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EPITOME OF NEWS. The collections for the proposed memorial to the re Cardinal Archbishop ot Westminster are steadily pro- gressing. The aggregate of amounts received and promised hu now, we understand, exceeded the total of 920,000. The latest and the most magnificent addition of Private Arms into the status of joint-stock companies is aa-n of Overend and Garney's, of Lombard-street, the well- bill-discounters. The capital required will be five Millions. The story of the reclamation of the jewels pre- dated to the Princess Dagmir of Denmark by the Bus sian Priace, deceased, is we hear without foundation. The Jewels were not crown jewels, but private property of the Prince, It has been currently reported that the tele- graphic communication with India is suspended, and it is Reared that the difficulty on this occasion is through some break or fault in the Gulf cable. The Herne Bay Commissioners have issued &n order that all dogs found wandering about the streets at w.rge between the present time and the 28th August will be destroyed. James Toxley was recently charged before the Magistrate, at Marlborough-street, with wilfully damaging boats or. the Serpentine. His worship observed that the Prisoner's conduct was most mischievous, and sentenced him to seven days' imprisonment without the option of a fine. A local contemporary says that the fish in the river Brid, at Bridport, in Dorsetshire, have been poisoned by the refuse of some chemical works being poured into the river. Dozens of dead trout have been seen floating on the surface of the water. The most ridiculous accounts of the strikes in Paris reach us. This week it is the barbers and hairdressers Mto intend to turnout. The fiue weather perhaps tempts them to a holiday, and a shower of rain would drive the Figaros back to their blocks (heads), glad to go on shaving and cutting hair for as many millions as are forthcoming. A new plan has lately come into vogue when people change their residence in London. The custom now is to send their cards, with the new address, to their friends, and, as in the case of wedding cards, where they are not sent, it is to be taken as a gentle hint that there is no desire to keep up the acquaintance. Sigismond Schapira. said to be an Austrian, has been charged at the police-court at Liverpool with swindling his master, Mr. Roth, a manufacturer of Crefold in Prussia, out of t5,000, The prisoner was also charged with forgery. The offence was committed in Leipsic, where the prisoner acted as agent for the prosecutor, but owing to there being no extradition treaty between this country and Saxony, the prisoner was discharged. He was arrested at the Old Swan in Liverpool. • On Monday morning a gentleman engaged a waterman to put him on board the Cygnet screw steamer, lying in the Thames off Wapping. Unfortunately in ascend- ing the vessel's side he missed his hold, fell into the river and was drowned. The body was recovered. It is that of a man of forty-five. On the person was a watch and gold Chain, and a sum of raoney, but nothing to lead to identity. A meeting of delegates from the carpenters •and joiners in London was held on Saturday evening at the Black Prince, Chandos-street, Covent-Garden, to take into consideration the strike now existing at Messrs. Cubitt's. 'The delegates from Cubitt's having laid before the meeting a statement of the causes which led to the strike, a long discussion ensued, and it was ultimately resolved unani- mously that the strike should be recognised and supported by the trade. A^resolution was also adopted that a levy of Is. per week should be at once commenced to support the 2,400 men now on strike. From telegrams received from Constanti- nople, dated July 9th, we learn that on the 7th five fresh cases of cholera occurred, two of which proved fatal. The issue of free permits to ships outward bound was prolonged for ten days. Telegraphic advices from Alexandria to the 18th, state that the Lloyd's steamer Juno, with 231 pas- sengers, and the Italian steamer with 80 passengers, left that port on the same day. Deaths from cholera, in Alexan- dria, 94; in Cairo, 365. A letter from Rome says, that on the 7th of July some brigands attempted to stop the diligence which iplies between Civita Vecchia and the Leghorn Railway; a soldier who was escorting the vehicle fired and killed one of their number, when the others iook took to flight, carrying off, however, the body of their comrade. None of the travellers received any injury. The "Journal an Havre" announces that the following good news has been received in a dispatch frem St. John's, Newfoundland:—" Thirty passengers of the William Helson, which was burnt at sea on the 26th ult., and sup- posed to be lost, while on her passage from Antwerp to New Tork, have been landed here by the Meteor, bound from Porto Hieo to Queenstown." The friends of the London Hospital for Sick Children, in Great Ormond-street, will be glad t.o learn that the institution has just received a signal mark of Royal favour. Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales has been graciously pleased to give a donation of t50 to the ■funds of the hospital, the wards of which are now being enlarged to receive fifteen additional patients. This charity was established in 1852, having but twenty beds-it now has seventy-five beds. The "Dublin Post" reports the committal for trial of Captain Hamilton (alias Manderstein, Maaders, .and Norris), William Harris, and Charles Somerville, charged with having fraudulently obtained from various parties in the City a quantity of goods and a considerable sum of money, by means of forged poat-office ordersi The inquest on the body of the man Lynes, who was shot by a voter named Glass, on Wednesday night-the night following the polling day for Cheltenham election- has terminated in a verdict of "Wilfulmurder." Glass has been committed for trial on the capital charge. An interlocutor in the Breadalbane case has just been issued by Lord Bareaple, finding it proved that John Alexander Gavin Campbell (Glenfalloch),;Earlof Breadalbane and Holland, is nearest and lawful heir" to the late Mar- ijuia of Breadalbane, to the exclusion of the claim of Charles William Campbell (Boreland). A man named Peter Eustice, of St. Anatell, Corn- wall, walked to Trenarren, a distance of three miles, accom- panied by two or three persons, for the purpose of attending a prayer meeting at a Wesleyan meeting house there, aad while in the act of praying ruptured a blood vessel, and died almost immediately. An inquest was held on Saturday on the body of WID. Louth, aged thirty-two. On Thursday afternoon the deceased, who was employed at the Thames embankment, was standing on a gangway six feet high, taking up some metal, when another man endeavoured to pass him, when the. deceased suddenly lost his balance, and fell into the water and was drowned. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental death." The Dunkirk Coal Company's, or Astley Deep has been on fire for several days, and, notwith3uanamg every exertion, night and day, to cheek its progress, t-ie hrei increased for a time. The fire originated in a seam of coal Lear the shaft. This is said to be the deepest pit 111 tne world, being 6863 vards perpendicular depth. The manager reported OH Saturday that the fir# was lessened seventy- cent. The workings are partially Stopped, aad many men thrown out of work. An inquest w ^W on Saturday at the Vestry- hall, Southwark, on tta b«h«, ofWilliai Sharland, aged fourteen, aad David Phillips, aged fifteen. The deceased, Wit'a others, was m a near London-bridge on Sunday afternoon, waen boat was upset, and the >hole mrty thrown into collision with a barge. Ponr of the lads were £ > but the two others perished before assistance The jury re- turned a verdict of Accidental death by Drowning." A fight took place on the polling day at Bristol between two men named William Humphries and John Henry Allen, an ironmoulde?, in the of which the latter was so severely punished that morning. A coroner's jury have t-lfil of "Manslaughter" against Humphries, who was thereupon committed far trial at the approaching assize. The people of Gothenburg were greatly sur- prised to see arrive there, some days ago, a small beau- tiful yacht for the use of the British minister at the Swedish court. She is said not to exceed ten tons Dursnen, being navigated by a crew of three men, and she rnaaa Tne passage from London to Gothenburg in sixty-*1'6 though she ha-d to encounter rough weather, from which, however, she did not sustain any damage that coulci not easily be repaired at the port at which she had touched on hair passage to Stockholm. Changes of name are now being announced fre- quently in the Times. One of the latest is that of Mr. Eugene Squirl, who prefers to bear the name of Morris. Another is that of the Rev. H. Minikin, vicar of Northleach, who proposes to call himself henceforth Horsley. The famous oil city of Titusville, in America, lnust be an attractive loungiag place for summer travellers. It consists of eighteen inches of mud, ground up into a Paste, which is rather a fluid than a solid, half-a-dozen churches, fifty or sixty steam-engines, two mile of wooden sidewalks, 100 oil cisterns, 7,500 people (including 3,000 spectators and traders, yclept transient population) 2,500 barrels; 0f oil, several oil hotels, a weekly oil newspaper, and other things too numerous to mention. An interesting event has just taken place at "he Zoological Gardens, Regent's-park; Burchell's zebra presented her owners with a fine foal, which is just now the Object of great attention to the visitors. The little animal nas the awkward long-legged appearance of an ordinary > the stripes are well marked, but the hair is rough and suaggy, especially about the hind quarters.' This is not the arat zebra, born at the gardens, a pair might often be seen "rawing a light chaise cart, tandem fashion, about London some years ago. The late Lord Derby was successful in earing these pretty animals at his seat, Knowsley-park, Empress of the French, accompanied by DrSi °f the Interior, visited the portion of the LVr'' Lazare reserved for young girls the other day. kitJ'. aj6s^y examined the cells, workshop, refectory, aens, and bakery, everywhere making inquiries of the ung prisoners as to the cause of their detection, and the ^«mer m which they were treated. In the infirmary a touching scene occurred. Her Majesty having been in- formed that a young girl long suffering from consumption was at her last moments, visited the bedside of the sufferer to receive her final wishes, and joined in the prayers of the sisters of charity who act as nurses. Her Majesty's visit lasted two hours and. a half. A valuable service of plate has just been pre- sented to Mr. J. D. Carnegie (now manager of the Metro- politan and Provincial Bank) by the citizens of Cork, on his retirement from the management of the National Bank of that city. The following gold ships are mentioned as iTIg sailed from Australia for England, viz. --The Suffblk, with 30,700 oz., valued at 2122,800; and the Swiftsure, with. 71,528 oz., va ued at £ 286,112. A Paris correspondent writes: "There is great talk in the Catholic world of the intention of the Pope to assemble an ecumenical council, consisting of all the bishops in Christendom, for the purpose of regulating the position of the papacy in regard to modern. civilisatiol. I apprehead," he continues, that these relations are des- tined to be regulated without the concurrence of bishops, Archbishop Manning has laid the foundation stone of a new church for the Carmelite order at Kensing- ton. The chareh will be an imposing building, the site being at the junction of two roads. It will measure, when finished, 120 feet in length, 70 feet wide, and the same in height. The building has been designed by Mr. Welby Pugin, and will be built principally of brick, with red Man- field, Whitby, and Caen stone dressings. Vesuvius continues to emit fire from its principal mouth. In the opinion of competent persons, however, there appears to be no reason to apprehend an imminent complete eruption. Booth, the murderer of President Lincoln, ha.d in- vested eighty dollars in one share of Western oil lands. When he died it was worth 15,000 dollars. Our Victorian neighbours (says the South Australian Registrar) are g@ing into the culture and manu- facture of tobacco with great energy, and, we understand, with considerable success. Tobacco is added to their local industries, and promises to become an important branch of colonial produce. A strange ease of piracy is related by the captain of the Liverpool barque Irene, now in the Mersey. He says he was attacked and beaten by a party of Kroomen and Europeans, imprisoned for a week, and his ship was robbed in the interval. He seeks redress from the Govern- ment. The King of the Belgians is again seriously ill. He is unable to leave his palace, and his physicians are in constant attendance upon him. The youngest daughter of Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe was lately married at St. John's Episcopal Church, in Hartford, Conn., to an Episcopal clergyman from Boston. The ceremony was performed by Bishop Clark, of Rhode Island. A Belgian journal says: "Prince Napoleon proposes to undertake a scientific voyage to Kamschatka, in which he would be accompanied by several naturalists; and. the object of the prince's present journey to Havre is really for the purpose of seeing what changes would be required in his yacht, in case the project should be carried into execution." During the past week the visitors to the South Kensington Museum have been as follows:-On Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, free days, open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 11,666. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, students' days (admission to the public, 6d.) open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 2,363. Total, 14,029. From the opening of the museum, 5,415,969. Patent-office.-Number of visi- tors for the week ending July 15,1,535; total number since the opening of the museum free daily (May 12, 1858), 937,282. There is a rumour in Paris that the Prince of Wales will visit Fontainebleau after, the naval reviews at Brest and Cherbourg, and it is said that great fetes will be held in honour of him. Last week 200 school orders were issued by the Education Aid Soeiety, the cast of which will be 25s. Old. per week, and 12 cases have been declined. The total number of school orders issued up to the present time is 11,258. Several ladies are to be decorated in Paris on the occasion of the fetes on the 6th of August. The Empress has volunteered to examine the claims of these ladies, and decide on whom the orders are to be given.


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