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Mcmej Marks:


Mcmej Marks: CITY, July 5.—The stock markets to-day are qmSii. There has been rather more demand, however, for Eagiiei Government stocks, in anticipation of the payment oi SM dividenas on Saturday, and Consols have experienced a fresh imp ovement of per cent. In the discount markat on- ar to-day the rate for choice bills is maintained at 3 per CÐJilt. although there is no activity, and a large amount of momsf is seeking enipovment. A considerable amount of aaoaey being repayable to the Bank, short loans are in request iatfco Stock Exchange, at 2 to 2 per cent. The eharge fbsafr vances on Consols to the next settlement is 2-J to 3 per eaEL Consols are now quoted 90l to f, ex div., both for and to-morrow's settlement, and 90| to f, ex div., for t new account (August 8). The official business report is an Iollows :-Three per Cent. Consols for money, 90tto dicta for account, 901; Three per Cents. Reduced, S9|, 1; £ 1; New Three per Cents., 89, l, New Two-and-a-HaS per Cents., 724; Bank Stock, 250, 248|; India Five per Cent. Stock, 104f, f; and Exchequer Bills, 3s, premian.— The railway market is inactive to-day, and the stocks are unchanged. London and North-Western stook is now quoted 1241 to £ Great Western, 6n, to 68; Mid- land, 135J to t; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 122l 00 i; Caledonian, 132* to 133-J; South Eastern, 85l tof; Gueafc Eastern, 49! to f, ex div.; London and South Western, 99 to 100; Metropolitan, 14 to Great Northern, to 131J; ditto A, 145 to W3,

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