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The Corn Trade

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HOPS, BOEOUGH, JULY 26.—Messrs. Pattenden anc' Smisfc. report no alteration in the market since last week. fflW reports from the plantations continue favourable iOr a gijod average crop. EGGS, JULY 2i.—Supply of Eggs not much in excess of demand: prices for Scotch aad Irish are 6s 2d to Cs t r French, small, 4s 9d to 4s lOd; large, 6 lOd to 7s; :fiJ:k. 5s 6d to 6s Spanish 4s 9d to 5s 3d and O itend; 6s fe. o. ■ per 120. COTTON, LIVERPOOL, JULY 26. The market OAWAFC Sales about 5,000 bales. HAY, SMITHFIELD, JULY 25.—Mr, Charles James BSSIMN. reports trade at the following prices :—Prime old ci?rc, from 125s to 135s inferior ditto 100s to 120a; new 110s to 120s; old hay, 110s to 120e: new ditto, 9&" -,o, 1; I), straw, 2Ss to 32s. TALLOW, JULY 26.-The market is steady at the fGllowkstg: prices:-Town tallow, 41s 6d; Petersburg Y.C., on the ESJGIj, 41s 6d; October to December, 42s 6d; December, 4 £ s lii to 43s; Jan. to March, 4os to 43s 3d; March. 4Ss M to 43s 9d FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, COYENT GARDES.—Vege- tables of excellent quality are now abundant, and of f there is a large supply. French beans are plentiful. Straw- berries and cherries are scarcer, but on the other haacv apples and plums are beginning to come in in abundacoa Grapes find pine-apples are sufficient for the demand. b tew Kent filberts have made their appearance, but they areas yet somewhat unripe. Good kidney potatoes fetch from Is 6d to 2s 6d per flozen pounds. Flowers ehiefly consist <* £ orchids, heaths, pelargoniums, carnations and picotee&f mignonette, and roses. Pine-apples, -per lb" 3s tc 5b; Grapes, per lb., 3s to 6s; Peaches, per doz., 6a to IDs; Nectarines, dø., 4s to 12s: Apricots (French), do., Is Gel to 3s; Figs, do,, 4s to 8s; Strawberries, per lb., Is to Is Apples, per sieve, Is Od to 2s Oranges, per 100,14s to 23s.r Lemons, per 100 8s to 14s; Nuts, cob, per 1001b,, 50s to iX; Brazil, per bushel, 13s Almonds, do., 18s to 20s; Cabb per doz., Is 6d to 2s 6d; French Beans, per half sieve, Setc 3s; Peas, per sieve, 2s to 4s; Potatoes, York Regents pf- ton, 100s to 114s; Rocks, do., 60s to 85s; new, round, 8e to 12s per cwt. do., Kidneys, 8s to 12s perewt.; Carrots aer bunch, 6d to 8d Carrots, new, per bunch, Is Turnips' par bunch, 4d to 6d Cucumbers, each, 6d to Is Beet, per doa. Is 6d to 2s; Shallots, per lb., 8d: Garlic, per lb., Sc:, Lettuces, per doz lci Od; Endive, per score, Is to 2s (id-, Artichokes, per doz., Is 6d to 3s; Horseradish, per bundle¡. Is to 4s; Mushrooms, per pott., Is to Is 6d; Parsley, r-«r doz. bunches, 2s to 4s.; Herbs, per bunch, 6d.

Castle Market.

The Produce Market.

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