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SPORTS AND PASTIMES. MR. SANDYS, the judge of Dingapore, while out shooting in the jungle, was almost torn to pieces by a tiger. SOME fishermen of Calais have just captured an enormous shavk-a warning to bathers on both sides the Channel. A CURIOUS incident occurred at the late gathering of riflemen at Montrose. During the contest for the International Challenge Cup, that celebrated marks- man Sergeant Forbes of Ellon, alias the Distin- guished Bricker," had fired his rifle. At the same instant a rook crossed the range at some hundred yards' distance. The rook fell dead, pierced through the body, but the bullet failed to reach the target. THE members of the Manchester TQWQ Sol-fa Aseo. I ciation held their annual meeting the other day in the Rev. A. Mursell's school-room, Grosvenor-street; Mr. Johnson in the chair. The report read by Mr. Mather, the secretary pro tem., showed that the association was in a very inefficient condition; but this, it was explained, arose from the association having only been re-formed some six months. The aggiegate concert held a few months ago at the Free-trade Hall was, too, one of the causes of the depression into which the association had been thrown, owing to the smallness of the audience on that occasion, and the heaviness of the expenses. The financial statement showed a balance due to the treasurer of about X7. The report was adopted; thanks were voted to the retiring com- mittee and the officers of the ensuing year were elected. MR. JOHN FARQUHARSON, pearl-fisher to the Prince and Princess of Wales, and Mr. Kirkpatrick, Perth, have just completed a pearl fishing expedition on the Earn, which they have fished for a stretch of about twenty miles. Mr. Farquharson obtained forty-two pearls, and Mr. Kirkpatrick only four; but we believe the relative value of the pearls is curiously out of pro- portion to their number. Mr. Farquharson s largest pearl, for instance, does not exceed £10 in value, while Mr. Kirkpatrick's is estimated by Mr. Farquharson to be worth some X,60 to the wearer. Its weight is 26 grains, it is of fine shape, and the colour very rich. So far as this fishing extended, the river may be con- sidered as thoroughly swept, for these fishers allowed nothing to pass them. IN consequence of the excessive and continued drought, the streams in many places near the lakes in Scotland were all but dried up, so that angling could only be pursued advantageously at evening and during night. Since the.recent rain good baskets have been made at dusk with the minnow, the only successful bait at present. The sport upon the higher waters of the Earn has been very fair. On the lochs the sport has been about an average.' Lord Glenorchy killed three fish a few days ago. Another angler killed six, and another five,[some of them 81bs. in weight. Heavy baskets have likewise been made on Lochs Tummel, Earn, Garry, Freuchie, &c. CONSIDERABLE anxiety was entertained by sports- men in the early part of the season as to the forest prospects in Perthshire, the herds of tleer having suffered severely during last winter. The storms were so heavy that the deer were in many cases scat- tered all over the country in search of food, and com- mitted sad havoc in turnip-fields and stack-yards exposed to their raids. Provender was provided for them as far as possible, but in some instances it was not practicable to do this so fully as necessary. Spring, too, was later than usual, and in consequence pasture was deficient till an advanced period. The fears thereby entertained have, however, been dis- pelled by the recent brilliant weather, under which the deer have improved wonderfully, and are now in such condition that one of the best fawning seasons for years is expected. Several fawns have already been dropped, and there is no doubt that with a con- tinuance of such weather as at present there will be an excellent crop. Gamekeepers state that they have observed a number of excellent heads, and anticipate that stalkers may look for capital sport this year if fawning is at all favourable, of which no doubt is entertained.



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