause wb0lliW cable had been lifted^ about 1,000 yards. buoy wasrher.e placed 51.28:30, Ion. 38. 66. A third attempt was* maderOh the 10th, which PM on account of the grapnel chain having flukes grapnel and last SOOY of rope came up coveted with'ooze. JI1" A fourth-attempt was made on the 11th at 3 which failed through the breaking of the gr LQ& ) rope, when the cable had been raised 600 the bottom. ,| The stock of .rope having now become it became absolutely necessary to proceed to for more and stronger tackle. lool-