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thy) OorBs Trade

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thy) OorBs Trade MARK-LANE, July 3.—In consequence of there being only a limited supply of English Wheat at this day's market full prices were realised, but trade ruled quiets white at 43s to 49s; red, 37s to 44s; and Talavera at 45s to 54s per qr. A clearance not being made, although qualify generally good.—Few arrivals of foreign, and rates steady* 548 per qr. A clearance not being made, although qualify generally good.—Few arrivals of foreign, and rates steady* at 388 to 52s; but demand moderate.—Business limited ia American, still prices iirzi white at 43s to 45s, and red 40b to 42s; supply remains light.-A fair business in Floor: best town-made realises 33s to 40s per sack; seconds, 33s to 36s; country-made, 293 to 33s 5 French, 318 to 3313 and Amenct-a.218 to 25s per barrel.—There is firmness in the Barley_'&iarkei, with a fair demand for English distilling and grinding at 25s to 28s per quarter; a slow sale, how- ever, for foreign, and supply again large.—Market quiet fee Malt: pale at 54s to 61s and brown, 47s to 52s.—A plenti- ful supply of OatR, and there being less briskness in trade, prices not so firm, ranging for English and Irish potato at 22s to 25s; feed and blacir, 19s to 23s; Scotch, according to quality, 19s to 27s and foreign, 19s to 24s are many sellers of Eye at 26s to 27s.—The market is again firm for Beans Mazagan -selling at 34s to ;37. tick, 36s to 89s; harrow and pigeon, 39s to 44s; and Egyptian, 34s to 38s.—Peas still wanted, and prices stiff: white and maple, 36s to 40s, and grey at 34s to 3S&,—■ A large business in Linseed, and rates on the rise: Bl&efc stiff: white and maple, 36s to 40s, and grey at 34s to 35s. A large business in Linseed, and rates on the rise: Black Sea selling at 57s to 57s 6d, and East India, 57s to 59s fed; Itapeseed also much in request: Bombay brings 58s to 703; and Calcutta, 59s to 60s per quarter. MARK-LANE, JULY 5.—A very moderate supply of Eng. lish Wheat was received fresh up to our market to-day. Selected qualities moved off steadily, and prices ruled firm; otherwise the English Wheat trade was quiet, at about pre- vious rates. With foreign Wheat, market moderately sup- plied; trade slow, at Monday's quotations.—Barley, the supply of which on sale was limited, was firm in price.—A. fair business was transacted in Malt, at fully late rates.- Oats in good supply, at Monday's currency.—Beans and Peas fully supported late rates.—There was a fair demaa for Flour, at late rates. COTTON, Liverpool, July 3.—Market quiet at late F,A» tations. Sales probably 6,000 or 7,000 bales. TALLOW, JULY 5.—The market is quiet. Town tallow is quoted 40s 6d; Petersburg Y.C., on the spot, 41s 9d- Oct.ober to December, 42s Sd; December, 43s 3d January to March, 43s 6d. HOPS, Boeotoh, JULY 5.—Messrs. Pattenden and SroiSs report no alteration in the market since Monday last. The reports from the plantations continue favourable. HAY, SMITHFIELD, JULY 4.-M-r. Charles James Eaetoa reports trade at the following pricesPrime old cloves^ 120s to 140s; inferior ditto, 100s to 110s; new dii&v 100s ts 115s prime old hay, 110s to 120s; inferior ditto, 9ic to 100s; new ditto, 90s to 110s; straw, 28s to 32s. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, Covent GABDEN, Juste 2C —Outdoor produce of excellent quality is now abundant. Of strawberries there is a good supply. Peas are also plentiful. Cherries are extensively imported; prices forthemrary from 4d to Is per lb. Grapes and pineapples are bow abundant. Cobnuts fetch from 50s to 60s per lOOlbs. Aspa- ragus is still well supplied, aB is also broccoli. Good new kidney potatoes fetch from 2& to 4s per dozen lbs. Flowssa eliieflj consist of orchids, heaths, azaleas, pelargonium*, mignonette, and roses. ±-ineapples, per lb., 6s to 10s; Gratjea. per lb, 5 s to 10s; Peaches per doz, 12s to 42s NectaiiaasL. 128t° 24sFigs, ditto, 8s to 12s; Strawberries, ib, Is to os; Baking I ears, per doz, 2s to 4s; Apples, £ » sieve, is to 2s; Oranges, per 100, 10s to 14s; Lemons, war 100, 5s to 10s: fcute, cor per 1001b, 50s to «0s; BraziL j £ e b-a,b el, 18s Alm one.,F clitto 18s to 20s; CabbageE, per Is 6d to 2s 6d; French Beans per 100, 2s; Pels, p*fsi^ ?s £ s; ^spa-ragus, Per 100 2s to 3s 6d; smaif, ditto, Sa to Is 6dj Potatoes,_>:ork Regents, par ton, 100s to 114s; Bocks, qcu, 60s to 8c>f Flukes, 130s to 150s; new, rcsui4» 12s per cwt.; do. kidneys, 8s to 12s per doz; Csurctst p". bunch., 6d tcSdr ditto, new, is; Tuv-1, per bunchs 4d ;ü 6d; Cucumbers,, each, 6d to Is 6d; Beet, pei doz., isS4 to 2s; Shallots, per 8d; Garlic, per lb., 8d Lettucssa, per doz. Is to 1& 6d; Endive, per score, Is to 2s 6d t Arti- chokes, per doz. 4R to Horseradish, per bnndle, Is 53 4ssZ Mushrooms, per pott., la to Is 6d; Parsley, per Mf sieve, 3s to 4s; Herbs, per bunch, 6d.

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