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¡ THE VOLUNTEER MEETING AT WIMBLEDON. The shooting duris g the last few days of the Wimble- dcoi meeting was, from the favourable condition of the weather, very good as compared with that of the previous week. Several important competitions were brought to a conclusion. The first of these was the stage of the St. George's Vase, a new compe- tition, this year called the Dragon Cup. The value is ifiate, and it is restricted to the best sixty shots in the Jbsi stage, Enfield rifles, sevep shots at 600 yards. Scare very fair average shooting was made; Mr. Eas&iaerton, of the 12th Middlesex (Barnet), proving the winner. The first stage of the Albert, for sixty value < £ 720, thirty at 500 yards, and thirty at WO yards, five shots at each range., any rifle, using isi,ft iead bullets, was commenced and contested by the small-bore men with great vigour. The sub- joined list of scores shows that the highest possible score at 500 yards was easily made by many of the competitors. The well-known name of Captain Heaton steads at the head of a list of good men, sure of eye aDd steady of hand, the number of whom will be greatly augmented before the competition is concluded. The second stage of the Alexandra, shot for by winners ic the first stage, seven shots at 600 yards, Enfield rifles, was won by Sergeant Kerr, London Scottisa, with the excellent score of 23 points. Every rifleman will rejoice that the Wimbledon Any Rifle" Cap, value £ 100, distances 600 and 1,000 yards, seven shots at each, should have fallen to Captain Ross, whose score of 4S marks indicates that he is able, and, it is to be hoped, will be long able, to compete with the hosts of younger men whom his example has done so much to tarn Into skilful riflemen. Four scores of 19 marks were made out of a possible 20, in the 500 yards' range of she first stage of the Alexandra. The rules for de- ciding ilea not being applicable, these ties were shot off, and Mr. Grieve, of Cambridge University, proved the winner of the first prize. The Queen's prize- men continued their sighting practice at the long ranges. The shooting for a new competition was then begun by the volunteers who entered for the prize given by the Spectator. The distance is between 200 and 300 yards, five shots, without raising the back sight. The officer in charge moves the squad to any point he thinks fit within the prescribed limits, halts them, and each man has to judge his dis- tance and elevate his rifle by taking in more or leas of the barrel and the notch of the back sight, which is kept down at 100 yards. The prize was taken by Ensign A. Giimour, 3rd Renfrewshire, with sixteen points. The following are the scores of the winners ui the first stage of the competition for the Alexandra prize:— FIRST STASIS ALEXANDER.—WINNERS. 500 yards. Points. £ Sergeant Grieve, Cambridge University. 19 25 Sergeant Clarke, 5th Wilts 19 20 Sergeant-Major Hilliers, 1st Devonshire. 19 20 Private R. Whincuo, 17th West Yorkshire 19 10 Surgeon Wright, itobin Hood 18 10 Captain Henderson, 12th Cornwall 18 10 Oiiai-tarmaster- Ser. Williamson, 29th Lanarkshire 18 10 Captain Holme, 18th Somersetshire 18 10 Captain M'Gregor, London Scottish 18 10 Colour-Sergeant M'1rti0t, 4th West Yorkshire 18 5 Private Dancalfe, 27th Staffordshire 18 5 Private Dear, 1st Hertfordshire. 18 5 Colorsr-Sergeant Westlake, 18th Devonshire 17 5 Private Irvine, 1st Aberdeen 17 5 Ensign Cunliffe, 3rd Manchester 17 5 Private Bustard, 26th Middlesex 17 5 Sergeant Winstanley, 3rd Manchester 17 5 Captain Mitchell, 1st Clackmannanshire. 17 5 Lieutenant Thomas, 4th West Yorkshire 17 5 Private Bruce, Edinburgh Rifle Brigade. 17 5 Private Pigou, 9th Surrey 17 5 Captain Turner, 3rd Manchester. 17 5 "Sergeant Thomson, 2nd Kirkcudbrightshire 17 5 Sergeant Kerr, London Scottish. 17 5 fhmner Meggie, Hon. Artillery Company 17 5 E'Asi-_n Nlercombe, 1st Devonshire 17 3 iiaaiee-Corporal Ingram, 3rd Lancashire. 17 3 Sergeaiat Deacon, 1st Northamptonshire 17 3 Corporal Brown, 3rd Ayrshire 17 3 Sergeant Cundy, Oxford University 17 3 Sergeant Phillips, 2nd Middlesex 17 3 Mellor, 6th Lancashire 17 3 Lieutenant Stock, 1st Gloucestershire Artillery 17 3 Captain Millward, 17th Worcestershire. 17 3 Corporal Lester, 12th Staffordshire 17 3 Private Adams, 1st Herefordshire 17 3 Private Meakin, 2nd Derbyshire. 16 3 Corroial Coulson, 1st Newark 16 3 OOl'pol-al Brown, 2nd Salop 16 3 Captain Davis, 7th Northamptonshire 16 3 Lieutenant Fuller, 1st Cumberland 16 3 Private Knox, 21st Durham 16 3 Private Dawe, Victorias 16 3 Kimble, 25th Kent 16 3 Private M'Lean, 1st Ross-shire 16 3 Private Vale, 1st Warwickshire 16 2 Lieut. Wilson, 16th West Yorkshire 16 2 Liait. Palmer, 1st Cumberland. 16 2 Ensign Cartwright, 11th Lincolnshire 16 2 Private Paton, 1st Ayrshire 16 2 Sergeant Kirk, 1st East Yorkshire 16" 2 Corporal Leah, 19th Cheshire 16 2 Sergeant Green, 1st Somerset 16 2 Sergeant Lunnon, 1st Backs 16 2 J«ientenant Fisher, London Scottish 16 2 Captain Fenton, 24th Lancashire 16 2 -e,a-ptain Astley, School of Musketry 16 2 ■Corporal Penman, 3rd Durham 16 2 Gti'poral Webb, 2nd Oxfordshire 16 2 Sergeant Herries, 2Brd Middlesex 16 2 Sergeant French, 1st Warwickshire 16 2 Captain Bosanquet, 6th Monmouthshire 16 2 Corporal Bland,-Ith North Yorkshire 16 2 tivm Middlesex 16 2 Sergeant Thompson, 2nd Renfrewshire 16 2 Private James, Queen's. 16 2 <T|uartermast6r^Sergt. Woodcock, 3rd West, York- shire 16 2 Corporal Chaloner, 1st West Yorkshire. 16 2 Sei-ceant'Hardy, 16th Lincolnshire 16 2 Webb,,lst Herefordshire* 16 2 Lieutenant Woodall, West London* 16 2

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