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BO ARB ~6¥ HEALTH MEETING. Th members of this Board assembled at the Board rooms, at the Town Hall, on Monday last, when the following members were present:—George Cansick, Esq., in the chair. Alderman—Col. Pearce, K.H. Councillors.—John Morris, John Prothero, John Griffiths, Thomas Williams, John Davies, Phillip Bright, Lewis Hughes, Thomas Trew, and William De Winton, Esq. S. B. Evans, Esq., Town Clerk. The Town Clerk read the minutes of the past meeting, and said that he had seen Hargest, in reference to the sureties, who placed in his hands two bills showing that certain property had been conveyed to his sons. He was bound to tell the Board that such secruties could not be accepted by them, that they were not in conformity with the specifi- cations or the advertisments, there should be personal sureties. Mr. Morris said they were bound to deal with the matter in a commercial point of view, the Board were unanimous in favour of Hargest, he being a townsman, but it was necessary that the proper sureties should be given, as required by the specifications. The Mayor said that Hargest had informed him that he thought he should be able to get per- sonal security by that day. Hargest was sent for and in reply to the Board said that he could not get the security required only what he had oflered. The Board altogether expressed their regret but were compelled to proceed with the next tender, which was Davies and Rixen's, of Neath, for contract number 3, their* amount being £ 3001 9s. 5d. Mr, Davies said that the Board could not accept Rixen and Davies's tender, inasmuch as the resolu- tion of Mr. Alderman Williams's at the last meeting had been carried, which was that the cost of the works should not exceed the sum of £ 6000, including everything, therfore as the matter then stood it would be considerably over that amount, he thought the Board should have some limit to their expenditure, he had hoped that they would not have exceeded the original amount of £5000. If they went on in that manner maknig resolutions at one meeting and taking them to- pieces in the next, they would never come to any conclusion, and the matter would get into the hands of a private company after the manner of the Gas Works. He would never be a party to deviate from the resolution of Mr. Alderman Williams, that they could not acsept any tenders that would exceed £6000. The following is the amount the works would cost if the present tenders were accepted £ s. d. G Jordan 2100 0 0 GuestandCrymes. 140 0 0 Rixen and Davies 3001 9 5 Regulator 60 0 0 Engineer's pay. 120 0 0 CilwhibertMill. 200 0 0 Land. 619 0 0 X-6240 9 5 Col. Pearce said that they would no doubt receive a good income from the Railway Companies, who would no doubt need a great deal of water. Mr. Prothero moved that the tender of Messrs. Rixen and Davies should be accepted, that the amount of X300 would not be much. Mr. Bright said that it was not only a matter of X300 only, originally it was intended that the works should cost no more than X,5000, when they had the specifications andestimate from the Engineer it was two or three thousand pounds over that amount, and at the rate they were going on, by increasing the amount continually, by adding another £:300; he agreed with Mr Davies, that they should have some limit to their expenditure. He would therefore move an amendment to Mr. Prothero's motion. The Town Clerk asked the Board if they were going to take upon themselves the responsibility of proceeding apart from his advice. Alderman Col. Pearce said that Mr. Prothero was beginning at the wrong end, they should first of all ascertain whether they could get borrowing powers. 0 Mr. Griffiths said that they had had meetings and adjourned meetings on that subject, and it was high time to come to a conclusion. He there- fore begged leave to second Mr. Prothero's motion. Alderman Col. Pearce said that he thought the money was to be paid back in 30 years, he 11 should like to know how the Engineer made his calcula- tions. If they went for further borrowing powers, they would have some cause. Were the various railways, when application was made for borrowing powers, taken into consideration 1 --J The Engineer said they were not. Mr. Bright said that Railways were no new thing at that time, and that they were taken into consideration at that time, although he was not a member of the Board then, he heard the minutes read, and found that from the application of Mr. Cobb, for to construct the Waterworks for Railway and other purposes, the Board had taken the mat- ter in hand. He would then put in his amend- ment to Mr. Prothero's motion. "That this Board will not sanction an expenditure of more than X6000 for the new Waterworks, and as the tender "Sent in, do not come under that sum, the matter be referred back to the Engineer, to see if such further reduction cannot be made, as will bring the entire expenditure within the said sum." He did not know as Col. Pearce had said how the calcula- tions were made. Mr. Thomas Williams seconded the proposition. The amendment was then put to the meeting, which was carried by a majority. Some further conversation, took place, and the Board formed a Watch committee for the purpose of appointing a police officer, there were five appli- cants, but only two were qualified, and after read- ing the testimonials, P.C. Watkins, of the County Constabulary force, stationed at Bwlch, was unani- mously elected, and the meeting again adjourned until next Monday. b