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Money Mlarxa;. > CITY, Attg. 9. The stock markets continue extremely inactive, with very few transactions. Confederate have receded, on the announcement that the agents have no money m hand to pay the dividend due oil the 1st of September next. The discount market is very quiet to-day, and, with a large amount of money seeking employment* the best paper has been taken in some instances at V- per cent, or i below the Back minimum. In the Stock Exchange the charge for loans from day to day i51 3 rier eent. Consols are now quoted S9 J to for money, and 89i to f for the account (September 7). TbeoiScial business report is as follows:—Three per Cent. Consols, for money, 88|, i; ditto, for account, 89f, f; Three per Gents. Reduced, 89-J, -|, t, t; New Three per Cents., 89-j, f, i; Annuities, 1885, 14J; Bank Stock, 259; India Five per Cent. Stock, 104, 105; d:tto Pour per Cent., 99J: Five per CeLt. "enfaced" rupee paper. WI. —The railway market is [in active to-day, and prices generally axhibit no alteration. London and North-Western Ftook is now quoted 122 to I23}; Great Western, 65J to i; Mid- land, BOt to 131; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 119f to t; Soatb-Eastexm, 82 to J: Metropolitan, 135 to J; Great Northern, 131 to 132; ditto A, U3 to 144; London and Souch-Western, 99i to 100-J Great Eastern, 47i to i; and Caledonian, 132 to 133. The Corn I Tratte ^IAPICIjANE' AUGusr 9, The arrivals of English Wneat fresh up to oar market to-day were very moderate, and importers were firm in their demands, and the few sales that took place were at the rates current on Monday. -Tbe show of foreign Wheat was only moderate; all kinds moved off slowly at barely previous quotations.—The market- was scantily supplied with Barley. The supply was almost t entirely composed of foreign parcels,—There was a moderate inquiry for iVlalt, at Monday's prices.—Oats were in good supply, and steady request, at full quotations.—An average business was passing in Flour on former terms. LIVERPOOL, AUGUST 8.—The market is moderately at- tended. Wheat in g-ood request and prices 3d per cental over yesterday's prices. Flow-sacks, Is dearer; barrels, nominal. Indian corn steady. Galatz, 31s 9d to 32s; mixed, 31s to 31s 6d. Beans, oats, and oatmeal firm. COTTON, LIVERPOOL, AUGUST 9.—The market ^ATHER steady sales probably about 6,000 bales. TALLOW, AUGUST 9.—The market is quiet — Town, tallow is quoted 42s; Petersburg Y.C., on-the spot, 4213 Sd October to December, 43s 31; December, 43s 9d; January to March, 44s; March, 44s 3d to 44s 6d. HOPS, BOROUGH, AUGUST 9. Messrs. Pattendea. AND Smith report a somewhat improved demand for consump- tion at hrm rates. The prospects for a good average croo continue favourable. D F HAY, SMTEHEID AUG 8.-Mr. Charles James :Easton reports trade firm at last day's prices Prime eld clover from. vzos t* JJs; new ditto, 110s to 12<3s; old hay, UOatoiaOs- interior ditto, 9;)8 to 105s: straw, 283 to 32s. EGGS, AUG. 7.—Supply of eggs more than ample for de- mand, and prices lowering: Scotch and Irish selling at tw SA to 6s per 120; French, small, 4s 4d to te 6d ■ iar £ f> 6s 2d to Ss 3d St. Maio, 5s to 5s 9d; Spanish, 5s to' 5s 2d* and Ostend, 6s to 6s 6d. POULTRY, AUG. 7.—Although fair supplies of poultry, still prices high: goslings selling at 5a to 7s each; fowls. 2s 9d to 3s Id; chickens, Is lOd to 2s duckling, 2s 6d to 3s tame rabbits, Is 4d to Is 6d; pigeons, 5d to 94; live fowls and ducks, 22s to 24s per doz. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, COVENT GARDEN, AUG. 5. -Vegetables are abundant, and improved in quality by the rains and comparatively cool temperature which we are now experiencing. What is termed soft fruit is still sufficient for the demand. For pine-apples and grapes there is now & heavy sale. Apples and plums are beginning to come m abundance. Kent filberts continue to make tW appearance. French beans are exceedingly good an plentiful Good kidney potatoes fetllf from 1% to 2s (xl per dozen pounds. Flowers X. -,™ orchids, heaths, pelargoniums, oamatL^S^^Lf mignonette, and roses. Pine-apples uer lh Grapes, per lb 3s to 6s: Peac^sf pef dol Os tl Nectarines do 4s to bs: Apricots (French), do ls 6d to* 3s; i lgs, do., 4s to 3s; Strawberries Der lb la Apples, per sieve, Is Od to 2s; Oranges,^er 100 14s to 20s Lemons, per lOu 8s to 14s Nuts, cob, ^lOoSft,$ £ to l Brazil, per bushel, 18s; Almonds, do., 18s to 20s; Cab'baees, per doz., Is 6d so 2s 6d; French Beans, per half sieve, 2s to 3s; leas, per sieve, 2s to 4s; Potatoes, York Be- gents, per ton,100s to 114s; Rocks, ditto, 60s to 85s; Flukes, ditto, 130 to 150; new, round, 8s ta 12s per cwt. ditto, Kidneys, 8s to 12s per cwfc. 5 Carrots, per bunch, 6d to Sd; Carrots, new, per bunch, Is; Turnips, per bunch, 4d to 6d Cucumbers, each, 6d to Is Beet, per doz.. Is 6d to 2s; Shallots, per lb., 8d; Garlic, per lb., 8d- Lettuces, per doz, Is Od; Endive, per score, Is to 2s 6d • Artichokes, per doz., Is 6d to 3s; Horseradish, per bar.die Is to 4s; Mushrooms, per pott., is to Is 6d; Parsley, per doz. bunches, 2s to 4s.; Herbs, per bunch, 6d. Cattle Market. METROPOLITAN, AUGUST 7.—The number of beasts to- day is large, but amongst them are very many inferior qualities. Choice qualities are by no means plentiful and consequently not much lower in price. The supply of s'hne-n is not larger, but the demand is rather less. Trade is «low vet quotations are but little altered. Lamb trade is cm Iv.L decline. Trade is heavy for calves, at rather lower rates From Germany and Holland there are 3,800 bea<*t« i" ™ sheep, and 300 calves; bcotland, 260 beasfcg • Norfolk and Suffolk, 240; and 1,920 from the NorM^Tn ^A Midland counties. 3 northern and Per stone of 81ba. s. d. s. d. Best Scots, Hfcls. 5 2 5 6; Best Short-horup 4 10 5 2 2nd. qual. beasts 2 8 4 0 Calves. 3 4 5 4 Pigs S 0 4 10 BestDris&i,b&e. () 0 0 0 Per s tone of 81bs. g. d. s. d oest, Long-wools 0 0 fc i1 Do. do. shorn 5 6 6 0 i- wea & 2d. qneJ. 0 0 0 0 Do. do. shorn 4 0 5 0 L&mlw 6 0 6 8 110asts at market, 6,780; Sheep aud Lambs, 26,570; ClJhei" Pigs, 290. The P-roduct, Market. j, MINCING.LANE, AUG. 7.—Sugar: there is dulness in market, with several arrivals, and a large stock,- rates a.tve rather fallen, ruling to-day for common to fine Barba- lheat 29s to 37s; Mauritius, brown, 27s to 31a; yellow and -etming, 31s 6d to 34s; crystallised, 34s to 41s; CubaMus- eavadoe, as to quality, 283 to 34a: Porto Rico, 29a to 38s; Havannah, brown, 29s to 31s 6d; yellow, 32s to 36B; floretts, 37s to 39s; white, 40s to 42s; Brazil, white and grey, 32s 6d to 37s; yellow, SOs to 32s; and brown, 278 to 29s 61 per cwt. Demand on the decrease for refined, and the currency weak: brown lumps selling at 42s 3d; common to fine grocery, 42s 6d to 45s; tittlers 42s 6d to 47s; wet lumps, 39s 6d to 40s 6d; pieces, 32g to 37s 6d: and bastards, 2os to oOs.—Demand for Coffee has become moderate, and last week s rates not generally sus- tained-Cocoa wanted, and advancing: red Trinidad selW at 68s to 115s, and grey, 62s to 67s.-Better prices not ob tamable for China Tea; there is, however, some inc^wfn demand for both black and green.-A free sale for ™t a slight advance, with a fair demand Ifor Assam rates.—Business in Spices limited, and priceT™^ er Much demand for Rice, and prices rath^ 6^ white Bengal, as to quality, selling at 12s to 16a\ «Jl10116: 8s 6d to lis; and cleaned Patna, 14s to 23a '• grain, low .for Dried Fruit.-A^ fair tr^Tn^sX^a- Provisions a free sale: Cork R»ffoaitpeira realises 9Ss to life; fine Freizf^d' French, as to quality 11|8- J20a; brine* 70s to 7^7 „ ? to !08s; Irish Baoon ai cash, mixed numbers; Spelter, £ 2115s to £ 2117s 6d, and Straits Tin, cash 90s.—The value of French refined Turpentine is 48s, and of American, 50s per cwt. -—

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