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The Corn Trade

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Castle Market.

The Produce Market.


The Produce Market. MINCING-LANE, JULY 24. SHgar extensively purchased and prices strong, although several arrivals, and an increase in stock over this time of last year. Havannah ofbrowE quality brought 30s to 32s; yellow, 32s 6d to 37s; florettg, 38s to 40s white, 40s 6d to 42s; Porto Rioo, as to quality, 30s to 39s; Cuba Muscovadoe, 29s to 34s; Brazil-, white grey, 32s 6d to 37s brown and yellow, 28s to 31s 6d; Madr&Sj, grocery, 34s to 42s; native, 26s to 29s; and jaggery, 258 ta 27s per cwt. Demand also on the increase for refined sugar, and eommon grocery lumps not easily to be bought under 43s. A fair trade in Molasses and Treacle at the rates quoted on Friday last. Coffee continues to be much in request, and exporters again, the leading buyers prices are expected to remain higc native Ceylon of good to fine ordinary quality to-a,y brought 68s to 73s; fine ordinary to middling Plantation. 79s to 86s; better sorts, 87s to 106s; Jamaica aa to quality. 6Ss to 102s; and clear garbled Mocha, 90s to lOSs.-A more ready sale for Cocoa: red Trinidad realises 66s to 112s: gray, 60s to 65s; and Grenada, as to quality, at .4 to 70s. Tea cautiously purchased, and easily "to be obtained at previous reduced rates, notwithstanding the large consumption in this country and on the contine-nrl.- Stock of Rice still reducing, and purchases were readily made: common to fine white Bengal brings 12s to 16s; soft grain, 8s 6d to lis, and Patna, 14S to 22S.-Severat transac- tions in Spices, and merchants less inclined to sell: Nut- megs to-day brought Is to 3s 8d; ditto limed, 9d 7° VS Q?I 7d Penang Cloves, Is id to is 3d Zanzabar °id to 3|d; Penang Pepper, 3d; Singapore; i Malabar, 4d to 4|d; Bengal Ginger, 26s 6d to 27s, and African, 38s to 39s.—A dull trade for Dried Fruit: Turkey pulled Fiiss offering at 36s to 60s; Valencia Raisins, fa r^i T, to selected, 37s to 39s; and Currants, 19s te -Prevision trade remains active: Cork Butter, as to quality, brings 96s to 114s; fine Friezland, 118s to I20s; beer and Em den, 94s to 98s; Irish Bacon, 69 s to 75s; German, 65s to 70s; and American, 52s to 58s —Sellers of tine Calcutta Saltpetre at 24s 6d; and British refined, 28s 6d; still few buyers. Cotton of all sorts improving in value: Madras and Surat selling at 9d,to Is 4d ° Bengal, Rangoon, and Scinde. 7d to 9Jd; West India, Is Id to 2s 8d; and China, 10d to Is ld.-Silk meets with little notice more desire to sell Japan: at 17s to 36s and China, 20s to 33s.—The Hemp trade active: clean Russian at £ 26 to £ 30; and roping Manilla, zC28 to &32.-The value f Spelter is X22 to iC22 5s.Scotch Pig Iron. 54s 6d.—Straits Tin, 91s cash, and to arrive, 93s.

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