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AGRICULTURE. —«— THE GRAIN CROPS IN SOUTHERN RUSSIA — Letters from Odessa of the 29th of June confirm the sad prospects of a bad harvest. A protracted drought since March had completely dried up the coming crops. On the 28th of June there was a heavy fall of rain, which had not by any means improved matters. Provisions throughout Southern Russia were very scarce, and bid fair to reach up to famine prices. Persons with limited means and large families find a great difficulty in maintaining them, especially at Odessa, Nicolaix, and Kherson. THE POTATO CROP IN IRELAND.—We observe (says the Dublin Express) in a few of our contemporaries in the south and west reports of the appearance of disease in the potato crop. It is not, however, to an extent to justify any serious uneasiness respecting the general condition of the crop, the instances in which it has appeared being very few, and cotifined to lands adjoining the sea-coast. The potato crop in its best days has never been wholly exempt from taint, and at this period every year we are accustomed to hear unfavourable reports circulated, partly owing to the too nervous anxieties of farmers, srid partly to the interested motives of speculators. THE HARVEST AND GisAiN SUPPLIEs.-From J. and C. Sturge's corn circular :The high temperature and occasional showers of the past month have been well adapted for ripening tile crops, so that harvest operations are becoming general in all parts of the country. Very little wheat, however, has yet been secured, and the few samples exhibited are by no means fine either id quality or condition. In France the crops are staged on thrashing to prove about one- third less thfwi an average, but the quality of the samples we have seen is good since our last rain has fallen throughout the South of Europe, but we have yet to see whether it has come in time to be of much service to the crops. The arrivals from America have rather increased, but the number of cargoes on passage from ports east of Gibraltar is only 278 against above 500 this time last year. The imports of wheat and flour for the past four weeks were 525,540 qrs., against 574,696 in June, and 633,428 for July in 1864. Early in the month English wheat rose Is. to 2s. per qr., but has since declined to a similar extent. The French markets are now, however, about 2s. higher than they were four weeks ago. Barley, upon the sandy and gravelly land is a light crop, but on the stiffer soils a large one. Pioe3 have improved about Is. per qr. The price of oats has not varied during the month, and the value is relatively high compared with wheat and barley. Of the crop we hear unfavourable reports from all parts. Oar stocks at Gloucester are light, without any increase in sup- plies. Beans and peas are still scarce, and realise as much by weight as secondary wheat; the yield of the growing crops being very uncertain, and no prospect of any supplies from Egypt. YORKSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SHOW. On Thurs- day, being the people's day," the engines and ma- chines were early at work, and the implement ex- hibitors mustered strongly. There was a large influx of visitors, and the farm labourers earnestly devoted themselves to a close inspection of the reapers, ploughs, &c., and their wives as minutely inspected the dairy utensils, washing machines, drying ap- paratus, &c. The live stock also received the closest inspection and admiration as the excellence of all the classes was expressed by every visitor. The few re- gaining classes of horses left unjudged on account of the rain on the previous evening were inspected, and the prizes awarded. About seven o'clock Blair Athol entered the ring, and it was instantly surrounded by thousands, who, having heard of the winner of the Derby and St. Leger of 1864, manifested the most in- tense desire to view the noble animal. Having pressed round the ring, and a good inspection having been al- lowed, many of the herses in the other classes entered the ring, and the "people "were thus enabled to see the animals and endorse or dissent from the decisions of the judges. The arrangements were of a superior kind as compared with those of former years. Hounds from the pack of Earl Fitzwilliam, Lord Wemyss, the Earl of Yar- borough, Mr. Seratton, the Snainton, the Badsworth, and the Pychley were also shown. The judging occu- pied some considerable time. During the busiest por- tion of the day the appearance of the ground was very pleasing, the only drawback being about one o'clock the rain came down heavily, and shelter had to oe sought under the trees and sheds; and though it brightened up afterwards, the weather was very showery during the afternoon. THE SMITHFIELD CLUB CATTLE SHOW.—Several important alterations have been racantly arranged to take place in this year's show contrary to what have been observed in previous years; more especially so 1n the different classes of sheep; whilst several gold medals have been agreed to be adjudged in lieu of silver ones to the successful exhibitors of the various classes of live stock. The Old Kent sheep, which were formerly classed with the Bromley kinds, con- stitute now a distinct character in themselves. Again, two extra prizes of X15 and £10 will be added for long-woolled sheep, not being Leicester, Cotswold, or Kentish kinds. To Oxfordshire samples of one year old (in pens of three) will be awarded to their supe- riority prizes of « £ 20, X15, and X5, and to an equal number of pens of cross-bred sheep similar sums to the foregoing. The gold medal for the best pen of pigs will be in future dispensed with, aad a silver cup of the yolue of £ 20 will be adjudicated to the exhi- bitor of the beBt pan 0f pjgg jn the show. A gold medal will also be glVè-n instead of a silver one, as formerly, to the breeder it the animal winning the Silver cup (for the best steer or ox shown), and a similar medal to the breeder of the best heifer or cow Oxhibited; whilst, instead of a similar medal, as in Previous years, being given to the butcher who shall lay out the largest amount of money in the yard, three silver caps, amounting severally to £ 20, £ 15, £ 10, will be presented to the butchers who shall Purchase the largest proportion of bsasts, sheep, and Pigs out of the Agricultural-hall at the approaching show.






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