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THE PROTESTANT ELECTORAL UNION OF SCOTLAND AND LORD ELOHO. The secretary to the Protestant Electoral Union of Scotland has forwarded the following reply to the recent letter of Lord Elcho :— My Lord,—I have had to-day the honour of laying before the acting committee of the Protestant Electoral Union of Scotland your lordship's communication of the 19th, in reply to a circular which I was instructed to address to every candidate for a Scotch constituency, asking whether he would support a motion for the withdrawal of the grant to the College of Maynooth, and all other grants of money for the support of Romanism and whether he would support or oppose any proposal in Parliament for the endowment of the Roman Catholic priesthood in Ireland, out of the Consolidated Fund or otherwise. I regret that, through the omission of one of our clerks in not making the necessary alteration on the lithographed circular, an informality was omitted in addressing your lordship. The Protestant Electoral Union of Scotland is composed of men possessing electoral rights in ail parts of Scotland. Its object is to maintain, by all legitimate means, the Protestantism of the Crown and constitution; and, for this purpose,"to aid in obtaining members of Parliamant who shall oppose all legis- lative measures which tend to raise up the Papal hier- archy again as a legally-endowed and established body within this realm, and to defray the cost of Papaipro- pagandism out of the public purse.' Your lordship is therefore incorrect in alleging that the Protestant Electoral Union is a 'see'larian political association.' A sectarian association, your lordship holds, because a Protestant association. Has your lordship considered what this reasoning implies ? It implies that the Constitution is sectarian because Protestant that the nation is sectarian because Protestant that the Reformation and the Revolution which gave us this Protestant Constitution were sectarian acts, a.nd ought to be reversed. It implies, further, that, in your lordship's opinion, the religion of our country and the constitution of our country, as settled atthe Revolution of 1688, are sectarian, and ought to receive no national countenance, defence, or supremacy; and? all this your lordship affirms, despite your lordship's oath on entering Parliament, to maintain and defend' the religion and constitution of the realm, as estab- lished at the Reformation and Revolution, against the idolatrous faith and the tyrannical pretensions of Rome. We leave yeur lordship to say whether this be not a policy of revolution. Your lordship asserts that the step which the Pro- testant Electoral Union has taken is a direct inter- ference with the freedom of election'—' an attempt to- usurp the function of the constituencies, and thus to interfere between candidates and electors and your lordship denies our right to take such a step. Your lordship's denial is no a,nswer to a plea in behalf of that right. Our plea is this :-That this matter does not lie solely between your lordship and the constituency of the county of Haddington. If your lordship, as a candi- date, sought merely to represent local opinions, and to legislate on matters solely relating to the oounty of Haddington, in a House of Representatives for that constituency alone, your lordship's statement might have some relevancy. But your lordship by becoming a candidate for the county of Haddington, thereby seeks to obtain a seat in the Commons House of Parlia- ment for the United Kingdom. As a member, there- fore, of that House yoar lordship, if elected, must take the responsibility of legislating on matters which affect the entire realm. The giving of money for the support of Romanism, not out of your lordship's pri- vate purse, but out of the National Treasury, ia one of those general acts which has a vital bearing upon the interests of the whole country, and of every indi- vidual. It affects also the principles on which the Throne is established. Moreover, your lordship and others, by votes and otherwise, have already assisted in increasing the endowments of Rome to the extent of XI,000 a day, or, in other words, a sum equal to what is given for the support of the Established Church of Scotland, including the value of manses and' glebes, and thus in involving this nation in the guiit' of endowing Romish idolatry and all its evils. "Have we not seen associations formed for the exten- sion of the franchise, for the abolition of the corn laws, for the promotion of free trade-all objccta of great importance, but not of greater importance than the preservation of the fundamental principles and Pro- testant character of the constitution ? And have we not seen these associations using means to enlighten consti- tuencies, and to test candidates as regards their special object P Why should the Protestant Electoral Union be debarred the use of means, in furtherance of its ob- ject, which have been deemed perfectly legitimate at! d fair in the case of these other associations ? Seeing that too many of our statesmen seem disposed to en- dow Romanism, it is high time that Protectant elec- tors should band themselves together to use all lawful means to reverse the above suicidal policy in order to conserve those privileges which our forefathers ob- tained, but which your lordship and others are at- tempting to undermine. It is only by ri^hteou £ EES?» that a nation is exalted." ■ ♦

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