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Disgracef ul Pugilistic Encounter.—On nesday morning two Covent-garden porters, naxo^* Baker and Dingwall, had a regular pugilistic in the dark arches of the Adelphi. Both combataD were so injured that they had to be taken to ChariD| cross Hospital, Baker with a broken leg and DiBg"*v8 with dreadful cuts and'injuries about the head. A Village nearly Destroyed by Fire.+jL village of Montrond, Savoy, has been almost t°^g destroyed by fire, caused by the imprudence of alio) a child to get at some lucifer matches. The being thatched, the flames spread withextremerapidli and in a short time thirty-seven houses and twetl ed four barns were entirely consumed. A woman 110,00 Vial lost her life in an attempt to save some of her P*g perty. Two persons only were insured, so that the is very considerable. A Gravediggers' Strike.—-The Courrie'f Saone et Loire says:—"Sepulchral news reaches .g from Autun; the gravediggers have struck! people of Autun must not, therefore, die, unless tb nO wish their bodies to remain unburied. We other way of opposing the pretensions of men live by other people's deaths. Such a result as was scarcely supposed would be produced by the J on coalitions." 0' A Gentleman Drowned while The watering-place of Aberdour was the scene 0 g, melancholy accident on Saturday afternoon. A English gentleman, seemingly about years of age, who was on a pleasure tour, had o from Edinburgh in the forenoon, and, after raJO^jg. about the vicinity, had met two other English £ ??0ijt men, strangers, like himself, to the locality, t tjie five o'clock in the afternoon the three went to in company, and agreed to swim off to a boat 0{ lay moored a short distance from the shore. the party reached the boat in safety, but the gentleman referred to above sank in the water j wg quite close to it. When his body was recovered, 3a0 was found to be extinct. His pocket-book gø.e clue to his name or address. '1'J!Ð A Madman in a Railway Carriage.- e of Journal de Rouen states that the passengers *nJ? ej} & the carriages of a train which left Lisieux for few evenings since, made the unpleasant dis°°v0<jf almost immediately after their departure, that ol> p their fellow-travellers was a madman, and be violent. They managed, however, to keep ,j.0y from injuring either himself or others until jp reached Mezidon, when the poor man was charge to the genaarmery, and placed in a ng, where he passed the night quietly. The next the mayor of Mezidon made the necessary arJLfor0 ments for having him conveyed to an asylum- ua 9 the carriage arrived, however, the lunatic water decanter which he found in his room, a^d fl?er one of the fragments into his neck so far as the carotid artery and cause his almost instant a.a0rfc, ine deceased was identified as a man named S18' face# ^ohjing a subordinate employment in the navy at Cherbourg. Peers Coming of Age.—The following men come of age during the course of the P. eJ.jy, year:—The Marquises of Ormonde and Qa003Jv0. Viscount Downe, and Lord Willoughby de T3to»Lifloti, 1866 the Duke of Hamilton and the Earls Harrington, and Jersev will come of age; in Earl of Caledon; in 1868, the Duke of Norf^'jg 0f Marquises of Bute and Huntly, and the Ellesmere and Ferrars; in 1869, Lords an for t Beaumont; in 1870, the Marquis of Ely 01 Earls of Ranfurly and Elgin; in 1871. the< &^Jg Pembroke and Lord Macdonald; in 1872, ore; of Guildford and Waldegrave, and Lord in 1873, the Earl of Charleville and Lord and in 1878, Lord Rodney.. Woou Far Too Good tor England.-Air. A, a to writes to the Times as follows Let me recon" g our refreshment rooms a plan adopted with ijjje Vesoul. The following is the advertisement: y0gOtil- express and mail trains do not stop long t0 dint MM. the travellers who wish to breakfast o jjoi are advertised that they will find at the c0m- meals m baskets for 2f. 50c. These meals^ br0ad, posed of three dishes, half a bottle of iButes and dessert. MM. the travellers have thtfip. SY' I take their meals in their wagons." j haske^ t- MM. the travellers receive a well-A^ ^pty 9 one station for half-a-crown, and return the next. Hear it Swindon, Petersborougn> quod exit in Scald. ,A .tm pti